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Keer'Levex, Ancestral Home of Dragons


Originally the island of Keer’Levex was situated in the oceans of Torandor. When it first appeared out of the ocean the only impressive part of the island was the geothermal vents situated under the island which led to the island having a few hotsprings. It wasn’t until years later before the war between the sibling dragon gods that this island would become the dragon paradise that it was. Upon seeing the island, both Kelvar and Grim-Notesh agreed that this shall be the cradle and birthplace of the first dragons.

As the myth goes, Kelvar and Grim-Notesh took gemstones from the ground, scales from their bodies, gold from their hordes, and each gave a drop of blood deep within one of the caves of the island which would become the heart of the shrine. The very first dragons would emerge over a period of 10 days and 10 nights. The two gods would welcome their children into the world and begin to set them about to grow and multiply, but they would always return back to the island as it was their cradle and home. During the war between Kelvar and Grim-Notesh, Keer’Levex was destroyed for a time being and only after the war ended was it rebuilt.

During Kelvar’s long slumber, the dragons and priests of Kelvar continued to build the island shrine to become bigger and bigger… until eventually it reached a point where the shrine became a massive citadel that takes up most of the island at this point. During the time when the planet Jaern would start to come towards Onra and result in the destruction of Torandor, the priests of Kelvar would gather together at the heart of Keer’Levex and perform a powerful ritual that would open a portal under the entire island, teleporting the island from Torandor to Jaern. Sadly, this resulted in the loss of some of the priests as they valiantly sacrificed themselves to ensure the ritual was successful.

After Keer’levex was transported to Jaern, the priests found much of their power was lost and thus the priests began to disperse from the island. The grand vaults and halls that were once filled with the dragons were then emptied. Only one individual stayed behind to watch over Keer’levex: Eivor the Divine Servitor. Eivor is a powerful dragon that watches over the island and any that dare threaten the island will answer to him and his divine power.


Keer’levex is 48 miles long and 28 miles thick, with a dip in the center that leads to a 10 mile long protected valley with two ports at either end. The island has two mountains, a smaller one that is to the northwest and a larger but shallower mountain to the southeast.

The shrine itself is in the valley with the city of the dragons slowly sprawling out from the center of the shrine. Upon entering the island one will notice that the entire island itself is protected by a magical dome that is coming from the center shrine, this dome not only protects the island from invasions from the outside world along with helping to regulate the environment and make it more comfortable for dragons.

The island is similar to many other islands across Jaern as it has a tropical environment, rolling fields of tall lush grass and tropical trees, small jungles begin to form as one goes closer to the center of the island, as one goes further out they will find fewer trees and more open fields and craggy bluffs.

Most of the flora here is what one would expect from a tropical environment. One particular plant that is often cultivated on the island by the priests is called the Levonary flower, a beautiful golden flower that is often used to adorn smaller shrines around the island. When ground up into a powder, it can be added to water to help aid dragons with digestion problems (mainly helping them to digest metal and gems).

The Fauna of the island comprises nearly all different forms of dragons. From the large full blooded dragons that are known in myth and legend, to lesser dragonkin, including fairy dragons and pygmy magmanders that live within the caves of the island and lounge near the thermal vents in these caves.

Almost all of the creatures that live on the island of Keer’Levex possess some amount of draconic traits and genetics that would count them as part of the draconic lineage. As such a lot of the flora and fauna have also gained resistances to different elemental attacks as part of their defenses against predation.

Hierarchy of Keer’Levex

In the past the hierarchy of Keer’Levex was a single monarchy and ruled by said monarch called the emperor or empress. There was also a high priest/priestess of the church as well that helped to guide the priesthood of Kelvar. However after a time the two merged together to become one entity. As of the current present while the emperor/empress is still a major power in the kingdom of Keer’Levex. A lot of the dragons are mostly independent as of now and more of the power is spread out between the ruling monarch and the new council of dragons.

Entrance to Keer’Levex and Magic Defense

Entering into Keer’Levex is difficult if trying to break in due to the powerful magic shield that surrounds the entirety of the island. However so long as one comes with peaceful or mercantile intents. Travelers will find that the barrier will allow them to cross through uninterrupted and unimpaired. the shield itself is powered by divine magic from Kelvar, any attempts at revocation are met with failure.

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