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A few things about Geleia as I realize the write up is not floating around anymore, so I'd like to take a lil bit and explain some things about the setting and also offer a map to anyone who has need of one.

The People of Geleia

Elves are the majority race of Geleia, and are actually physically different from those of other islands. Their features have a much redder cast to them. Further they speak a much removed version of elvish, which elvish speakers of rank 9 or above can understand about 1 in 4 words.

The second most common people are humans which are spread all over the islands. Dwarves are next and are concentrated overwhelmingly in the mountains of the Kingdom.

Orcs follow next though there are differing breeds of them. The traditional Orcs are present though they suffer greatly under persecution because of the actions of their stronger mountain cousins' depredations. The High Orcs of the mountains are much physically larger, being on the height of elves though far more muscular. They are a savage race and have terrorized the western regions of the mountains and the plains for centuries.

Lizards are a very distinct minority in Geleia with the only real concentrated population of them being in a large swamp north of Liston where they live as primitives and worship a dragon god.

Realms of Geleia

There are 3 major realms within Geleia. The first is Southam which is ruled by the Merchant Lords and the Prelate. Next is The Kingdom of Geleia ruled by King Duncan MacDonald. Then finally there is Liston and its provinces which are ruled by the Barrit Family.

The Kingdom

The Kingdom is what would be closest to a 'benevolent' government located in the central parts of the island and extending eastword to the coast. It's the heart of a lot of things, particularly the oldest traditions of Geleia and once hundreds of years ago the seat of the throne of the Sylvan Isles (Geleia). But over time the various cities broke away because of declining rule or power hungry nobility and the Kingdom is much diminished. Further it has suffered numerous internal disputes and its share of outsiders wishing to reclaime the throne. However this was brought to an end 40 years ago when a new King was crowned, Dutch MacDonald, though he died during the Bandit Wars under mysterious circumstances, his son Baelin MacDonald now rules. Since then Baelin has done a lot to continue his father's tradition of restoring the Kingdom to power.

The Kingdom is also the seat of what became known as the Reformed Church of Anubis under Saint Chambrai also about 40 years ago. Until then the Anubian faith in Geleia had been fairly monolithic and directed out of Liston, hence the term of Orthodox Anubian faith but as High Imperceptor Kyle Barrit grew in power and strength his direction took on a more sinister cast, and so in essence a counter reformation happened. Many of the faithful longed for the older, more traditional and benevolent teachings of the church and so under and in the name of Chambrai this reformation happened and became the Reformed Church of Anubis and is the predominant sort of the faith in the southern half of the island.

The Kingdom was also the first in the island to sponsor a Wizards guild with one developing in the other cities as the Kings sponsored the knowledge they brought. These guilds have continued to this day and maintain the tradition of staying out of local politics in the pursuit of knowledge.


The next major power is that of Southam. This is the great capitalistic mecca of Geleia and the most powerful trading location in the Southern Hemisphere. It has a huge harbor and set on a long bay and was originally a trading outpost for the Kingdom as goods were brought downriver and exported. Over the centuries Southam continued to grow until it has become a metropolis with a permanent urban residence exceeding 50,000 people and often considerably higher than that thanks to the large numbers of ships making port here.

Southam is ruled by a body of Merchant Lords and a Prelate who oversees the day to day operations of the city. The Merchants Lords are all VASTLY powerful and wealthy men and, with the Barrits, make up the true power in Geleia. Their games and manipulation are capable of being tremendous in scope, particularly with the older lords who often take the view that people are playthings. However, they are not stupid and as recent history has taught them, adventurers are a threat to their state and so take steps to make sure that adventurers who are not state sponsored gain NO foot hold within Southam, and those that transgress are punished brutally. To maintain this, adventurers coming to Southam will be watched and subject to arrest and confiscation of arms if such are not peace bonded with metal wire. Military style hardware, anything above a dagger or knife, is strictly prohibited from being worn in Southam or its other cities. These laws are taken quite seriously and large numbers of guards are employed to enforce them. Magical activities are also strictly regulated as well for the safety of all, and those who are caught having employing magical abilities to the detriment of the city are dealt with, usually by the Wizards's Guild. If an incident of magical terrorism occurs, then the perpetrator will be identified, and if seen entering the city again, subject to arrest.

To put it simply, as with the Kingdom, Southam is _NOT_ friendly to adventurers who are not directly in the employ of the state or are unwilling to completely and unquestionably obey the laws of the city. However, to those on the right side of the Lords, the relationship can be highly profitable.


The 3rd major power is that of the Barrit family of Liston. The Barrits are an old noble family of the Kingdom who originally ruled over the Arch-Dutchy of Liston, but broke away to pursue their own dreams of power. In the centuries since the family has prospered and expended its rule to the northern quarter of the island, including the city of Devon. The current Barrits are all ex-adventurers, as is the tradition of the family for the young to be, and are extremely powerful, dangerous, and committed to the growth of their kingdom and their own power. The heads of the family are all over a century in age. The current ruler is, and has been for 30 years, Arch Duke Alexander Barrit, though his brothers, sisters, and cousins wield much power within the domain. In recent years, Kyle Barrit was slain, and a new High Imperceptor of Anubis was chosen, though not a Barrit himself, he is unquestionably under their control. The Barrits are also the most powerful group in terms of activity and raw power within Geleia and are often the source of a great deal of its strife as they maneuver the other two powers into opposition. The family members rarely, and only at times of the utmost and greatest need do they expose themselves to any sort of harm, and instead act through agents as a rule. Their plots are often long range and generally people will not know that they work for a Barrit.

To sum of the Barrits, think Machiavellian in thought, deed, and desire and combine it with a more than healthy dose of Nietzsche philosophy on the Will & Power throne in. They believe in power for power's sake.

As for adventurer's, those within Liston and its environs are either working for the state, them, or are to be removed from the state. Either feet first or at a dead run.

Other Locales

For adventures there are other places to play around in. the Shires, Brinshire & Grahmshire, were left in ruins 20 years ago and while Southam has extended its influences in to it, it is still a complete political and social mess. The majority of the western coast of the island is a very rough place as well, extending north from the Shires through the orcan territories to the city of Kraelthon which is best described as “A real shithole of corruption, greed, and hopelessness.” From there, north to the swamps of Aelron that is still the last holds outs of the remnants of the Black Legion which few have been willing to expend the necessary resources to eliminate. They are now devolved primarily into fanatic bunches of Rudri worshippers who like to dream of the returns to their old glories of terror and war, but truly lack the resources and power.

North of this is across the River Aelron and the horse country of Devon and the environs of Liston which is much more heavily controlled and patrolled.

On the whole, Geleia itself is approximately the size of the main island of England, and the 'contested/ungoverned' region the size of Wales.

Full Galeia Writeup

Some info from Wright Frazier that provides an intro to the Galeia setting
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