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  • Government Type: None
  • Symbol: Broken Shackles
  • Major Races: Cosmopolitan
  • Capital: None
  • Demonym: Splintian (informal)


Splint is the newest “country” of Cahyali. With a landscape ranging from lush rainforest to arid desert and breezy islands, this area has changed hands many different times over its long history. First ruled over by the Tonameyoti Atlaca (Tonatiu) people, then by Imperial Dahabu, then by the fallen Zinaparo Kingdom, then by Ley'Ork, Splint struggles to find itself an identity in the mishmosh of influences vying for dominance in the region. Splint has no government, but its people are beginning to find a shared cultural identity - for now, this is mostly centered around resistance against Ley'Orkian occupation, but through the efforts of certain groups and the rebels' steady pushback, it is growing into more. Certainly, Splint has a bright future ahead of it… if it manages to unite.

In Blake's Cove, among other locations, strange sinkholes exist called cenotes. At the right time, leaping into one of these cenotes will lead not simply to one's unpleasant death by gravity, but to an underground realm known as Itlan-Youali. The Tonatiu persist here, unseen and unknown to the rest of the world until recently. Splint is based on Central America.

Natural Resources

Gold-Obsidian is a unique form of obsidian found within the ground of Splint. Gold Obsidian typically forms in veins of glass crystals that travel all the way from the sun in Splint down to the caverns of Itlan-Youali. Above ground, gold obsidian is easily identified by large crystals jutting out of the ground, and it is considered bad form to obscure these crystals from the light of the sun or the moon given its cultural significance; though it’s not uncommon for those above ground to take pieces of gold obsidian crystals for use in appliances or decorations.

When exposed to sunlight, the obsidian will shine a golden hue and give off its own light, actually absorbing the sun's energy. When exposed to moonlight, the obsidian will instead shine silvery white, though it cannot actually absorb energy from the moon. This energy can then be tapped into by individuals attuned to specific crystals, though crystals will ambiently let off sun energy if it is not specifically attuned.


Splint is colloquially split into four regions, though there is no central government to define official provinces.

La Sepultura

A vast jungle with a myriad of species and peoples within. Sure you can find your normal creatures like monkeys, exotic birds, and plenty of insects, but in the hidden reaches of the trees the fabled alebrijes dwell, a true sight to behold with their numerous appearances and colors, no two alebrijes are the same. La Sepultura is also the home of the local butterfly population during the colder months, migrating to Los Circulos during the warmer months.

Volcan Tletzintli

The tallest peak in Splint, located right on the waterfront. In the tales of the Tonatiu, Volcan Tletzintli was the first gift of Tlayahucoatl to the Tonatiu, granting the early settlers the gifts of fire and light from the remains of the Sun that came before this one. Today, Volcan Tletzintli is a dormant volcano and a popular destination for Ley’Ork tourists.

Los Circulos

The name for the vast islands dotted off the coast of mainland Splint. The most common methods of transport about these islands is by use of personal boats, though some travelers do rent out places on commercial ships to travel or hire local Earth Mages to construct temporary bridges.

Desierto de los Leones

A vast stretch of deserts, badlands, and arid plains stretching all the way to Ley’Ork. There are a multitude of nomadic communities throughout the deserts surviving off the land. There is also a surprisingly large population of giant bees that live within the flowers of local cactuses.

Governance & Laws

Splint has no central government, and no single codified book of laws. However, most commonly understood criminal acts will get one punished by whatever tough do-gooder manages to walk by: things like assault, murder, and theft will all likely get you thrown into a local prison.

Additionally, most Splinters have a deep-running hatred towards those who would exert state authority over them, such as Ley'Orkian soldiers, cops, or businessmen. These sorts of people can expect to find themselves beaten to a bloody pulp in the streets.

For more information on the history and culture of Splint, follow this link: Splint & Itlan-Youali History & Overview

Cities of Splint

Splint's state of constant change means that many small towns may be scattered across the landscape that are not listed here. These are just some of the most major population centers.

Ciudad de Fuentes, City of Fountains: This metropolis is the largest single city in Splint, located in the lush forest of La Sepultura. Many grand fountains are built in the city, giving it its name. The history of Ciudad de Fuentes extends back to the time of Zinaparo, and it is one of the few cities which still retains a distinct Zinaparan flair in its architecture and culture. Ciudad de Fuentes is under the control of Nuevo Zinera, though the Splint Peoples' Union has a prominent presence.

Calezaro, The People's Market: This town is thriving with trade. No taxes are implemented here, and as such merchants from all over Splint and surrounding countries have arrived to trade goods. The city is covered in color, from eye-catching shop signs to paint on the buildings themselves. Calezaro is under the control of the Seaseekers and Kainoa Front, who have come to an uneasy alliance for the sake of the town's peace.

Altepetl, Last Bastion of the Serpent: This relatively small town is tucked away in the north of Splint. Following the retreat of Dahabu in 4524, an enclave of Tonatiu people were left here, having never gone to Itlan-Youali. Altepetl is the only remaining place on Splint that hasn't been touched by Zinaparo or Ley'Ork. No rebel factions are in control here.

Yabona, “Little Watermill”: Sitting on the edge of the disputed Splint-Ley'Ork border, Yabona has found itself caught in the middle of more conflict than its people care to face. Few people settle down in Yabona for long, and it has mostly functioned as a pit stop and temporary home for nomadic tribes passing through from the desert or northern bay towards La Sepultura. The home base of the Seaseekers is also located here, and as such this faction has primary control over the town.


The factions of Splint have various goals, ideologies, and methods. They hail from many places in the world, from remnants of Zinaparo to disconcerted Ley’Orkian mideasterners to Ulosian proponents of Moku’pele independence. Though many of these factions fight amongst each other, there is an undercurrent belief that this vast diversity lends Splint, as a whole, some measure of strength.

Of course, there is also the great unifier of Splint: pure hatred of Ley’Ork and colonization. This sentiment has trickled down into daily life, with any form of tyranny quickly being put down, usually by force. Splinters are wise to those who might seek to take advantage of them, and are quick to remedy these threats; usually with a fireball to the face or an arrow in the back. People are slow to trust in Splint, but once trust is earned it stays steadfast.

The arts of Splint are focused on performance. While it is impossible to destroy all traces of culture, Ley’Ork has certainly done its best with stamping out permanent or visual indicators of Splinter national identity. Music has mainly developed from work songs, many of which have secret messages woven into them. Common instruments used include light percussion, such as maracas or other shaken instruments, as well as guitars and trumpets. Much Splinter clothing is bright in color and loose-fitting, though many dress more drab when attempting to avoid the colonizer’s gaze.

In Splint, it isn’t unheard of to have a pet alebrije, though their vibrant colors and otherworldly appearance makes them common targets for poachers, leading many of them to shun the attention of the sentient races.

Rebellious Factions

Splint has no singular governing body, with various small factions being the majority of ruling power in the region. There are tens of these factions, but some of the biggest and most influential include:

Nuevo Zinera

Led by a leader claiming to be a scion of the old Zinaparense royal family, this group seeks to restore the kingdom from before the Ley-Zinapar War, and is known for its violent methods. Nuevo Zinera controls the most territory within Splint, mostly in the northern regions. While some see them as a legitimate organization, many see them as nothing more than a gang of brutes operating under the simple illusion of royalty.

The Seaseeker Group

Made up of mages and scholars and backed by Ruefang, this small, humanistic coalition of librarians seeks to promote and restore cultural artifacts of Splint, and unify the region under a single cultural identity. They believe this will be the start of successful retaliation against Ley’Ork.

Dominion Del Sol (Melauak Tonatiu)

Led by exiles from Itlan-Youali kicked out for warmongering ways, this group controls much of the territory around Blake’s Cove and has the objective of not only defeating Ley’Ork, but bringing Itlan-Youali to the surface and reestablishing its sole hold over the region. They believe that the Tonatiu are the true inheritors of Splint.

Kainoa Front

Consisting of revolutionaries from Ulos, the Kainoa Front is known to ally with whichever other faction best suits them, with the end goal of driving Ley’Ork out of Moku’pele, a recently annexed Ulosian island, without involving the Ulosian government. Their leadership changes often, and they can’t seem to decide whether to go about matters with peace or war.

Splint People’s Union

A communist group made up of workers, mostly from Pike and immigrants from other Ley’Ork cities. They fight mostly for the power of workers and believe that the future of Splint is in a new national identity. They hold relatively little sway, given that their goals conflict not only with Ley’Ork, but with many of the other powerful factions. However, their ideology has become increasingly popular in recent years, as the violence of Nuevo Zinera and the Dominion Del Sol ramps up.

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