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“The laws of order are written in light.”

Whether it be the land you walk on, or the endless sky above, all is the domain of Lord Ra, Bearer of Light. Through the divine Laws of Order, the formless darkness was given shape and meaning. Through the Precepts of Light, his divine will manifests through the faithful few who have dedicated themselves to the preservation of order, and to the final triumph over darkness.

At one time, the common people shuttered at the thought of a Ra’ite coming to their home. It was an omen that something lurked in the shadows and that their home would be turned to a pile of ash. They walked on the path of darkness, the very thing they sought to destroy, but the light never fades. The Faith of Ra was reformed and committed themselves to better serve the people. Order and fighting evil were not ends in and of themselves, but the means to which Ra’s creation could be protected.


Ra possesses 9 separate forms that manifest as the different aspects of himself. Each form represents the essential tenets of his faith. Ra-Helio is the manifestation of light, Ra-Peregrinus represents the crusade against darkness, and Ra-Pharaoh represents the Laws of Order.

The Light Giver, Ra-Helio

The aspect of Light is the most commonly worshiped form of Ra as it represented his care for the mortal races. The Light Giver is a truly iridescent being. Shining rays gleam from his pure white eyes and golden crown that shines like the sun. This light calls everyone to gaze at it. Rather than blinding, this light soothes the anxieties of all onlookers as they recognize the holy benevolence of the Light Giver.

This aspect represents Ra’s care and love he has for all of creation as well as the virtues that Ra’ites adhere to. He is considered to be the embodiment of the Precepts of Light. This version of Ra is the commonly worshiped aspect and many consider it to be Ra’s first and truest form. The origin of the light giver is traced back to when light was first given consciousness and reality was given reason.

The Dawn Hawk, Ra-Peregrinus

Since time immemorial, Ra and Rudri have opposed each other in a bitter feud. The two priesthoods clashed time and time again, some were mostly peaceful, others were anything but. This rivalry has gone on so long that it has manifested an aspect as the Dawn Hawk. First taking form at the beginning of the First Eclipsean Crusade in Cayahli, the Dawn Hawk gathered the servants of Ra and organized them into a legion to battle the children of Rudri. The Dawn Hawk is believed to be the ascended Zaran Davar, a Nahrūli warrior priest.

The Dawn Hawk appears as a large bird of prey reefed in flame, the fury of this creature is laid bare to all who see it. It is said to soar over battlefields leaving torrents of solar light to the forces of darkness. This aspect has a major presence in Nahrūl, as the Lamplighters honor it as the primary and most important manifestation of Ra. Ra’ites in service to the Dawn Hawk are considered to be the most radical of the priesthood.

The Divine King, Ra-Pharaoh

This is the aspect of order itself. This form is a man who stands at 10 ft. tall with deeply tanned skin and eyes that have black irises. He wears long white flowing robes that have a golden trim. His presence is commanding and oppressive. It is said that mortals reflexively prostrate whenever they feel his aura. He wears a crown crafted from pure good. With him is a slab that has the 12 laws of order inscribed upon them.

This aspect represents the all encompassing laws that govern existence. In fact, one could say that the Divine King is the embodiment of the Laws of Order itself. This form is possibly the least worshiped of the aspects of raw as it represents the unchallengeable and impartial laws of reality. Ra-Pharoah was said to have been born from the ascension of Tol Ihar, the first scribe of Ra and the penner of the Laws of Order and Precepts of Light.



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