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  • Government Type: Theocracy
  • Symbol: Rabbit
  • Major Races: Humans, Dwarves
  • Capital: Tajsun

In the lush forests of Nahrūl, lies the holy city of Dawn priests, Tajsun. Led by their high priest Mazdak Nahrūli, they prioritize well-being over everything. Their communities are quite welcoming and generally forgiving. Lake Avelód is considered holy and all citizens, shortly after birth, are baptized within its waters. To the west of Lake Avelód, the dormant volcano of Agshdof stands. The medical centers in Nahrūl are the best in the world and will take on anyone in need of aid. This country has a close relationship with Pthora, and thus has a council of chosen elites from Pthora that advise Mazdak. The two nations are so close primarily from the closeness of their two leaders. Mazdak and Agnes have borne three children, their eldest Adam Agnesborn, Alec Nahrūli, and their youngest daughter Alyssa Agnesborn.

Major Laws

  • No stealing, rape, assault, murder, plagiarism, littering.
  • Accused criminals must come before a jury to determine a proper punishment, but have the right to a lawyer.
  • The unemployed have the right to live in various homeless shelters, or, if those are full households with excessive income must accommodate them until deemed self-sufficient.
  • Each individual has the right to creative self expression, within certain bounds, ie. no gang symbology, no anti-religious rhetoric, no defamation of dusk priests, no violent self expression, no anti-establishment rhetoric.
  • You must not strike first, only in defense.
  • Healthcare is a basic right endowed onto ALL regardless of background.
  • The death penalty is not a recognized punishment.
  • Individuals 18 years of age or older are considered adults and are required to be actively pursuing work or schooling.
  • Curfew is midnight till dawn,
  • Last Names are not given, but earned. Citizens may choose a representative last name as soon as they reach adulthood. Until they reach adulthood they may take the name Nahrūli.

Terror of the Nightmare King

In the first half of the year 10078 SF, the continent of Nahrūl was enshrouded by a shroud of shadow and darkness, later discovered to have been caused by a Lord of Nightmares called Azeroth. Travel to and from the continent was nigh impossible, save for through the power of the divine. A journal of the events that occured in this period has been collected, from the point of view of a large group of adventurers, ultimately responsible for saving the continent.

Recovered Journal

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