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Rougtero (a.k.a Red Dirt) is located in the south, central coastal region of the main island of Lojem. The land was originally given by the Elves to the refugees from Karfelon when the sea wall collapsed and the city was buried under the ocean in 10017. Since then, the city has grown and has become a major force in the economy of the Lojem region.


As of 10047, the city of Rougtero is run by the Rougtero City Council.

Law and Law Enforcement

The following is the set of laws that have been adopted by the council and are being enforced throughout the city:

  1. A citizen has the right to defend his own health and happiness, and also has the right to defend another citizen who may require assistance.
  2. Any unprovoked action which will deprive a citizen of his health and well being, particularly to the extent that the citizen can no longer care for himself or his family is a punishable offense.
  3. Any unprovoked action which will deprive a citizen of his means to wealth and happiness is a punishable offense.
  4. Any use of magic to deprive a citizen of his or her personality, knowledge, or general memories, and by extension would then deprive that citizen of his or her livelihood and means of income is a punishable offense.
  5. Any citizen accused of a punishable offense must be given the means, through magic or otherwise, to prove his innocence. If proven innocent, the accused has the right to pursue a judgment against their accuser through a mediator appointed by the council. If the accusation was made solely with intent to harm, this is considered a punishable offense under law number 3.

The punishments under the law vary, but are decided by a mediator with the offender and the victim, his family, or an appointed representative present. Standard punishments are fines, service by the offender to the victim, or death of the offender. The mediations are typically held at a temple building, although the council has authority to alter the mediation location. The punishment handed down by the mediator is somewhat influenced by the temple it is held in. For example, as of 10055, no death sentences have been handed down by a mediator at the temple of Isis.

To enforce the laws of the city, the council has set up seven patrols of at least three guards each throughout the city. They have also set up fourteen stations throughout the city that are run by the citizens where an individual can report a violation of the law. These stations have signaling devices to alert the guards on patrol. The council also has created a task force to investigate crimes that occur in the city.


There are no formal requirements to become a citizen of the city of Rougtero. Simply having a residence within the city qualifies one as a citizen of the city.


The city of Rougtero has no taxes on the general citizenry. The priesthoods and guilds of the city pay money to the council in order to support their activities. Dock fees are also collected and used for this purpose. The money collected goes toward paying for city services, like the town patrols, equipment, and costs related to enforcing the law.


The currency of Lojem is based off of flat pieces of metal. The standard currency is a silver piece which is equal to 1/4 ounce of silver. The coin is simply a flattened piece of metal and any imprints minted on the coin do not matter from a worth standpoint. All merchants have a scale and weigh coins to ensure they are the proper weight and, thus, the proper value. The value of the metal is the main force behind the structure of coinage, but standard coins are 10 copper = 1 silver, 10 silver = 1 gold, 10 gold = 1 platinum. As coins are based on weight and not size, the higher the value of the coin, the smaller the coin because of the density of the metals involved.

Real Estate

During the initial founding of Rougtero in 10017, the temples of the area laid claim to most of the land. The previous citizens of Karfelon were each allotted their own piece of land equal to the amount of land they had the right to in Karfelon. Since this time, some of the temples have sold some of their land to allow for the building up of the city, but some temples still maintain a stronghold on the land that they own around Rougtero, namely the Enclave and the Osirisites..

The deed to a piece of property must be obtained in order to have legal ownership of a piece of land. Usually this involves a monetary transaction with the owner of the property and a barrister creating a document stating who the owner of the property is, signatures of the buyer and seller as well as a witness and the barrister. Typically, the barrister maintains an original of this document in the event of a property dispute. When a temple sells their property, it is a very similar process with the head priest and another priest of the temple acting as seller and witness.

The typical cost for a small piece of land within the city is around 100,000 SP. Outside of the city, the cost drops dramatically.

Places of Interest

City Buildings

The Clock Tower

Located near the marketplace, the clock tower is the largest and most accurate clock on Lojem.

Taverns and Inns

The One Eyed Jack

A somewhat seedy tavern in the dock area, this is a common hang out for marines on shore leave and other of the more questionable people in Rougtero.

The Golden Ankh

Located near the Solarium, this is a common hang out for Raites in the area. As such, this tavern is very orderly and all meals are served in certain blocks of time. Drinks are available, but drunkenness is not encouraged.

The Weary Scholar

This tavern in Rougtero has a library attached to it. It is common to catch people drinking and reading in this tavern. Mages and other intellectual types are frequently seen here.

The Spectral Meteor

Previously known as THE adventurers tavern before the “Portal Farm” came into existence, this tavern is still frequented by many adventurers and maintains a lively atmosphere. It has better than average food and drink and is owned by a former adventurer.

Temples and Places of Worship

Osiris Sanctuary and Temple

Unlike most of the other temples, the temple of Osiris has kept a stronghold on all of the land allotted to them in the move to Rougtero. They refuse to sell it out because it involves cutting down sacred trees. As such, the temple of Osiris also serves as a sanctuary for various types of trees and animals.

Torite Enclave

Another temple that did not sell off any of their land to outsiders, this “temple” has more in common with a walled fortress then a temple. The enclave is where Torites live, eat, train, and attend to their daily functions.

Isis Sanctuary

The temple of Isis offers free care and healing for the sick and freely accepts donations. The Sanctuary has a couple of priests teaching people how to perform the First Aid skill. The classes they are teaching are free for priests of Isis and 10 silver pieces per session for anyone else (one session will allow someone to learn 1 rank of the skill, making several sessions required for extra learning).

Sepulcher of Anubis

Just outside of the city on an elevated piece of land and built into the side of a cliff, the Sepulchre is the temple of the dead. It offers burial services for the recently passed and contains crypts for priests that pass on.

Tarus Archive

This building belonged to the Tarusians when they had a presence in the city, but they no long occupy this temple and it has been burned down several times since. The Raites from the Solarium have rebuilt the archive because of their dislike of a burnt building in the city and the fact that no priest of Tarus is available to sell off the land that it occupies.

Temple of At'ena

Another abandoned temple in Rougtero, the temple of At'ena was occupied by a single priestess until she disappeared suddenly in 10044.

The Temple of Neptune

Not surprisingly, the Temple of Neptune is located near the water where it houses many priests and followers as well as acting as the city’s main bathhouse.

The Solarium

This Ra Temple is made out of clear building materials to allow the sun to shine into the building. It houses several hundred priests of Ra within its walls. It came under attack by outside forces in early 10048, but easily fended off the attack.

Under the Solarium is a portal that leads to a highly secure prison. It houses highly dangerous prisoners and is largely an anti-magic zone (expect for certain Priests of Ra, which can use magic). The prison is used by Rougtero and has been contracted to house other prisons by the Centralia Mage's Guild, Centralia City, the Torite, and other entities that wish to house prisoners. As of this date, there have been no escapes

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