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Alpha Site

The Alpha Site, known casually as the Portal Farm, is a demiplane area which was created by the Centralia Guild of Wizards to organize access to other dimensions and to limit exposure of Jaern to possible aggressions from said dimensions.

The area has a sulfuric smell and the air quality is low. This is to limit the amount of time people stay in the portal farm. Some portals do have Fresh Air spells set up to counter this. The portals are arranged in a grid and labeled with Trejon (Roman) numerals. The room itself resembles a clean and austere cavern, with smoothly cut walls. The number of portals has been steadily increasing, but the space never seems to fill up.

Each portal is given a plot of 20 feet wide (standard portal width) and 30 feet out. There is an aisle of 20 feet between each row and 30 feet between the first grid of 100 lots and the next. Some portals have a wall behind them to prevent “walk through” from behind (since portals can only be entered from one side).

Not to scale layout




  • CLXVI. A HTUC controlled portal to Harena Metropolis, Ley'Ork. Only allows HTUC-authorized travel.
  • CLXVII. A portal to Menghormati, Ulos. Generally free-use.

Other Planes

  • LVI. A populated spirits' city in the Kurago.
  • C. The Gray City in the Dreaming. Home of the Dusk Court.
  • DCLXVI. The Annals of Rage, a scholarly enclave in Bathemot, first layer of the Beneath.
  • DCLXX. The Pit of Worms, marketplace of Elysium, the Beneath.
  • CXXXVII. Gam the goat person's world :)
  • DCLXXXIII. High tech world1)
Run by Zach, needs writeup
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