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Settings on Jaern

The Rhine Archipelego - Islands of High Adventure, notably includes Centralia, home to the Centralia Wizards Guild

The Lojem Region - A large island/atoll with a dormant volcano on the northern side, brimming with excitement. Notably includes Rougtero, a robust center of trade, as well as Midnight's Rest, an adventurer's haven.

Ageron Region - A heavily populated group of three islands: Ageron, Koth, and Gaea, located within the Basal Sea to the south-southwest of Lojem.

Frøsland - An island far to the north, intersecting with Jaern's polar ice cap. Its cities are led by Jarls, each an independent society unless large-scale threats require them to band together.

Geleia - Jaern's oldest significant land mass, containing three notable governments: the traditionalist 'Kingdom,' the capatilistic 'Southam,' and the Machiavellian 'Liston.'

Kratal - The prophesied Dwarven continent, halfway around the world from Lojem.

Minor Locales

The Great Rice Patty - An expansive shallow area of Jaernian sea that provides a lot of staple food crops, located in the southern hemisphere near Geleia.

Irlany - An island monarchy far to the northwest of Lojem, led by King Charles.

Akvobentyle - This island is overrun by vast rainforests, and rumors tell of ruins of a previous society. It is largely unexplored.

Titan's Maw - A crescent-shaped island filled with dangerous mega-fauna and mega-flora.

Other Jearn Info

Settings Elsewhere

Planes of Existence - Planes other than Jaern that may be accessed by various means.

The plane of Cahyali includes several continents and countries, a vastly unexplored world of endless adventure.

Other GM Settings - GMs can document their own settings here, usually accessible by means of the Alpha Site, accessible through the portals at the Centralia Wizards Guild, the Lojem Wizard Guild (Rougtero Branch), or Kratal as well as the old Portal Farm (a.k.a. Port Senenfico (sp?) ) on the western side of Lojem.

Rokugan - The feudal Empire of Rokugan (No longer being used, linked for informational purposes)

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