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  • Government Type: Democracy
  • Symbol: Pitchfork
  • Major Races: Humans, Elves, Half-Elves
  • Major Cities: Brotland, Atoa

Vervand features both tropical rainforests and a sprawling deciduous forest. The Reichlich river winds around the country before feeding into Nordländer Bay. The borders between Vervand, Arenti, and Shinneok are incredibly loose, as the countries are very close.

Vervand is part of the Oxis Alliance. The people of Vervand hold a strong work ethic, though it doesn’t come close to matching Ley’ork’s obsession. Being the most populous of the three members, representatives from Vervand represent the largest group within the collective which is based in Dreitresan. However, Vervand’s main government is based in their capitol city, Brotland. Headed by Viktor Meyer, their policies resemble a guiding hand, meant to be a net for citizens that lose their way. With a rich agricultural history, Vervand acts as the breadbasket of the continent - quite a few people deriving their livelihoods from farming. This strong agricultural background enables a fairly large merchant class. Merchants often make trips to and from Dreitresan, ferrying imported goods from Arenti and Shinneok across the nation.

Vervand College is a famous university for non-magical study as well as martial study. Powerful warriors and bright students attend to learn from the brightest and most skilled minds the plan has to offer. Admission price is notoriously low and has average requirements to attend. However, graduating is a different story and only about 10% per class graduate. Many others struggle to complete the rigorous coursework or get jobs and drop out early. Studies there focus more on natural philosophies and military training. It is privately owned and is independent from all nations and remains the number one officer school.

Major Laws

  • No robbery, assault, murder, rape, or abortion.
  • Homosexuality is not policed, but marriage liscenes are not given out to homosexual couples.
  • Age of adulthood is 21. At this age, all citizens not attending schooling must serve in the military for a minimum of 4 years.
  • Schooling is mandatory through age 14, but encouraged to continue until age 21. Additionally this schooling is free until age 21, after which, citizens must pay to continue their education at private institutions.
  • Upon the age of adulthood, all individuals have the right to smoke, drink, vote, arm themselves (for self-defense), and settle unclaimed land.
  • Presidents are elected for life and may appoint any advisors they choose.
  • Upon violation of the law, citizens must stand trial and will be given appropriate punishments should they be found guilty. In these trials they have the right to a lawyer.
  • Any immigrant wishing to settle here may easily gain citizenship should they serve in the military for 4 years, if they marry a citizen, or if they are a woman that has lost citizenship from their birth country and are pregnant or have children.
  • Citizens may be excused from military service if they are pregnant, have a chronic illness/disability, or are a woman with children
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