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Unity is a city with a population of approximately 70,000. Inside the city, the races are quite variant, with it being home to 19 different species, all of which get along rather well, and almost are refugees from places where they felt unwelcome. Human (35%) Elf (10%) Dwarves (7.5%) Orcs (5%) Gnomes (5%) Trolls (3.5%) Harpies (3%) Dragons (1%) Changelings (2%) Lamias (2%) Arachnids (2%) Dryads (2%) Kitsune (2%) Devils (2%) Demons (1%) Angels (1%) Elemental Nymphs (2% Fire, 2% Water, 2% Earth, 2% Air) Liches (1%) Medusa’s (2%)

The city itself was very happy for years, low crime rates, low issues, and this all end when the adventurers showed up. The plane where the city was had a planar defender, meant to stop adventurers, but after some people dealt 5000 damage in a matter of 6 rounds, and soaked over 3200 damage themselves without a single death, part of the defender died, and the plane began to unravel. Adventures showed up a few more times to research the repercussions of a ritual performed by adventurers to attempt to gain more power, and there they found a topographical map of the surrounding region. They turned it in to the 5 arch mages, who used the maps coordinates to find similar ritual sites. They wanted to test their theories, and after miscalculating what they were doing, they accidentally teleported the whole city to the most psionically inclined place on Jaern, which is the Island of Gaea.

The teleportation happened on 10/16/10070, and due to the city being teleported in the air, to prevent clipping, it fell like a meteor, creating a 7.2 magnitude earthquake, leveling the nearby town of Weto and causing massive damage to the south end town of Mar. Cradle was unaffected besides a few leaves falling off trees. Repairs were quick due to the efforts of Hannah, an adventurer and her robot, and the city was functioning again in a matter of hours. Due to a large amount of water displacement from the ritual, the rivers that were in the river carved out a new path to the nearby rivers and have since rerouted them.

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