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  • Government Type: Dictatorship
  • Symbol: Vulture
  • Major Races: Dwarves
  • Major Cities: Polis

Presided over by Agnes Aaronborn, the snowy mountain sides of Pthora are mostly barren save for the occasional beast. In fact, when walking through Pthora you’ll notice an eerie lack of beasts around the capitol, Polis as the people of Pthora are often incredibly dangerous. Not many ever venture far from the capitol, preferring to stay within its walls where few dare to bother them. There are nasty rumors about how bloodthirsty and cruel the Ystervuis agents that reside within the city can be. More often that not, the people are xenophobic and extremely pretentious. The country is comprised primarily of dwarves. The capitol is built into a mountain in which the lower you go, the more lower class the area is with the very depths being the homeless manual laborers mining out the bottom of the mountain.

Major Laws

  • Every individual is assigned a class at birth based on their parent’s income (A,B,C,D,E,F), A being highest, F being lowest. Individuals may move up or down a class based on their income levels after the age of proper adulthood (25).
  • Romantic Interaction is illegal for those Under 25.
  • The drinking age is 12.
  • Children Considered Property of the Parents Until 25.
  • A citizen must be born within the country to obtain a work permit.
  • Children may begin to work at age 12.
  • Citizens may carry weapons starting at age 12, so long as they have a permit.
  • It is Illegal to dress out of your class.
  • Illegal to attend schooling past age 12 if parent’s class status is below C.
  • Any able bodied citizen may enter the military at the age of 12, upon which their class will be upgraded to D should it be lower (this class boost may only apply once).
  • F class citizens are not entitled to own property
  • Upon committing theft, adultery, rape, romantic contact under the age of 25, dressing out of class, murder, etc. your class will be demoted. If you are a foreigner, you are sentenced to death. If an F class citizen is demoted, they too are sentenced to death.
  • Once above the age of 5, citizens are required to either be in schooling or work. A two week transition period is permitted.
  • For citizens born into class F with higher aspirations, they may enter the apprentice lottery system in which they get a chance to learn a skill of choice of Class C or lower and potentially become that class with that job upon completion of the course.

Natural Resources

Pthora is home to a wealth of natural resources, stone and ore, all mined from the Stili Mountains. Most notably of these resources is a metal called Sabarium, widely sought after for its easy malleability when forging, but incredible strength when cooled and set. Many of the greatest armors and weapons were constructed out of Sabarium. This resource is tightly controlled by the Ystervuis.

Notable Locations


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