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GM Advocacy Assignments

Current as of October 17, 2023

Story Board

Contact these people for questions regarding the lore of the shared world or for matters regarding campaign plots.

  • Coordinator: Kioni Bush, @quantumfiddlesticks
  • Freya Guntrip, @tanitastic
  • Adam Isenhour, @jimbojohnson0324
  • Zachary Evans, @aieslwz
  • Zoe Kogut, @shadowthorn15
  • Simeon Rice, @foxtrot_mulder
  • Noah Kauffman, @bluekid

Approvals Board

Contact these people for matters regarding game mechanics, balance, magic items, etc.

  • Coordinator: Fedor Koleganov, @coggear
  • Eric Liu, @pomereux
  • Adam Arthur, @durandal775
  • Devin Proffitt, @cashprophet
  • Zach Berglund, @regexil

Deity Assignments

  • Anubis: Greg Mowczko, @mooch01760
  • At'ena: Eric Liu, @pomereux
  • Isis: Xavi Welinder, @Dr. Bepis#2516
  • Neptune: Adam Arthur, @durandal775
  • Osiris: Dan Weller, @scizor021
  • Orus: Blas Hernandez, @indominusmex
  • Ra: Bennett Clark, @0nermedw0lf
  • Rudri: Aryan Srivastava, @aryan149
  • Mishra: Kioni Bush, @quantumfiddlesticks
  • Tarus: Zachary Evans, @aieslwz
  • T'or: Balmung, @balmungfuruya
  • Almar: Zach Berglund, @regexil
  • Vormaxia: Simeon Rice, @foxtrot_mulder
  • Zepherin: Vincent van Asdale, @vincentxv

Regional Advocacy

No one GM has total control over a region, but some are more involved in places than others. A list of the most significant is here; the relevant GMs have had a major part in the creation and development of these areas, and it would be appreciated if you got some of their input before making major changes via campaign. You can always contact Story Board as well.

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