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The Dreaming


The Dreaming is a world of emotion and hope, borne from the thoughts and emotions of mortals. Denizens of the Dreaming are called the Dreamt or the Fey. People on Cahyali also occasionally refer to the Dreaming's people as the Daliad.

They are well known for being tricksters, with some being benevolent and others malevolent, while even more are mercurial - flitting from one to the other without rhyme or reason. The landscape of the Dreaming is never as it seems: entire places may be illusionary, unexpectedly alive, or comically opposite to how it normally is.

Magic in the Dreaming

For the most part, magic will function normally in this world. However, spells that directly affect or alter one’s emotions can be easier or harder depending upon where you are in the Dreaming. For example, a spell that causes fear will have a harder time functioning in a part of The Dreaming that is about hope and love, the opposite is also true. Spells and psionic disciplines that resonate with the area in their powers and theme will have a much greater effect then they might normally would. This is up to the GM in the game to decide how the effect plays out.


One of the Dreaming's many settlements. By Andreas Rocha; used with permission.

The Slumbering Woad

The Slumbering Woad is the primary way that mortals can enter into the Dreaming. In order to do so they must find places connected to the Dreaming: places ripe with folk tales, ancient grottos, places that invoke the whimsy of childrens' stories told by the bedside. Mapping the Woad is an impossibility, for it is always changing and labyrinthine. There are rumors of portals directly into the Dreaming, but if these exist, they are fiercely guarded by powerful archfey or mortal mages, and are almost never used.

The Woad itself is sentient, but not in the way many people read sentience. It rejects all mind-affecting magics that many try to interact with it, and will react negatively to someone trying to force control of it in any way. The Woad's purpose is to act as a barrier between the mortal world and the Dreaming.

Simple travelers and those with benevolent intentions will rarely have problems navigating the Woad; it has the ability to sense intentions, and will let these sorts through. Sometimes, it is even possible to accidentally slip beyond the veil and past the Woad, ending up in the Dreaming on accident.

Those seeking to cross over and cause harm to the other realm, though, will have to find some way around it - as it takes great care to turn around and reject these people.

The Woad usually accomplishes this goal by splitting up parties traveling together, to weaken individual wills. Once this is done, it shows travelers visions and dreams of their greatest hopes or deepest fears, in the hope that they will turn back.

It is said that a particular item is required to pass through the Woad against its will, referred to simply as the Lantern of Dreaming. Without light from this lantern, the Woad is completely dark - no mundane or magical sources of light work here, and non-sight-based methods of navigation such as echolocation or tremorsense get turned around. Hopeful travelers must guard their Lantern of Dreaming carefully to ensure it never goes out.


As a reflection of all mortals' dreams and desires, the Dreaming is near infinite. The locations that follow are simply brief descriptions of places that have been traveled to and mapped to by adventurers. As a GM, feel free to make up your own realms of the Dreaming!


(pr. TEE-wath). Also called the Sprawling Glades. Here the land is basked in an eternal spring. The sun shines gently, and when night falls the crickets sing and the stars dance. Rare plants called the Sleeping Lilies grow here; they are used by denizens to cure many of the sicknesses that befall the dwellers of the Dreaming. What the Sleeping Lilies could do in the material world is only speculated, as none have brought them back yet. However despite its serene looks, Ti’wath still holds many dangers to the unwary, for here those that disrupt balance will be seen as an enemy, and those that would dare take from the slumbering maze will be hunted. Ti'wath has a few sub-regions:

Lake Karath

Also known as the Drowning Pit. A vile place that few Dreamt ever go, for it is here that the dreams of the wicked are left to fester and rot. Many legends say at the bottom of this lake is a spear of black iron, Fateweaver: a weapon that will one day bring about the ruin of The Dreaming and all things that dream. Even the gods will be helpless as the spear will shatter the dream with its jagged point.


(pr. hah-RAHL-wuh) Also called the Eternal Palaces. Here is where the dreams of the celestial grow and dwell. The land is covered in shifting divine iconography: the trees are gems, the rivers like glass. Priests who come here will feel a much closer connection to their gods and might find their spells to be stronger. Travelers might find blessed artifacts, the wings of angels, or reliquaries for holy artifacts. Beware, though: while dreams may be pleasant and empowering, the gods' nightmares also roam Haralwa…

The Pillars

Massive towerlike structures, each one guarded by hosts of celestial beings. Legend has it that within the pillars lie the dreams of the gods. There is one pillar for each of the Fourteen, and within each pillar is a labyrinth of traps and guardians, which hold treasures that the gods have unknowingly created. The guardians fight viciously to protect the Pillars, and few - if any - have ever made it inside.


A forest in Ochr Arall. By Andreas Rocha; used with permission.


(pr. pair-ah-SOH-mah) Some denizens refer to this place as the Nightmare Lands. Here horrors and monstrosities lay in wait for their prey, luring them in with fantastical treasures, promises of riches beyond one’s imaginations, anything that one’s heart could desire, but in the end it is naught but a lie. Legends speak that deep within the heart of the Nightmare Lands is a tree that bears silver wings and promises great treasure at risk of complete ruin for those that seek it out. Pray that you never break a promise with a denizen of Parasoma, for a nightmare will never forget.

Dearmad Agrad

(pr. DEAR-maid ahg-RAhD) The realm of Dearmad Agrad is eternally shifting, for when the seasons change on Jaern so too do the powers shift in Dearmad Agrad. Here the grand courts of the Dreamt reside, and here they wield great power over the Dreaming. When in Dearmad Agrad, one must tread lightly, for the four Courts and their little kin. A false move or a slight offense shall bring their wrath upon the unprepared, but for the clever and the well traveled, there is much to gain from the courts. The land changes seasons whenever one of the seasonal Courts is the dominant power.


(pr. con-CORE-dee-ya) At the heart of Dearmad Agrad lies a city of where the peace between the courts of the Dreaming are kept; where their accords and oaths are held in sacred regard. Here the most powerful of the Dreamt, the rulers of the courts, will come to forge treaties, alliances, and diplomatic relations between others. In Concordia no spell shall be cast to do harm, no blade shall be drawn, and no arrow shall whistle.

Irogueil Peak

Locals will often refer to this mountain in Concordia as the Peak of Falling Stars. This mountain holds a special place in the hearts of all the dreamt, for it is here where the First Dream is said to have been born. On the top of the mountain is a shrine dedicated to the First Dream. During the Festival of the Dancing Skies, a meteor shower occurs along with a bright aurora that colors the sky. This festival celebrates the First Dream and is a cause for merriment among the Dreamt.

Ochr Arall

The “wilds” of the Dreaming so to speak, the definition of this space is inexact, and is generally used as a ctach-all for any area meeting 1 of 2 cases. First: Areas outside the control of the Courts of the Dreaming, where they have little to no influence. Second: A more historical one. Depending on whether someone enters the Slumbering Woad from Jaern or Cahyali they will exit in different locations (on average.) The Ochr Arall is used in reference to where one will end up when traveling from Cahyali.

The Library of Archser

Nearby a lake, the library was a common connecting point between the Dreaming and Ancient Vervand and was where much of the knowledge learned from the Vervish people, Cahyali in general, and other locations was stored. The library seems quaint from the outside but the inside is a sprawling 50 floors structured as rings around an open air center. Additionally each floor is 2 sided, as touching the ceiling of a floor will reverse gravity for the individual. As a result to anyone unaware of this, it would seem like the upper half of each floor has its tomes placed upside down. Due to a tragedy in its history the librarians all disappeared leaving the golem they made, whose mind was transplanted into an organic body.

This golem, called Angie, is a 4'3 humanoid with the characteristics of both an anglerfish and a harpy eagle. Though quiet she is curious and will allow anyone to peruse the library as long as they are respectful, and if she deems them well-intentioned can immediately copy the contents of a book into a blank one for them to take with them.

Amann Grasslands

These grasslands are characterized by how they look throughout the “day.” This area has a sun though it doesn’t appear to follow a consistent time cycle, some cycles of the sun feeling like minutes while others weeks. That being said, at “noon” the grasslands are a plain biome with yellow grass and alarming heat from the sun beating down and the utter lack of shade. As the sun goes down trees start to appear as it transitions from a yellow grassland to a red savannah to a purple forest to a deep purple jungle. At “night” one can barely see their hand in front of their face as the sky lacks anything, no moon, no stars. Additionally this is when the creatures come out from the ground and skulk through the jungle. “Nighttime” has smaller (humanoid and down) sized creatures that tend to be more agile. Meanwhile the “day” has larger creatures that have more strength but seem to move rather slowly.

Fyurio River

A slow moving river with water so crystal clear you can see your reflection in it. If you make eye contact with your reflection, it will reach out to grab your face in a manner in which to cover your eyes. In the event that it is successful the unfortunate victim will get a slideshow like vision of a fear they didn't know they had. One such recorded instance a man saw his wife and his most hated enemy getting married. The River water is safe to drink.


A city only visible to the Dreamt or those with knowledge of a special rune, Setser is known as the city of stars. An eternal night hangs over the city, and it is here where all the stars that are missing from the night sky are. Despite the aforementioned night the city is alight with people and activity, and this is because the residents all seem to have some degree of bioluminescence. Imagine the lights of a big city but the streets are less packed and it’s in the style of a quaint village. The settlement itself is built with the trees of the jungle as the focus. Many are hollowed out for use as buildings and platforms, with bridges connecting them. The easiest way to locate the town is to follow the Fyurio River.

The [] of Vravus

At the edge of the grasslands is the [] of Vravus. The reason for the empty space in the name is because it can be any size body of water and can be made of water vapor, liquid water, or ice. The Vravus is a place where one can view their past and try to focus on something to guide them, but they must be careful because with the wrong mindset it could end up regressing them to that mental state or time. Worse yet they could get lost in the metaphorical sea of others' pasts.

To the Dreamt's best knowledge, the state of the water it depends on how one feels about their past. If they suffer from amnesia or have a lot of mysteries and questions it will be ice, tough to break into, but if it's lighter it'll be vapor. The size is a representation of the scope of the problems. No further explanation on what that means has been provided.

The Peracog Night

The Peracog Night (or Peracog Nide as old text will call it) lays on the very far outskirts of the Dreaming. Once entered there's this overwhelming feeling that something is watching you, that the trees have eyes, that there’s something you’re not seeing. Something you can’t see. The landscape of the Dreaming has always been inexact, in mere moments a mountain may be leveled, a forest may spring from the ground, caverns may form. Here it’s almost as if rather that changing new landscapes get overlaid onto it.

Upon first entering it the ground is muddy and wet, one’s feet sinking into the dirt with a splosh. At first glance it seems like a rather ordinary forest, though colored with shades of red, but then looking deeper into it looks like something washed much of the soil away as the ground is covered in gnarled roots that make the land hard to traverse. Where the roots do meet the ground it looks almost as if the two have merged the ground clinging to the sides of the roots, as if not wanting to be torn away. From the mess of roots trees rise towards the ceiling. In most forests you would see layers of leaves and branches, but not here. Here there is a darkness covering the forests with the ceiling looking like the roof of the cave. Additionally, rather than branching out the trees simply enter the ceiling that looks to be a tangled mass of leaves matted together to create a solid boundary.

If one were to put something into it, it would be as easy as slipping a hand into water though it feels solid and no ripples occur. That being said, removing something pushed in is practically impossible, it’s almost as if the item is being integrated into the forest.

It only gets weirder the farther in. At some point you may notice a tree with a piece cut out of it, and in the center is a bamboo stalk. This is deemed the last point of safety and anyone who knows of this place would advise you to turn back now. That being said some have traveled beyond this point and while accounts vary wildly one consistency is the existence of a vast sea, expanding eternally out into the horizon.

The Sea of Dreams

A roiling, unfathomable black ocean of raw chaotic energy made up of the collective unconscious of the waking races. This part of the Dreaming is seldom seen, and it is said that it came into existence alongside the First Dream, existing alongside but not within the Dreaming.

This Sea is not easy to get to, as it exists on the very fringes of the Dreaming between consciousness and madness, and almost all who embark to its shores return changed, or never at all. It is from the Sea of Dreams that the Old Dreamt were born.

Any fey that reaches the Sea of Dreams and tries to harness its power will find themself immediately consumed and destroyed by its waters before being reborn in a new consciousness. Waking races that interact with the Sea of Dreams will not be able to harness its power at all, finding it to function like an ordinary body of water, though the water cannot be moved or transported by any means. Only the Old Dreamt can exert any power over the Sea.

Factions & Peoples

The Courts of Dearmad Agrad

There are many Courts of Dearmad Agrad - factions with certain aligned goals, who may or may not live together in self-styled “nations”. Each Court has an archfey leader, and there may be too many minor Courts to accurately represent here. Listed, however, are the Courts with the greatest power and influence. These most powerful Courts regularly meet up in Concordia. The four seasonal Courts all keep dominion over some part of Dearmad Agrad.

Spring Court

Known for their festivities, and some of the most extravagant amongst Dreamt. Those of the Spring Court love to play tricks on and fool the steadfast and solemn. They are associated with the element of earth, and make their home in a place known as the Shadowmarr Woods, a perfectly triangular forest in the midst of a large windswept plain - there is no proper Spring capital, but the town of Sindili is where the Spring throne sits. They have become quite isolationist recently.

NOTE: Please contact Noah Kauffman (@bluekid, Discord) if you would like to run anything related to the Spring Court.

Summer Court

The most passionate, and most well-armed of the major Courts. Sometimes known to let their passions get the better of them. Those of the Summer Court are known to fight like they are dancing, letting the clash of blades and arrows sing for them. They are associated with the element of fire, holding dominion over the Kalazaria Archipelago, an island chain surrounding the dormant volcano Mt. Bainwe. Their capital is an enclave near the volcano's caldera named Dardabos.

Autumn Court

Seemingly rather aloof and uncaring when it comes to matters of mortals and other courts. However, the rulers of Autumn are extremely shrewd and cunning, always knowing how to play both sides when it comes to political matters and come out on top. They are associated with the element of air, and live in a wondrous realm known as Aeklanata. On a high plateau in this place is their capital of Araz-Doran.

Winter Court

To outside observers, Dreamt of Winter are silent and somber, often seemingly lost in thought. In reality, the Winter Court is always searching for new information, even going as far as to freeze visiting mortals in an attempt to find the source of the First Dream. They are associated with the element of water, and make their home in a massive glacier named Rimewind. In the center of this glacier is the Inisheller Keep, a seat of power and a massively hostile place to those unwelcome.

Dawn Court

These Dreamt present themselves as muses or wise advisors to mortals, always seeking to scry and find clues to the First Dream. They see themselves as an illuminating light, bringing truth and wisdom to the world. They make homes in underground caverns lit with glowing crystals, and their capital is a grand city known as Pelbriad. They are associated with the psionic disciplines of clairsentience and metacreativity.

Dusk Court

Many other Dreamt see the Dusk Court as villains and evildoers, as they care little for mortals and tend to inflict terror and nightmare on them in an attempt to understand them better. They are hidden within the Spring Court's Shadowmarr Forest, where a camouflaged entrance to Fraxinus, their Gray City, lies. They are associated with the disciplines of psychokinesis and psychometabolism.

Equinox Court

Not so much a court, as a loose group of individuals who take pleasure in pitting the other Courts against each other. They quietly sabotage or prop up efforts made by the other Courts, subtly pushing their agendas and goals. The Equinox Court rarely interacts with mortals. Their home, the Oranas Labyrinth, is a wondrous place of eternal twilight, only accessible through liminal spaces called “ways” in the Dreaming proper. They are associated with psychoportation and telepathy.


An small settlement somewhere between the Dreaming's Realms. By Andreas Rocha; used with permission.


The Dreaming has existed since the dawn of time, when the first dreams were created. The land of the Dreaming is the culmination of the dreams, fears, aspirations, hopes, and nightmares of every living thing that dreams. Some say the Dreaming is the god Orus' celestial plane, others say the Dreaming is a result of the collective dreams that all living things experience.

Many believe it is merely a fictitious story, something told by parents to their children. However, the Dreaming is real. The denizens of the dreaming have always longed to experience the true capacity of emotions, imagination, and dreams, to rediscover the First Dream. Throughout time, those that lived in the Dreaming searched for ways to cross over into the real world, some stole the children so that they might truly understand the First Dream, and to others it is merely a flight of fancy.

In recent years now, with the many events and changes that Jaern has undergone, the Dreaming and its people have begun to find more ways to cross over into the material realm of Jaern, and subsequently those in the material realm of Jaern are now understanding they can cross over as well.

The First Dream

The First Dream is what gave birth to the Dreaming. When the first beings started to dream they brought forth the First Dream, and from that First Dream came the Dreamt. The First Dreamt were among the most powerful and regarded as gods among the Dreamt. From the First Dreamt came the rest of the Dreamt and the denizens of the Dreaming. Many of the Dreamt regarded those ancient times as a golden age, but when The First Dream vanished, the Dreamt lost the ability to dream and thus since then have the Dreamt sought a way to reconnect with The First Dream so that they themselves can dream once more.

The original document for the Dreaming, which may contain more information, is linked here. By Noah Kauffman (@bluekid, Discord).

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