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The island upon which Karfelon was situated has been raised from the bottom of the Alfrego Sea. It was also pulled about 15 mets south, so that it is now situated just outside the no-Portal Zone. The waves from this event caused some minor damage to ships and docks in Rougtero and Port Haven, and some washover at the new sea wall, but no significant damage has been reported to any surface towns. Klacktri was damaged a little bit more significantly, and New Karfelon was severely disrupted.


The god ship(s) have been destroyed. Several asteroids slammed into Jaern, one splashed down a few mets west of Pregada and the resulting tidal wave destroyed much of the city and thousands of citizens. Thousands of people cried out for divine intervention. At around the same time smaller, specially designed, projectiles destroyed both the godship and the Superi. All gods aboard these crafts were killed.

Immediate game repercussions. All priests, except for Scrogg, Orus, Rudri, Zeferin, Vormaxia and Almar, immediately felt their connection to their god disappear. At this point these priesthoods stopped regaining spell units. Any units they already have they keep and can cast spells. However they will not regain anymore spell units. Priests of Scrogg and Orus will regain at half their normal rate and still feel connected (though more tenuously) with their gods.

It should also be noticed that the dead gods will not be granting any DI… And likely for the next few game months Scrogg and Orus won't be doing much in the way of DI unless it’s really, really serious and will be pissed at anyone bothering them for trivial shit during this time.

Obviously general chaos among the priesthoods. This will be a time of trial for all religions. Probably within a few game months Scrogg and Orus will stabilize and go back to business as usual. The other gods will not. At’ena saw it coming and chose to go along with it without warning any of her fellow gods. Was she tired of her position or did she see that threw this the possibilities opened up to finally fulfill their destinies?


In the midst of the god ship happenings, I had an interesting event happen during my last adventure also. There is now a large, glowing purple orb about 100 mets northeast of Centralia Island. The orb is about 10 feet in diameter and is surrounded by 30 glowing stones alternating in color from red, blue, white, and yellow. The orb itself leads into an alternate dimension completely void of magic and guarded by about 30 aliens.

In the area around the orb there is a “Diminished Magic Zone.” In this area, all spells cast, either through normal casting or magic items, must make a 3d6 check vs. their rank. Rolling above the rank will cause the spell to work, otherwise the spell malfunction according to a chart I have with me. All existing spell effects in the area must also make a 3d6 check or they malfunction.

This “Diminished Magic Zone” occupied about a 50 met radius around the orb as of the last game date, 09-25-10038. The effect is spreading at about 10 mets per day, meaning that it will reach Centralia Island in 5 days.

Nov-12-2002 (ANUBIS RETURNS)

The party showed up at the Sepulcher and were escorted into a planning room. There they were told they were to go into the catacombs and recover something.

Priests of Anubis can now gain spell units equivalent to the number of priest spells they have (of qualifying rank) or their power whichever is lower. Currently only the first 2 ranks qualify. As the head priests buy the Ordination Group up the qualifying ranks go up. All new (priestly) spells must be ordained by the Sepulcher to their priests before they can be used.

Anubis is still not around to answer DI calls.

For those who missed it here is what I said about the Ordination group.

Ordination as a new divine core spell group. Of course the ceremonies involved in the casting of this spell can vary. It also is a built in form of checks and balances for priesthoods if we want it. This of course would only apply when the Gods “come back” (or the priests find the power in other form).

1-12 Ordination

  Time to Cast: 1 hour per Rank
  Resist Check: willing target(s)
  Target:    Special
  Duration: Permanent
  Area: target(s)
  Effect: Grants spell usage
  The target(s) of an Ordination spell are bestowed with the 
  ability of casting spells of their belief system. Ceremonies 
  may have many requirements and may not be just be performed on 
  a whim. The higher the Rank and the what the individual spell 
  usage conveys to the target will determine requirements. ( Note: 
  to cast the ordination spell one must be ordained to cast it 
  as it conveys the ability to ordain spells of equal rank to 

I would also allow mass ordinations with appropriate numbers of ordaining priests to “channel the power”


A member of the Lentri council is assassinated by adventurers from Rougtero.

In order to travel on elf controlled roads, all travelers must obtain a permit from a station located on the roads. Guards may verify your permit while you are traveling. The permit is good until you leave elf controlled roads and costs 20sp.


A company called 'Terminal 3' has bought up all portal rights to Centralia. This is a monopoly granted by the Lordship of Centralia and any public portals operating that aren't under control of 'Terminal 3' have been shut-down. The cost to use Terminal 3 (from Lojem to Centralia) is 5sp/person (cargo is extra). When you step through the portal you are in a large “Terminal” with multiple exits. Some of the exits have rails going in and out and are being switched at the Terminal. There are a lot of vendors selling snacks from other worlds as well as a selection of newspapers and magazines. Upon entering Terminal 3 your ticket will be checked and you'll be directed to the appropriate egress portal. Before leaving through any Portal your ticket is checked again.


The elves obtain a few items to protect themselves from further adventurer threats.

All guards in elven territory have +1 weapons. (They only remain +1 for one day if they are taken.)


Priests of Anubis can now be ordained up to rank 12 providing the temple believes the priest being ordained is worthy. (Note: The ordination group really isn't a player group unless they are a high priest or in the upper rankings of the Sepulcher.)

All priests of Anubis even those not reordained feel their God's presence again but only those reordained get Divine Units back.

New spell group coming out for the Anubians as soon as I get 4 more spells made.

GM note: The various Deaths that wander the plane searching for souls of those who have died now follow after parties of Adventurers waiting for them to do what adventures do and kill people. The Deaths won’t follow priests of Anubis or other priests with Last Rites. The chances are now higher that the souls of the recently deceased will be claimed quicker than before. The Deaths cannot be detected unless they want to be and everything is basically the same except that the soul collection process happens more efficiently.


  • A large fireball type thing hit a 1/4 of Rougtero. Many people died, some buildings caught on fire, but it was raining that day and along with that and mages, the fire was quickly controlled. The investigation pointed to Torix's house, where the explosion was centered. There is currently a 10,000 sp reward for information on his whereabouts.
  • Two portals at the portal farm were revoked by unknown individuals. The investigators found little information and nothing has happened since the investigation. One of the portals was the Terminal-3 portal. This portal came back up a week after it was revoked; only it seems to be a non-magical portal and is grey in color.
  • The elves have continued their enforcement of the 20sp toll to travel through elf territory. They have made numerous arrests, but all arrested people are released without harm. Few deaths have been reported.
  • Pirates continue to patrol the waters around Lojem, though their activities are unknown since they do not seem to be attacking any ships as of recent.
  • The Sepulchar of Anubis seems to be relocating a lot of its resources to the newly rebuilt Karfelon Sepulchar.
  • A large explosion rocked the new Torite stockade just outside of Rougtero. Reports indicate they many people were killed in the explosion and the few that survive say that T'or has returned. Though the old Torite enclave does not affirm or deny this rumor. (True Justice T’or creation event) (T'OR RETURNS)

The township of Gendle is proceeding with its road building. There is currently a horse path the whole distance of the projected road and widening is in progress as well as some small-scale bridge building.

There was a big celebration in the Gelnd village recently.


Elf Tolls Continue

The Elves continue to charge a toll of 20 sp to travel through elf controlled roads. The roads have been made very safe by the elf guard patrol. Traffic on the road is much lighter than previous because most people who wish to travel in that direction tend to take the cheaper ferry to the Portal Farm.

New Ferry Schedule

The Rougtero ferry to the portal farm announced a new schedule with the addition of two new ferries. Ferries now leave at 10:00AM and 2:00PM from Rougtero and at 11:00AM and 3:00PM from the Portal Farm. The trip to and from the Portal Farm takes about one day. The price remains set at 15 sp for a one way trip.

Where is Osiris? (OSIRIS RETURNS)

Many priests of Osiris have reported that their god has returned after a long vacation. They say they feel her presence in the area and vow that she will soon return in full force. Many priests of Osiris have made the trek to Rougtero because they say they were drawn to the area. No other is information is available at this time.

Prisoners Still at Large

Escapees from the Lock Kylar prison facility are still at large. All of the escapees are reported to be very dangerous. A reward of 10,000 sp is still out for each prisoner returned alive to the prison. Thus far, one prisoner, an Earth Mage, has been captured.

Gendel Road Construction Update

A path wide enough for two wagons has been cleared the entire distance to the Portal Farm. Some excavation was required, some holes filled and a couple of low class bridges (trees leveled and layed across) built. Starting from Gendle and working toward the farm: one lane at a time in 100 yard stretches is being closed down and large bricks put in place. So far the road is fully brick from Gendel to about one met out. Gendel is looking into methods to ensure the road remains to top shape after it is built through proper draining and erosion prevention.

Karfelon Progress Continues

At first glance, it may seem that little to nothing is going on in Karfelon. But, their trade is growing slowly, as more legitimate merchants establish themselves. Games are being held monthly at the Hippodrome, and attendance there is growing as the city grows. The Sephulcur of Anubis is going along well, and the replanting of trees in the Grove is progressing as well. The Natatorium is also being reconstructed, and reports indicate that plans are awaiting approval for the temples of Orus and Scrogg.


Rougtero Solarium Announces New Mission

The Solarium in Rougtero announced that they are in the process of restoring order in the City of Rougtero, which over the past decades has sunk into a pit of chaos, They wish to establish some form of government in the city. Most common folk of the city back the Solarium's initiative, but there is also some sizable opposition to the prospect.

Another Lock Kylar Prisoner Returned

Another escaped prisoner from Lock Kylar, a fire mage, was returned by Dom Foran last month. There is still five prisoners at large with a 10,000 silver reward for their capture. Dom Foran is the owner of Dominations, a armor and weapons shop with many locations throughout Jaern.

Orcs Accuse Elves of Conspiring Against Them

The Orcs have recently accused the Elves of the Lentri Territory of using adventurers in a plan to remove them from a town between Rougtero and Lentri. The Orcs believe that the Elves wanted to force them out so that they could take the land without incident. The Elves deny this and they claim the adventurers acted on their own with no assistance from the Lentri Elves.


The following sign is posted throughout Rougtero in high traffic areas including all entrances to the city:


1) A citizen has the right to defend his own health and happiness, and also has the right to defend another citizen who may require assistance.

2) Any unprovoked action which will deprive a citizen of his health and well being, particularly to the extent that the citizen can no longer care for himself or his family is a punishable offence.

3) Any unprovoked action which will deprive a citizen of his means to wealth and happiness is a punishable offence.

4) Any use of magic to deprive a citizen of his or her personality, knowledge, or general memories, and by extension would then deprive that citizen of his or her livelyhood and means of income is a punishable offence.

5) Any citizen accused of a punishable offence must be given the means, through magic or otherwise, to prove his innocence. If proven innocent, the accused has the right to pursue a judgement against their accuser through a mediator appointed by the council. If the accusation was made solely with intent to harm, this is considered a punishable offense under law number 3.




The Rougtero Council has approved a series of patrols throughout the city. 14 guard stations have been set up and are manned 24 hours per day, 6 days per week. They are equipped with bells to alert guards to problems. The patrols consist of various volunteers from various groups including Raites, Anubians, Orusians, Torites, and various marines, include some priests of Neptune. The map attached is a rough outline of the routes of the guard patrols. Each of the 7 patrols are to made up as follows, though some may have less people at the moment, ALL patrols will have a minimum of 3 guards:

8am - 2pm (4 guards): Raite Torite Marine Orusian 2pm - 8pm (5 guards): Raite Torite [Torite or Raite] Anubian Marine 8pm - 2am (4 guards): Raite Torite [Orusian or Anubian] Marine 2am - 8am (3 guards): Raite Torite [Marine or Orusian or Anubian]

All members of a patrol are of decent skill in their field.

Also, the list of members on the Rougtero Council has been made public and will be given upon request at the Solarium. The list is as follows:

Where there are ???, due to problems this position was filled by various representatives at various times, so a single name isn't appropriate.

- Anubis Temple Representative (Solen Baraduke) - Isis Temple Representative (Retiva Toisk) - Neptune Temple Representative (Cs'esl) - Orus Temple Representative (Erdcloud Asukarib) - Osiris Temple Representative (???) - Ra Temple Representative (Jormar Oldarth) - Scrogg Temple Representative (Kyrvel Perelm) - Old T'or Enclave Representative (Dorgin) - New T'or Enclave Representative (Brigit) - Zepherin Temple Representative (???) - Merchant Representative (Dom Foran) - Labor Representative (Velman Boutho) - Service Provider Representative (Gargen Sithnoa) - Shipping/Trading Representative (Dock Master) - Mage Representative (???) - Adventurer Representative (Burnhard Brimstone)

Also, suggestions for ways to improve the city should be directed to your council member. You can leave a note of them at the Solarium.


A Theory About Recent Events (by Phil the Sage of Rougtero)

Recently, I have been looking into the dark prophecy that was delivered only a few weeks ago. Lately there have been groups of people gathering on street corners and in local taverns to discuss the prophecy of doom and gloom. Most readers will not need reminders of the circumstances surrounding the delivery of it. And there are almost as many interpretations of the meaning of the prophecy as there are people discussing it. One group, in particular, has a possible interpretation that may have particularly dangerous ramifications.

Omaro Hepato joined such a group only a couple of weeks ago, and would describe them as “a loose collection of people trying to make sense out of the prophecy and to reduce the damage it represents.” They haven't given thought to a name for the group yet, says Hepato. I had the opportunity to speak at length with Mr. Hepato about the prophecy and the group he joined.

Their interpretation revolves around the idea the At'ena has sent the prophecy. We all know that many months ago, priests of several faiths seemed to lose touch with their Deity for a time. Speculation around those events went so far as to suggest that many of the gods perished in the Cataclysmic Meteor Storm. These speculations have not been neither confirmed nor denied by my investigations. This group, however, puts responsibility for the prophecy directly on At'ena, saying that She is upset at Her followers for abandoning Her when other faiths were revived very quickly.

They intend to investigate their particular interpretation in a peaceful manner, however they have not ruled out the possibility of trying to push various city elders and ruling councils on many islands to pass laws to govern the populous into “rightful action” should they find enough evidence to support their claim. “People need to know that there was a reason such a dark prophecy was delivered. People need to know that there is a path they must follow, and a consequence for straying. We want to keep as many people from getting hurt as possible,” says Hepato.

There is not enough evidence to either confirm or refute their claim at this time, I believe. Therefore, I will continue to ask questions and seek answers as befits my scholarly vocation. Perhaps one day soon we will know what was intended, and to whom we can grant responsibility for the dread warning, or the devious prank, as the case may be. Perhaps we may even know in time to prevent the dark times foretold.

Rougtero Council Implements Guard Patrols

The new Rougtero Council has implemented a series of guard patrol that they hope will protect the city and help keep Rougtero a peaceful and prosperous city. The laws that the patrol will enforce are very general and cover many situations when the guard may intervene.

According to the council representative of the Solarium, Jormar Oldarth, there will be a total of 7 city patrols consisting of a minimum of 3 well trained guards each of various backgrounds. He also said there are 14 well marked guard stations that will be manned around the clock that are equipped with bells to sound the guard in case of problems. Noteworthy locations for these stations are Dominations, the Solarium, and the Dock Master's building.

Jormar Oldarth went on to say that all citizens of Rougtero are encouraged to take a part in the council's activities and that if they have any concerns about the city, they should see their council representative. The list of all representatives is available to the public at the Solarium and messages for a council member can also be left there. The following groups have representatives on the council: Anubis, Isis, Neptune, Orus, Osiris, Ra, Scrogg, Old T'or, New T'or, Zepherin, Mechants, Laborers, Service Providers, Shipping/Traders, Mages, and Adventurers.

Elf/Orc Conflict Appears to be Over (END OF ELF/ORC/ADVENTURER WAR PLOT LINE)

The conflict between the Elves and the Orcs appears to be over. According to reports, the conflict was started by a third party. This fact was discovered by a party of adventurers and later the Elves and Orcs teamed up to take down the organization involved. The leader of the organization is supposedly still at large.

Elves will still continue to charge a toll through their territory and the guard patrols through there will still continue.

Road from Gendle to Portal Farm Completed

A road that extends from Gendle to the Portal is now complete, but work is still being done to improve the road by adding rails. At this time, the toll for using the road is unknown. Also construction is being started on a road from Gendle to New Alimar.


Rumor has gotten back to Rougtero that a single priest of Isis has been able to cast spells for months now in a small fishing village somewhere in the Rhine (the grouping of islands around Centralia). The exact location of the island isn't part of the rumor.


The day following the adventure, the officials at Terminal 3 receive a note indicating that off-world vacationers are no longer welcome on Pendia, and that the logging company was also summarily evicted and all contracts cancelled. The portal was then closed by revocation.


A plague has spread across the planet of Jaern. All major population centers have been hit and hit hard. It is known that magical healing will stop the symptoms and fend off dying, but they come back within weeks. As such, there are long lines in some of the larger cities where healers heal and Orusians and other priests attempt to feed them units. Dwarves around Jaern are panicking and desperately searching for relief. The city of Centralia has shut their gates and no one is allowed into the city. Many portals have been shut down to prevent the plague from spreading off world. All portals to Centralia have been shut down as well as the portals to other Jaernian locations. A shipping portal is still intact for ships, so quick travel between Centralia Island and Lojem is still possible.


The Centralia Mage's Guild has researched a new healing spell that replaces rank 7 common. They will also replace rank 10 and 15 in common, but those spell haven't been researched as of yet. In order to purchase this spell, you must not have bought common magics up to this point yet and when you learn these spells, you will be replacing ranks 7, 10, and 15 with these healing spells. You cannot mix and match these ranks, either you take Find, Know Element, and Know Magic OR you take these three healing spells.

Here is the description of the Rank 7 Spell:

  7 - Lesser Heal              
  Time to Cast: 5R                        All within the area of effect that are willing or 
  Resist Check: 4d6 vs WIL negates        fail the RC are healed 1d6 DP.
  Target:       LOS 10' + 5/F'
  Duration:     Instantaneous
  Area:         10' + 5/F'
  Effect:       heal all in area

The Mage's Guild will teach this spell to members for free or non-members for 20 silver. Members are welcome to teach the spell free of charge to non-members and I am sure that the Lojem Guild at the portal farm can also teach this spell by now.


As joyous news of the recent retrieval of a powerful divine artifact of Isis spreads across the plague-stricken islands of Jaern, celebrations quickly turn to barely-controlled mobs. Soon after the abilities granted by the artifact begin relieving wearied clerics, the plague changed. Worldwide, the disease worsened in its effects, accelerating to kill in half the time as before. Researchers who had been warning and preparing for the possibility of mutated strains of the illness have been baffled at how quickly the new version has spread, as it seems the change was nearly simultaneous across the world. This has led many to believe that the plague’s cause is not like any other, but they are unsure as to what may be the cause.

Public outcry at the temples for raising false hope has seriously damaged relations between the people and the priesthoods. Many are turning to alternative sources of healing, most significantly the nomadic potions recently released. Isolated villages are turning sometimes to charlatans from off-world offering their own healing in return for the peasants serving their purposes, often dark.

Resentment against the CMG and other organized wizard guilds has grown as well, as the recent sudden and unexplained changes to the plague have, in some minds, solidified the idea that the plague is entirely their fault, not just for breaking the quarantine, but perhaps part of a greater plan to increase the public’s reliance upon mage guilds. The announcement of the new core healing spells has been a double-edged sword in this regard, as their beneficial healing has saved many, but has increased the fervency of those who say it is a ploy of the guilds to gain power.

Still others are convinced that the plague is a punishment for the many that have lost faith since the leaving of the gods. Sects of former priests of Tarus, Isis, Atena, and Ra have been denouncing populations worldwide for their faithlessness. Many have returned to the faiths, either out of shame or a newfound zealousness. Priests of Anubis, who were never re-ordained, gather in celebration as some claim the plague to be a symbol that their god has finally come to collect the worthy. Other priests who never converted to the returned versions of their gods point to the disease as proof that the returned versions are false gods.

There have also been numerous reports of attacks against isolated priests of gods that have recently come to prominence. Even priests of Zeferin, one of the few gods effective against the plague, have come under fire, with many saying that they are responsible for the current trials.


Almar is completely unable to grant spells to any of his followers or access this plane (Jaern).

Vormaxia and Zeferin cannot grant their followers spells greater than rank 6 on this plane. These gods are also completely unable to manifest on this plane.

All of the gods mentioned above work as per normal on other planes.

All known off-world portals are being watched either overtly or covertly by priests of Anubis and Orus (or just followers of these deities). Priests of Almar will be apprehended and jailed (and probably executed due to public outcry).


A portal has been created in Little Karfelon to connect the portal farm and Centralia Island. The portal is free to use from the portal farm end, but costs 5 silver to use from Little Karfelon unless a ticket is obtained from a participating Centralia Island merchant stating something was purchased from them.

The Centralia Mage's Guild is able to teach the Rank 10 healing spell (creatively named 'Heal'). You must have learned the Rank 7 healing spell in order to learn this one. Teaching it to members is free, for non-members they charge 50sp.

10 - Heal		
Time to Cast:	5R	
Resist Check:	5d6 vs WIL negates	 
Target:	        LOS 10' + 5/F'	
Duration:	instantaneous	
Area:	        10' + 5/F' radius	
Effect:	        heals all in area	
All within the area that are willing or fail the RC are healed 2d6 DP.

I also forgot to mention that when this event occurred, the sky returned to its normal blue color.

Dear Member,

I am sure you know that the current plague situation has hit Jaern hard and that the Centralia Guild of Wizards is doing its best to assist with efforts to control and eventually eliminate the plague. It is to this end that we request that all members capable of doing so learn the new healing spell that we have spent so long researching. This will assist in relieving the stress of others that are currently helping by increasing the number of healers available to the general public. There are many teachers at the temporary guild extension in Little Karfelon that will teach it to member at no cost.

Also, Members might be interested to know that we have made more discoveries concerning the plague. We have discovered an ancient prophecy foretelling of this event. It states that “life will return and the horrible disease will be swept from the face of the planet.” This gives us hope that the plague will not be our end, but only a temporary setback. We will endure and we thank all of the people helping the public through it.


Wilhelm Grafen Centralia Guild of Wizards


For those who live in Southam or have any type of relations there, the following rumor has been heard:

The merchant council plans to release a list of import goods that will require a specific entry vector. The three classes of entry will be rail, portal, and general.

It is rumored that this list was prompted by financial interests of one of the merchant lords in the GRC (Geleian Rail Consortium).

A tavern just south of the marketplace and in the northern dock district was annihilated by a orange beam from the heavens. The tavern, The Righteous Expanse was built on the ruins of the Stokard Import warehouse which had been destroyed there previously. No other adventurers were within, but a minor riot occurred that evening. The resulting crater is approximately 150' across and 30 ' deep and is cordoned off at the moment.


Due to a lack of resources because of combating the plague, both Wizard's Guilds offering item identification have increased prices on it.

Centralia Mage's Guild has a new price structure:

10,000sp gets you a basic identification (the lowest spell on the item and its trigger, no curse detection) 25,000sp gets you a more advanced identification (all spells on the item, curse detection, and triggers) 50,000sp gets you the previous level of identification (non-standard items (artifacts) can be identified to a certain level, all of the above effects are also revealed. In addition items flaws are also revealed.)

The Lojem Wizard Guild has increased their price to 27,000sp which will provide the previous level of identification that was offered.


The plague loses its magical component, and reverts to a minor curable illness. Those sick are easily taken care of on their next time through the lines.

Isis is back, yet drained from the effort of stripping the plague. It is too early to determine whether she has been changed from her experiences in a human, and also how much of her is what she was and how much is Anna.

Word is spread of the efforts of those who helped in bringing back Isis, with emphasis placed on the participation and key role of Captain Briggs, the T'orite.

Revolts in progress across the world have a lot taken out of them as the peasants who had joined in desperation begin running back to get the plague cured.

Many messes are left to clean up. We'll see what happens


The plague is over, but the Centralia Guild of Wizards has finished researching the last of the healing spells. They will teach it to members for free and non-members for a small fee.

15 - Greater Heal
Time to Cast: 1R                      All within the area that are willing or fail
Resist Check: 6d6 vs. WIL negates     the RC are healed 6d6 DP.
      Target: LOS 100' + 20/F'
    Duration: instantaneous
        Area: 100' + 20/F' radius
      Effect: heal all in area


An explosion occurred in Port Haven killing many civilians and doing considerate property damage. Isis stepped in and revived all the casualties but the property damage remained. Witnesses saw a cloaked figure placing a statue at ground zero minutes before the explosion. Port Haven authorities are seeking more information on the incident.


There is now a magical divine field surrounding Jaern and some other planes. This stops all technology within the area to cease functioning unless it is magically enchanted to enhance its functionality. This must be a permanent enchantment, once a day will not suffice. And the enchantment must assist what the device does so an effect Lamp gun will not work, but a +1 gun will. This field also subtly steers away technological craft from the orbit of Jaern, navigation systems will just fail to set a correct course or some other convienient malfunction. The other planes affected by this are ones in which the Jaernian gods hold sway, essentially it is up to the GM whether this affects their plane or not.

The technology affected is anything higher than book level technology, guns will fail to fire and machines will not run. Passive stuff like Kevlar armor will continue to function though it cannot be made on Jaern.

Also as a result of a character's later town action the train that was being built from Rougtero to the Portal Farm and from Southam up the length of Gelaia is now running again because the player character donated a magical engine that they had. They now have one engine powered by an item of effect Dervish to pull their trains. It will run once a day because it is the only engine covering a long route, but it is only a few hours ride from Rougtero to the Portal Farm and half a day from Rougtero to the north end of Gelaia via Southam. It is not actually known by anyone not in the train guild what powers the train right now.


Velman Boutho, the Labor Representative on the Rougtero Council, was found dead in his home today (07/03/10051). Foul play is suspected and an investigation is ongoing. If you have any information, talk to a Council member or Jormar Oldarth at the Solarium. An individual to replace Velman will be selected within the next week.


First the adventurers on my game traveled with a healer who called his race Jalera. This healer looks like a 4' tall humanoid bearlike creature. After talking with him for a while they told him about Jaern and all the adventuring that goes on. After the adventure him and some other healers for his race found their way to Jaern and have begun offering their services in order to help better the lives of others.

These healers will heal anyone that comes to them for free and they will accompany any adventures that hire them for only 10 silver per day. Any GMs can use them on their games and players may also hire one at the GM's descretion. Only one healer will accompany any one party as they are relatively few in number and do not wish to risk multiple people on a single mission. They follow their own god, but since their capabilities are similar to Isis the Isisite spell list should be used for them for simplicities sake since all GMs already have this list available.

Also another group of Jalera has set up shop in marketplaces in the Portal Farm and Centralia. They sell select utility magic items in order to help make people's lives easier. Each item is 100 silver. Since supplies are somewhat limited they have allowed each person to only make a purchase one time. You can purchase all 6 items at once or only a couple of them, but no matter how many you purchase you cannot purchase any more from them again. Trades between other people of these items are not hindered in any way.


In the middle of the afternoon part of the street outside the Stopover Inn exploded killing a few people and injuring others. A few seconds later a portal opened nearby and hundreds of men in suits of black full plate and black helmets poured out of the portal. Many guards and T'orites and a few adventurers engaged them and after 15 minutes of fighting killed many of them and drove the rest back through their portal which then closed. Several T'orites and many guards were killed, a few of the invaders were captured alive, most of them with their groins cloven in half for some strange reason.


On 2/2/10052 at about 8 PM Lojem time a massive spell effect went off. This spell made every person who had ever purchased or was currently carrying any of the CAM magic items to make a 5d6 versus WIL check. Thanks to rich and greedy adventurers and nobles and other well off people about 90% of the population of Jaern had to make this check.

Every person that fails this check is now under a mind controlling spell. This spell forces those people to obey the law and follow the commands of any Jalera. The Jalera are the 4 foot tall bearlike creatures that were selling the magic items and as soon as this spell was finished they began showing up in all the major cities of Jaern in large numbers. The laws that must be obeyed include standard laws like no fighting or stealing, but also any person affected by this cannot try to get this effect removed and must report any people that they notice are uncontrolled. They also cannot tell anyone that they are under the effects of a mind control spell.

The Jalera have announced that they are doing this for Jaern's own good to reign in the lawlessness and random killings that are so common on Jaern. So far the common people seem relatively happy with the situation because they are now protected from random violence and theft. The T'orites remained mostly unaffected by the spell thanks to their Inner Balance drill, but they have been cooperating anyway with the Jalera to keep the peace.

The portals now have guards stationed at them with a Jalera who can use Detect Captivation, anyone who is captivated may use the portals freely, anyone who is not is arrested. Arrested people are eventually visited by a Jalera who then casts a spell to cause them to be affected, if they do not resist they are let free.


Last week Kira threw a large party in Rougtero. She spread the word throughout Lojem and to other parts of Jaern and it was a huge party. Part way through the party she got up on a stage along with Cronk and another man and they announced that they had a big surprise. They all pushed buttons and disappeared in a flash of light. A few seconds later all the Jalera vanished from Jaern and everyone on Jaern was released from their mind control spell. Anyone who was not on Jaern at the time is still affected, but as soon as they return to Jaern the effects will be gone.


Refusion related plot stuff goes here


The Refusion – Jaern’s dimension is somehow moved within the multiverse causing all portals to go down permanently. In addition, all magic stopped working, from magic items to active magical effects. The gods also seem to have disappeared.


Magic is, by and large, working again. This is mainly due to the actions of the Lojem Mages Guild. A gigantic ball of supercharged terisium crashed down near the portal farm. Representatives from the LMG and a party of adventurers were instantly dispatched to check it out. It was immediately obvious that standing near it gave you a limitless supply of spell units and that your items worked again. Less scrupulous people would have horded, but the LMG devices a plan to create a powerful magical explosion that would cause the magical energy to distribute somewhat evenly around our world. This plan was successfully implemented. After which mages started regaining EU and items began functioning again. Pre-established interplanar gateways did not restart and best predictions from those who should know, say that they won't. There is no word on where this ball of terisium came from.

Most of the gods have popped back up after this latest fiasco. Priests are assured that the rest will show up in the near future.

It is recommended that the use of dimensional/planar travel be limited. Specifically the use of Otherworld should be curtailed. We basically destroyed ourselves to save the world from the portals, do we want to do it over again? Sheesh. Secondly, we don't know how stable our current dimensional position or orientation is. Shifting will destroy portals. Don't waste your units. That said we have opened an otherworld in basement 3 that goes to a barren world. Casting Otherworlds from that world is safe because we really don't care if we destroy it and it’s not likely to shift anywhere. So if you really must cast otherworld, please do so from staging plane. (To be called the Alpha site later.)

There is also rumor that dimensional researchers (and this has come from at least three guilds on Jaern) have stated that they are 95% sure that dimensional travel could no way have caused the affects that we were seeing (localized incursions, dimensional transparency, solar phenomena, etc…).

4. The Centralia GoW, in conjuction with mages guilds from Lojem, Liston and Jersey, are sponsoring adventurer missions to adjacent planes in hopes of finding a commonality… someplace that is recognized from Before. It is believed that once they have a point of congruence (3+ would be better) that they'll be able to produce direct portals back to previous trading partners and such.

Worldwide events of note:

Is'Damor seems open for business again. It was pretty dark there for a bit but life seems to be flourishing agan.

There is a huge mobile island hovering off Serick's beach…

All reservists in all branches of the Rhine military structure have been called to active duty. If this includes you, please report to your designated rally point.

Prices on offworld items have risen steeply, especially consumables such as food items and recreational pharmaceuticals.

04-26-2009 (06/13/10055)

All gods are back and functioning normalish.

A couple of lucky breaks fast tracked the finding of a dimension that we used to visit. From that all former Otherworlds can be reestablished.

It is discovered that by porting to a known dimension and then back to Jaern, all dimensional memlocs start working again also (you have to make the trip).

People who should know have stated they are 100% confident that Otherworlds cannot destroy a world. That everything that was done based on that belief was, at best, unnecessary and, at worst, intentionally designed to screw Jaern. An off world mission has found evidence to support the worst case theory. As such it is advised that no Jaernian reveal their origins or the continuing existence of Jaern to off-worlders. People who were strongly for the closing of Otherworlds and shutting down of magic are being detained and questioned. The possibility of collaborators cannot be ruled out.

Based on the rumors, sales of weapons have been increasing.


The old Portal Farm was devastated when magic went away. Stores quickly dried up and there were food riots which had to be forcefully put down. Some Barrios (like Little Lentri) shut themselves off for the duration. With some portals being re-established some normalcy is returning. These portals all pass through the off world site known as Alpha currently:

The alpha site is on a dead rock of a world. The atmosphere is breathable by jaernians but any intense activity is likely to leave them hacking up a lung. The air has a sulphery smell and causes eye irritation in some. There is nothing living on this world. Gravity and air pressure are Jaernian nominal. There are a lot of portals at the site. They are laid out in a rather obvious order. The portal to/from basement 3 at the CGoW is labeled '0'. Portals to other planes are labeled with numbers in order of their creation. There is a guide posted outside Portal Zero. Portals to other locations on Jaern are also numbered in the order of their creation but use Roman numerals instead of Arabic (except, of course for Portal Zero which is Arabic but still goes to Jaern).

At the alpha site there are now several tents selling adventuring type wares at roughly double normal cost.

Portals are very much operational, new trade is being established (carefully) so some restrictions are loosening. However it’s going to take a few months.

All gods are back and this includes some presence from Vormaxia.

Rumors are coming out of Centralia (based on burials and such) that there have been some bad interactions in the new portal openings and possibly some military engagements.

There are also rumors of people disappearing. Occasionally someone will re-appear with no memory of where they have been or what happened.

When Lock Kylar got re-energized there was, again, major prison breaks. Discussions are ongoing to figure a better place to inprison such people. In the meantime rewards are again posted for the recapture or information that leads to such.

Disease on planets visited by Jaernians seems rampant. Several missions have reported diseases of Jaernian origin killing hundreds, perhaps thousands.

There was a major break-in at sky skimmers Inc. and a lot of their propellant was stolen… Investigation is ongoing.

05-15-2009 (07/05/10055)

Anyone who has any elemental units, or is carrying a regen or effect elemental item will find themselves unable to enter the Kurago effective this week and until further notice. It won't be immediately obvious that that is the reason but someone intent on doing so could figure it out. Residence of the Kurago when queries will answer, if they can be bothered, that they don't want that “filth” here.

One of the escapees from Lock Kylar has been captured. He is being held in a blue field pending construction of a new magical prison.

There are now several confirmed stories of military engagements off-world.

People disappearing continues to rise. Fewer are showing back up. Several high ranking members of various trade organizations, governments and guilds have gone missing.

Rumors of diseased worlds have also been confirmed. Confirmed body counts are in the tens of thousands.

In a memo from the Centralia GoW to various other mage guilds for popular distribution we learn that we have made contact with the enemy. The suspicion that Jaern was duped into ridding itself of magic and dislocating itself is now a fact. Full details are still being kept under wraps but people are encouraged to keep an even lower profile and NOT to attempt any reprisals on their own.

A popular tabloid in Pregada has stated that none of the Centralian lordship has been seen since before the disaster on Jaern. They go on to say that they are operating from an off-world location because they have proof that more, and worse, is yet to come and they don't want a piece of it. They also point out that large numbers of servants have also left town in a hurry.


Construction of the Rougtero Guild of Wizards has begun. This tower will work as a branch of the Centralia GoW and will initially be staffed by CGoW personnel. Initial plans are that it will house a portal to the Alpha site. Future plans include a portal directly to the CGoW and a direct connection the Library. All Guild services will be available at this site. Membership remains 10,000sp/year (or two weeks designated labor for the Guild).

Rougtero Council has also opened talks regarding construction of a new magical prison. No specific plans yet other than an agreement between the Rougtero Council and the Centralia Lordship regarding funding, staffing and usage rights.

Anyone possessing EU (including regen/effect items) still cannot enter the Kurago.

Some people have done some digging into the disappearances. Some of the searchers have also disappeared, others are telling stories of people being snatched in their sleep by shadowy figures with no face who teleport in/out. A number of the people disappearing had commercial interests or dealings with otherworlds.

Massive priestly and healing personnel have been moved off world to combat diseases on recently discovered worlds. It is believed that somehow Jaernians brought these diseases so a responsibility is felt. The temple of Isis is especially motivated and is urging all priests to take a month long position on one of these worlds to provide aid.

It is estimated that more than half of the Centralian navy has gone missing. Dock reports and friends say that some ships haven't docked in more than two months. In the last week that number has increased drastically. Members of all other branches have likewise gone missing and it is assumed they are conducting missions on otherworlds.

In unrelated news, several new worlds have begun shipping goods to Jaern including food, precious metals, medicinals, etc… Much of this is being diverted to plague worlds.

A huge party was held last night at Lord Briss'. While the party was well attended, and the guard was dragging people home throughout the night, it was noted that Lord Briss was not actually present.

There have been no Sky Skimmer flights since magic returned. It is rumored that it is possibly more than coincidence that they appeared in such a timely fashion just when magic collapsed.

A load of bad meat was brought in from an otherworld. Half dozen people died and around 30 were ill before the source was tracked. Shipments of meat from that world have been stopped pending figuring out what was wrong with it. A citizens action group at the Great Rice Paddy has started a “buy local” / “Jaern First” campaign encouraging people to buy and consume Jaernian products as they are, by nature of being from the same world as you, better for you. A vocal group from Na'Roo (which got the worst of it) is calling for governmental regulations and inspections and standards of imported goods.


Construction of the Rougtero Guild of Wizards has going well. They have a basement and a 1st floor of the tower built. There is a portal going to the Alpha Site (from the Alpha Site is it 'XLI'). They are officially open for business although the Grand Opening and Semi-Open house will wait for the towers Completion.

Some nomads and priests are claiming that elemental magic has somehow been tainted. Nomads possessing this tainted magic (in the form of EU or items) cannot enter the Kurago. Nothing actively forbids it, they just cannot enter. Some are now believing that the massive ball of terisium that was exploded to re-energize Jaern was itself tainted. A few are now calling that act irresponsible. Prominent researchers are looking into it. In related news, 2 of the top researchers have joined the ranks of those people who have been disappearing (or who have been disappeared as now seems the case).

Priesthoods are still sending support personnel off world to combat disease. Those that have returned to take a break or to get more resources return bearing tales of horror. They just don't have the resources to even keep up let alone get ahead and stop it. Segregation and Isolation do not appear to be halting the spread. Anyone coming back from these worlds is subject to a spectrum of magical cleansing before being allowed onto the Alpha site at large. The gates to these worlds are easily recognized as they are enclosed in massive decon structures.

On the 4th, the Sky Skimmer facility was ransacked. Some parts and files were taken. The parts were later recovered.


A rumor has popped up in multiple places saying that elemental magic now has a Demon “flavor” to it because Jaern is now located in a more demon-centric location. Experts say “it’s possible but we can't know for sure”. In any case this demon taint is what is preventing any mages or items that contain that energy from entering the Kurago. If you regain your spell energy on another world, the Kurago seems to allow entry.

The Grove of Rougtero has announced progress in their off world disease fights. The spread on one world has been reduced to near zero. Only a handful of new reported illnesses in two weeks. They attribute this to new processes of isolation, cleanliness, and an influx of new drugs. They are sharing their findings with other temples and local authorities on these worlds and believe they may have the edge now.

A large number of severely damaged Centralian naval vehicles came into a secluded port two days ago. No official word from the Lordship other than whoever saw that must have been mistaken. The person who saw and reported this has allowed the memory to be shared multiple times and hundreds have paid to see it.

The big news of the week. The enemy now has a name: The Garizian Hegemony. It is made known that this is a tight federation of worlds. The seat of power is Garizia (Gar - eeze - ya). The main worlds are: Burgenland, Karnten, Salzburg, Steirmark, Tirol and Voralberg. However it is estimated that there are as many as 35 member worlds all providing resources (including soldiers) to the Hegemony. Additionally it is reported that they control hundreds of affiliate worlds that provide industry, agriculture and Manpower in exchange for Hegemony protection.

One source, who shall remain anonymous, has also made it public that there is another multi-world force called “The Kingdom” that is also somehow involved.


While not complete yet the Rougtero Guild of Wizards IS operational. People may come for any of their wizarding needs. Grand Opening celebration still planned for 9/5/10055.

The demon taint of magic has been confirmed. All elemental magic on Jaern definitely has a demonic feel to it. Anyone possessing this taint cannot enter the Kurago. If you dump your EU and heal up off world then your golden… no taint. Ditto for regenerating and effect items.

Diseased worlds seem to be under control. Based mainly on the contributions of the Rougtero Grove the spread of disease has all but stopped. Many priests and other medical personnel have returned to Jaern confident that the end is in sight.

The Rougtero Council is attempting to setup extradition agreements with all possible governments that exist on Jaern, as well as any off-world ones they have access to. They have hired out a group to actually do the prospecting and negotiations with the governments and will pay any costs along with a reward for the criminal. All of this was discussed at the public council meetings, so it is public record.

The dock fees in Rougtero have doubled in the past month for non-Rougtero based ships.

The Rougtero Council is requesting to assistance of adventurers for the various patrols in the city. The adventurers are to sign up at the Torite Stockade and will be paid 20sp per day. They will be given flexible hours to account for last minute “adventuring.” (They should contact me if they want to join.)

It’s getting wicked cold in Centralia. The freeze looks like it'll come early this year. Local merchants are gearing up for the Festival. Children and sportsman are already strapping on skates.


There are rumors abounding that Jaern is about to launch a strike on the homeworld of the people behind the so called Refusion incident (the one that robbed Jaern of magic and dislocated its portal mappings). These rumors hold that this attack will be massive, killing millions of people on that world and rendering it lifeless (much like they attempted to do to Jaern). It is said that this plan has been in motion for a while and is about to be activated. It is also rumored that this attack is powered by Demon technology and will be paid for with the souls of that destroyed world.

There is no proof of any of this. However various priesthoods have stated that there is truth here that their deity has shared with them. These proclamations have become widespread and public causing all manner of discussion, argument, riots, etc… Jaernians have very strong feelings going both ways on this. Many local governments have believed enough to issue proclamations for or against such an act were it to occur. Temples have likewise stated their opinions. The tally on these is listed below.

Events from this week:

  • The temple of Isis in Centralia and Rougtero has said it will not be providing any assistance to Adventurers or any military entities until this matter is settled. At that point, depending on the outcome, that may change. Adventurer's and guards employed by the Sanctuaries are exempt from this. Isis may also have said that the people behind such an attack are probably at the end of their lifespan.
  • A group has widely announced that the “tagging poison” that was given to the target world has also been introduced into the food and water supply of several Jaernian cities. They warn that if Jaern activates their doomsday weapon they will take a chunk of their own people out with it. Officials say if they even knew what this poison was they would be inspecting for it but so far deny knowledge of its existence. People are urged to take precautions anyway.
  • Another group has announced that they have successfully destroyed a Tag production facility.
  • Several adventure notices looking for people to help the target world were actually traps. There are a number of missing adventurers and half dozen time stopped areas around Centralia and the Lojem Portal Farm that seem to be lasting more than 24 hours _AND_ seems pretty resistant to revocate (not that anyone is throwing rate burners at it to try).

The tally:

Centralian Lordship - denounces the action (but are working toward it) Centralia GoW - for the attack Rougtero Council - for the attack (narrow vote, one member resigned) Rougtero GoW - Neutral but is preparing for the counterattack Jersey - Neutral Galaeia - Neutral (more or less) GRP - For the attack

Gods: Rudri - Neutral (believes people do what they gotta do to survive) Orus - Neutral (mortals will be mortals, if they feel strongly) Anubis - Neutral (the souls are outside his dominion) Osiris - Neutral (again, outside her dominion) Tarus - Neutral (with regard to attack) T'or - Neutral (really wanted to go one way or another but couldn't) Neptune - For the attack Scrogg - For the attack Isis - Strongly against Ra - Strongly against At’ena - Silent

Neutral gods have pretty much universally said that their followers and priests are not bound to that neutrality and they will, of course, back them when possible and where it doesn't cause conflict between two followers/priests. ALL gods have come down against any dealings with Demon's on penalty of excommunication or death.

09-17-2009 (03/16/10056)

A group of adventurers happened to be present on the Hegemony home world on 3/16 (on an unrelated matter). Around lunchtime in the city they were in, everyone present just dropped. Possibly 1 in 10,000 didn't go down immediately. Approximately 20 minutes later the world seemed to sparkle and the adventurers noticed that they no longer had any type of magic (units, items, etc…). Incants all went up in a poof of smoke. They also witnessed some of the survivors seemingly talking to themselves and then falling. One of the party (before magic stopped working) was able to determine that those people who drop were still alive but their souls were gone. The party stayed on the world for another 2 days during which the saw the population dying due to exposure and also noticed that animal and plant life had started dying as well. Projection within a week there would be nothing alive on this planet. The Hegemony blames Jaern for this and has declared their intention to put an end to all things Jaernian.

In slightly unrelated news, a few hundred people on Jaern likewise fell down around this period. It was determined that most were either Hegemony supported or those that were extremists against the Hegemony slaughter.

In completely unrelated news, Jaernian elemental magic has been declared free of any demonic taint that it had had.

In even more unrelated news, Jaernian forces engaged several small portals that opened up on Jaern and fed soldiers, possibly Hegemony, though. Centralian officials have acknowledged engagements on several adjacent planes also. All military posts and personnel are on high alert. Citizens are urged to report anything odd ASAP.

Lastly, there are rumors that one of the Hegemony's largest trade cities on one of their other worlds was vaporized.



The ocean levels have dropped 15 ft, creating significantly more land masses on the planet. (It was originally 20 feet but a month long downpour of rain replaced 5 feet of it). Obviously this has had an impact on a lot of things. Lizard cities have been ruined, the docks everywhere have no water leading to them, the ocean portals are 15 ft above the ocean making them difficult to impossible to use. Efforts have been started to fix all of these problems, but they are underway.

The volcano on Lojem has become active and many Dwarves have left their cities and mines to move away from it in case it erupts. As of now, it is just rumbling. This has disrupted some of the mining activities so some of the materials that are gotten from this mines are in shorter supply.

Dragons (very large draco-like creatures) have been observed all over the world setting up homes and nests. A few have been seen around the Centralia Wizard's Guild, while a few others have been seen around the volcano and other areas of Lojem.


All nomads glow very faintly demonic to relevant detection spells. Any incant made after this point glows strongly demonic to those spells. Nomads feel a bit dirty inside whenever they use an incant, although this has no mechanical effect. Nomads are no longer able to stress HEA to make incants, the Kurago is just rejecting this for unknown reasons.

Any nomad can take 1 dp of damage to get 100 free xp towards making an incant. This can be done as many times per incant as the nomad wants, but the damage cannot be healed by any means until the incant is used up or destroyed. At the end of making this incant, the nomad must make a WIL check equal to 1 plus the rank made dice. If they fail, they need to talk to me.

Anyone who enters the Kurago has a fairly high chance of encountering demons. These demons are hostile to pretty much everything including spirits native to the Kurago, so most spirits have either found places to hide in the Kurago, or have left the Kurago. So the amount of spirits on Jaern right now is significantly higher than usual.


The kurago has been cleansed of the demons that were infesting and changing it (suprisingly easily). Nomads no longer detect as slightly demonic and neither do their incants. Some nomads were possessed by demons when they attempted to use the demonic power as a shortcut to more powerful incants, they are now free. All nomads must convert to the new nomad system, it is not possible to continue to use the old system.

The spirit population of the kurago has been greatly reduced, although many that were able to find a way to leave it are returning. The kurago is changing back from a demonic wasteland, although what it is changing into is not yet known. Anyone who travels to the kurago and has been there before may find it somewhat familiar, but significantly different. Some nomads and spirits may attempt to shape the kurago in this time of change.

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