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The Ageron Region

The Ageron Region is actually fairly new, created by earth mages via the recently rediscovered Mountain spell and spread out over time. It is located in the southern hemisphere almost 3 months travel by boat to the SSW of Lojem. It is about a 5 month journey to the northeast, past Lojem, to reach the Rhine. It takes about 4 months to the northwest to reach Kratal. The island itself has a population of over 200,000, but attempted to remain uncharted for as long as it could, due to the power and terror of stories told about adventurers on the outside islands. Having remained rather peaceful, the island(s) actually ceased to exist for about 30 years. Reasons for this are unknown, but it has returned, causing nothing more than a small tidal wave upon re arrival. Signs point to a massive psionic malfunction in the city of Uzumi playing with time magics. The island itself consists of several large landpoints and cities, which are described below. The island of Ageron is 270 miles long, by 140 miles wide.

Cities of Ageron

Vesuna, the Crown Jewel of Ageron. The capital city of Ageron. Its population is nearing 123,000 people, the majority of which are humans, lizards, and elves. Due to the death of its well-respected king at the hands of adventurers, the profession is no longer welcomed within city limits except for in the Gate Ward, a small district of the city in the southeast. Vesuna is constantly embroiled in political strife, with myriad noble houses constantly vying for dominance. Any adventurer presence within the rest of Vesuna necessitates the word of one of these noble houses vouching for them. Vesuna is a heavily fortified walled city, thought to be impenetrable by any enemy force.

Uzumi, City of Psions: Population 2,300. This city is as it sounds: full of psions; however, it is almost more fortified than the capital itself. Those in the city itself are extremely prejudiced towards non-psions, with an evaluation given at the city gates. Completely reliant on food crops from Vesuna, this city's small population spends its time almost purely in research of psionics, psionic artifacts, and medicine. This city has no temples, and chooses to rely on its own means and strength to heal anyone who is sick.

Markduk, City of Pirates: Population 5000, but rising. As a result of many pirate crews banding together, the way this city behaves has changed immensely. The government is now a form of tribunal, where the four ruling pirate captains meet and discuss issues. A mayor has been appointed as the head of this group, but if you ask most anyone around town they will tell you that the real one in power prefers to stay out of sight. The city now hires out its crews and ships as mercenary protection for the various merchant ships that traverse the oceans of Jaern, which is proving to be quite profitable. This isn't to say that the city has become a law-abiding dream. There are still plenty of opportunities to find shady activities going on, and rumor has it that if someone needs something stolen, this would be the ideal place to ask.

Firehammer Hold, City of Artifice: Population 13,750. This dungeon keep is populated mainly by dwarves. Comprised mostly of miners, blacksmiths, and artificers, this city gets the majority of its food from Vesuna's farmers in exchange for trading metals and gemstones. It is well known for its high-quality exports of all forms of artisan crafts, from smithing to textiles. The city, while not the most open to visitors due to its entrance being quite inaccessible, is very hospitable to visitors.

Northface Population 32,000. A fairly large city located at the north end of Ageron. Located on and in a cliffside, it is continuously windy, which has led to windmills and primitive forms of electricity and lighting being used for power. This city is host to a large university. It is also currently being plagued by an incurable disease.

New Haven Population: 300. A tiny town located south of Northface. it is build on top of the cliff and wraps around the cliff to the seaside. It is acts as a location for the richest of the rich to do their business and as a summer home for many of Northface's elite

Renton: Population 4780.

Larnwick: Population 5776. This town is on the western tip of the southern peninsula.

Gratac: An odd city that seems to appear and vanish over time.

Granale: A small shipping village located across the river from Gratac on the southern bay of Ageron. The village handles much of the goods that come from inland to be delivered to Gaea and Koth or other ports where land delivery would be too hazardous.

Shinto: A small enclave, home to a certain sect of nomads, populated by immigrants from Cahyali's Raikougan Archipelago as well as locals.

Fadencrest: Population approx. 750. Located in a mountain valley southwest of Firehammer, originally a closed door religious convent of the followers of Emizzair (called Em for short) that is now a small trading town. The town boasts the Exotic business league, a moderately productive renovated iron mine, and a T'orite barracks as well as the original temple to Em. While all major faiths deny that Em exists and no proof of his presence is apparent, the followers still worship avidly. The region around Fadenwood is known for its meteor showers and the strange metallic ore that lands there.

Other Notable Locations of Ageron

Divide River: This river connects from both sides of the ocean, and twice a day with the tides switches flow direction. Beyond it, there is one massive desert, named Kroan.

Kroan: A massive desert inhabited by six tribes. The only permanent city within it is Tephis. Temperatures can reach upwards of 120* F here.

  • Tephis, Desert Haven.: Population 45,000. A booming city of trade, entertainment, and gambling within the bounds of Kroan, which originated as a meeting place for the tribes of the region and eventually bloomed into a great city of all forms of art and sport. Its growth was spurred mainly by its role as a major conduit and resting place for those coming from the desert wastes out to the rest of the continent; a role which it maintains to date.

Southern Forest: The forest ends near Firehammer Hold, and goes west to the largest river of the continent.

  • Qiryah Amir: Population 8,000. An ancient city within the Southern Forest. It has only recently revealed itself to the world.

Vasvoir (Aquatic City): Population 13700. This city, comprised primarily of lizards, is located on the bottom of the Basal Sea near the southeastern shore of Ageron. The city of Vasvoir is completely submerged except for a dock in the middle of the water that houses an elevator to the city. While friendly and open to outsiders, a large majority of the city is inhospitable to non-waterbreathing creatures. However, the city proper is in a sealed dome to allow commerce and interactions with outsiders. Since this city had no land to grow crops, it relies on other mainland cities for produce, trading its abundance of deep ocean fish and corals.

Islands Near Ageron

Koth (Eastern Island): This island is fairly small, meaning exploration has been quick. It's swampy, wet, and corrupted by a strange, dark magic, making it plagued by monsters and highly inhospitable for most life forms. What settlements exist on the island must constantly defend themselves from the threats lurking outside their walls.

  • Toth, City of Necromancers: Population 15,000. While by no means is everyone here a necromancer, this place has been the thorn in the side of the kingdom. Located on the island of Koth, the city is ruled by a handful of powerful families who are constantly scheming to attack and weaken each other, meaning that the city never focuses its attention on expanding outwards.
  • Fulgoro, Town of Fireflies: Population 4,500. Located in the swamps at the south end of Toth, this town is built on a system of stilts keeping the buildings safe above the water. The economy subsists mostly on fishing and trading. Due to the high population of monsters on Koth, the city's citizens rely on adventurers, mercenaries, and monster hunters to defend the town from those who would attack it, and all three groups are generally welcomed within the town out of respect for their services.

Gaea (Western Island): as of yet, this island is very unexplored. Rumors talk of a species stronger than those seen before. There were previously only 2 towns, Mar and Weto (described below). Rather recently, with help of adventurers and mages, a the city of Unity was literally teleported to the north end of the island, and a small city of animals called Cradle was discovered to the west.

  • Mar is fairly straightforward. They are still setting up and exploring Gaea, but have a nice city with a port going. City was previously named Darnation, but was renamed Mar after a coup that installed new leadership.
  • Weto is currently a town that is comprised of farmers, miners, and hunter-gatherers.
  • Unity was previously a city that was located on a different plain altogether, the city itself was transported to Ageron after the time hop event had ended and Ageron was already back. The city is a haven for species that don't feel welcome in normal life, and refugees from adventurer-infested/destroyed plains.
  • Cradle is vastly unexplored, and cannot be found without being guided there by the natives.

Gryf'shion, The Never-ending Spectacle: Population: 1390. Settled on the massive levitating chunks of earth north of Vesuna, this city is as mysterious as the levitating rocks themselves. Inhabited mostly by nomads, this city is a place of boisterous festivities and lively carnivals. Once every decade the city hosts a grand event filled with mysterious magic and wonders; it is only held when the sun has set and is known as the Night Circus. Little is known about this event since talking about it in anything other than vague details is, strangely, impossible once the circus has concluded.

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