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Settings on Jaern

As the main setting of PFC for over 30 years, the water world of Jaern is richly storied with tales of adventure and myth.

The Azurian Seas

The northernmost area of Jaern. Much of the human population of Jaern lives here, and the region is well known for its adventuring presence and trading exports. This region of Jaern includes:

  • The Rhine Archipelago - A bustling land of high adventure and swashbuckling. Home to Centralia, one of Jaern's most influential nations. One of the most industrialized places on Jaern, at the end of the year the Rhine goes through the Freeze for 2 months. During this time one can travel across the archipelago by using iceboats or by walking.
  • The Lojem Region - A giant atoll famous for being a vibrant land of trade centered in the Karfelon, the city of Rougtero to the north on the south side of the Mt Fajro, Rougtero is known for many adventurers who helped create it and for Midnight's Rest, an adventurer's haven.
  • Frøsland - An island far to the north, intersecting with Jaern's polar ice cap. Cold year-round, and ruled by Jarls.

The Sunovarm

Although much of Jaern is tropical most of the year, this equatorial region is pleasant and warm year-round. While humans migrated towards the poles, many elves and dwarves remained in the warm, shallow seas of Sunovarm. Landmasses and nations in this region include:

  • Ageron Region - A heavily populated group of three islands: Ageron, Koth, and Gaea. Notable for its diverse populace - including humans, elves, dwarves, etc. and its history with powerful magics.
  • Geleia - Home of the elves, and the first landmass for evacuees from Torandor to discover. A lush land of dense forests, towering crags, and vast plains. [WIP]
  • The Great Rice Patty - An expansive shallow area of Jaernian sea, adjacent to Geleia, where much of Jaern's staple crops are farmed. Much of this land is shared between dominion of Centralia, Keer'Levex, Geleia, and certain powerful adventurers.
  • Kratal - By far the largest landmass on Jaern, home to the dwarves. A rather mountainous land in the northeast with many extinct volcanoes; Kratal contains vast grasslands and young forests, and features many bustling underground cities built underground and into the mountainsides. [WIP]

The Malhelakvo

Paroli for “dark seas”, this region spans the southern oceans of Jaern and is actively being explored.

Settings On Cahyali

A sister plane of Jaern, Cahyali is a vast world of endless adventure, relatively new to the PFC's canon.

The Sublime Veld

In the northwest, this region is well known for being staggeringly old. The nations here, Dahabu and Buyuk Vahsi, are built on layer upon layer of history. Both nations in this region remain on mostly neutral terms with the rest of the world, engaging in trade when needed and welcoming treasure-seeking adventurers to their lands. The druids of the Cerulean Moon are based here.

The Abundant Expanse

Located at the far western side of the known continent, the Abundant Expanse - also known as the Abundance - is tropical to subtropical in climate. Countries in this region include Ruefang, Raikougan, and Ulos. The Abundance has seen a millennia-long period of peace only broken recently, with the paladins of the Kinland Order being based here.

The Oxis Alliance

In the north, this alliance of Vervand, Arenti, and Shinneok stands proud. Temperate in climate and prosperous, the Alliance is simultaneously a region and a political body. Despite a long period of recently-resolved infighting, the Oxis Alliance is mostly on good terms with the rest of the world.

The Heartlands

In the south, the vast lands of Ley'Ork and the arid locale of Splint compose the Heartlands. This region has a diversity in climate, going from subtropical and dry near Splint to temperate and even alpine in Ley'Ork. Ley'Ork, as the main political entity in this region, defines much of its relationship with the rest of the world: not stellar, due to their relentless imperialistic drives.

The Pale Reach

In the east are vast tundras, nominally part of Pthora. The majority of the Pale Reach region is cold, including tundras and alpine biomes. In the north of this region, two islands sit in close proximity: Pthora prime, and the smaller, warmer volcanic island of Nahrūl.

Minor Locales


Titan's Maw - A crescent-shaped Jaernian island filled with dangerous mega-fauna and mega-flora.

Keer'Levex - The ancestral home of Jaernian dragons, and the temple of Kelvar. One of the wealthiest islands of Jaern, located in the equatorial Sunovarm Oceanaj east of Ageron and southeast of Lojem.


The Null Labyrinth - An expansive underground network of caves and tunnels beneath known Cahyali, whose landscape appears to shift and change constantly. It's believed to only partially exist in the material plane.

Settings Elsewhere

Planes of Existence

Planes other than the Material that can be accessed through various means. Some of the most notable include:

  • The Beneath, a hellish realm split into seven layers and the home of the demonic.
  • The Dreaming, a mysterious world born from the subconscious of all mortalkind. The enigmatic and mischievous Dreamt, or Fey, reside here.
  • The Kurago, the spirit world and one of the many afterlives one can find themselves in. This plane is the source of nomads' magical power.

Other GM Settings - GMs can document their own settings here, usually accessible by means of the Alpha Site, accessible through the portals at the Centralia Wizards Guild, the Lojem Wizard Guild (Rougtero Branch), or Kratal as well as the old Portal Farm (a.k.a. Port Senenfico (sp?) ) on the western side of Lojem.

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