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Null Labyrinth

  • Government Type: None
  • Symbol: Unknown
  • Major Races: Drow, Duergar, and Undead
  • Major Cities: Void's Crossing, Manilla, Abberath

It would not make sense to draw map of the Null Labyrinth, as its various locales shift and move in unpredicatable ways.

The Null Labyrinth does not exist fully within the plane of Cahyali, and is anchored to the plane through ancient magic or technology. There are six fixed or 'stable' locations that do not change in the labyrinth, and all other locations are in flux. Permanent residents of the Labyrinth have studied and have an innate understanding of the rhythm of the changes of the labyrinth, and as such are able to travel through the labyrinth somewhat easily.

There a few known locales within the Null Labyrinth that explorers have charted. They include:

  • Null Caldera: the caldera of an ancient volcano, where the ruins of the Arcane Forge are located, directly beneath is the Arcane Font.
    • Arcane Font: The hidden and guarded well of magic that leaks forth from a different plane, a source of extraplanar power.
  • Tarra Ruins and Crypt: The ruins of an ancient city, long deserted. It is now haunted by spirits and undead, and deep within are the ancient controls to the Null Labyrinth.
  • Planar Gate: Only a rumor exists that there may be a gate between worlds somewhere deep within the Labyrinth. If it exists, certainly no one knows where it is and how to get there.

The areas of the Null Labyrinth endlessly shift and change, interconnected in strange arcane ways. If you are a GM, see the Running Null Labyrinth document for details.

There are a few cities that can be found in the Null Labyrinth, each of which has its own laws and customs:

  • Void’s Crossing: city belonging to the Null Cultists.
  • Manilla: City belonging to a sect of Null Cultists who have lost faith.
  • Abberath: City of Saedic Elves and Saedic Dwarves who have been shunned from the surface eons ago and now have adapted to the labyrinth.
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