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Please view the Newbie Campaign Archive page to read development logs of old newbie campaigns & other coordinated campaigns.

Historical Archive

The history of the Cefa'zisto (Primary Existence), also known as the Material Plane, is deep and vast. The two planes of Jaern and Cahyali have vastly different timelines, each of which can be seen below. Furthermore, click into the Modern Age sections for more recent events… usually involving adventurers and their shenanigans.


These timelines are compiled by the Jaernian Guild of Wizards and the Kira Institute, University of Helmrest. For a long time, record-keeping has been poor on Jaern, so these two collaborating institutes are always looking for any information as to occurrences and incidents, especially prior to 10038.


These timelines are a collection from historical textbooks, myths and legends, and international news compiled by the Cahyali Historical Association, a mostly-independent branch composed of scholars, Tarusians, and Vormaxians. The ancient history of Cahyali is in a fairly complete state, but new discoveries are always being made and the Association is eager to record any new information that may be found - as well as events as they develop.

We thank you for taking an interest in the tales of our world.


By Andreas Rocha.
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