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The Great Rice Patty

This massive, shallow area of the ocean is the primary reason it takes so long to circumnavigate Jaern. Adjacent to the continent of Geleia, most navigators treat the Great Rice Patty (GRP) as a landmass. Its depth ranges anywhere from three to twenty feet. Due to its favorable climate, the GRP is the “breadbasket” of much of southern Jaern, most of its population subsisting off rice or seaweed farming. Villages on stilts and flotillas are present all around the GRP, with many of them being under the jurisdiction of Geleia - although some are independent lizard-controlled villages, and some are territory of Lojem.

Eels, fish, crocodiles, and manatee-like “sea cows” are common animals in the GRP, with the former three being farmed or hunted as sources of meat for Patty inhabitants, often referred to collectively as Pattians.

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