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  • Government Type: Democracy
  • Symbol: The Painted Sands
  • Major Races: Humans, Lizards
  • Major Cities: Reggiarte

Vervand features both a sprawling deciduous forest. The Painted Sands is a largescale work of environmental art, and is an important cultural site. The borders between Vervand, Arenti, and Shinneok are incredibly loose, as the countries are very close.

Arenti is part of the Oxis Alliance. Thriving off the bountiful food imports from Vervand and the abundance of raw materials from Shinneok, the elite citizens of Arenti thrive on the finer side of life thanks to the alliance. Anybody who’s anybody in Arenti has mastered a creative skill, ranging from cooking, architecture, acting, singing, playing an instrument, sculpture, painting, etc. The most highly regarded citizens compete to create the newest wackiest trends. These artists are so popular that they often win the presidential elections. The lowest class citizens are those who lack creative skills are often overlooked, ignored, and shuffled out of its major cities. Their capital city Reggiarte is an incredibly eclectic masterpiece that people from all over the continent come to visit. Statues line nearly every block and it’s difficult to find a street without a restaurant or artist peddling their unique tastes. In fact, the beach near Reggiarte is famously called The Painted Sands as famous artist Raphael Mystíc dyed the beach a beautiful mosaic of colors.

Arenti School of Arts is a well known school that focuses on a multitude of arts. Only the most skilled and prodigious minds are able to enroll. Few are able to be invited to audition to enter the school, evening being invited to do so is a big honor (this audition is more like a team tryout where skills are tested and assessed). Those that graduate are said to become history making artists, the five-star chefs and popular artists.

Major Laws

  • Graffiti is not only legal but encouraged.
  • Age of adulthood is 15.5 (a decision widely regarded as fun and interesting).
  • All drugs are legal at age of adulthood.
  • Presidential elections are held every year in order to allow the country to be flexible (Presidents may be re-elected).
  • Everyone has the right to self expression.
  • Arenti doesn’t handle criminals themselves, they instead give them the worst punishment they could think of: exporting them to Vervand to serve in their military for an amount of years appropriate to their crime, determined by the Vervand Judges (the idea of fighting and wearing a uniform is abhorrent to them). At the end of this time citizens are allowed to return.
  • The following actions are considered illegal: stealing, damaging property, assault, rape, murder.
  • People are allowed to own weapons, but it is illegal to carry them in public areas within city limits.

Not a written law, but the way that one dresses, talks, and holds oneself in Arenti is very important, the citizens view being put together yet unique to be as important as basic hygiene.

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