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The History of Jearn

The written history of Jearn is compiled from a variety of separate accounts, transcribed here in this library by the archivists of the Centralia Guild of Wizards. Work is constantly being done to fill in the gaps of knowledge and create a more objective record of events. If you believe you possess knowledge that is not presented in this library, please contact the Head Archivist and arrange a meeting1). All years are presented as SF (Since Founding).

The Mythical Founding of Aldeberon (On Torandor) (0)

Jearn Enters the Onra system, Tysyl and Torandor are Destroyed (circa 7300)

The Adventuring Eras2) (9997-10038)

The Age of Reckoning (10038 - 10044)

  • The gods were killed, and many priests lost their divine connection. Slowly, the gods began to return.
  • The Ordination spell group was researched during this time3).
  • The Great War of Lojem occurred during this time.
  • The reign of the Rougtero Council of 10044 began. This naturally led to the current state of the Rougtero City Council, founded in 10047.

The Great Plague (10044 - 10047)

  • A plague spreads across Jearn.
  • The Centralia Guild of Wizards researches the Lesser Heal, Heal, and Greater Heal spells for Common Magics.

Lost Records (10047 - 10049)

The Jalera Reign (10049 - 10052)

  • The Jearnian Gods put up a divine field over their planes that causes interplanar technology to fail.
  • The Jalera come to Jearn and mind control Jearnians to instill order.
  • They Jalera are expelled from Jearn during Kira's party.

Lost Records (10052 - 10054)

The Hegemony Scourge (10054 - 10056)

  • The Jearnian Refusion occured, stripping Jearn of its portals and magic.
  • The Rougtero Guild of Wizards was constructed and opened.
  • The Hegemony conspired to taint Jearn with demonic magic, and were ultimately defeated.
  • It is believed that the Hegemony worlds have all been wiped out.

Return of the Dragons (10057 - 10060)

Purge of the Kurago (10061 - 10063)

The Modern Age (10063 - Present)

Please message the current Story Coordinator if you have something that should be added or see something that should be edited
A placeholder name for these four decades, since records are lost
This group was orginally inteded so that priests could regain their divine spells. It is reserved for NPC priests to induct characters into a priesthood
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