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Until further notice, this town has been completely destroyed by adventurers. A monster was around the village and its presence was causing temporary mutations, but adventurers killed off the town anyways. The town is now a ghost town, made up of crumbling and overgrown buildings and roads. Most of the wood is rotting. There is NOTHING valuable left. Any and all things worth more than wood was taken. 4/13/10071 (11/5/2016). Currently, a retired character named foxface has the deed to the land.

Weto, the town previously known for its undead problem, has now completely burned down, and is attempting a restart. The earthquake of 70' leveled much of the village, revealing significant amounts of disgusting things and dungeons beneath vampire houses with missing people. The people of the city revolted, killing and last riting many of the undead. The bodies were stacked in the center of the town, and some building materials were salvaged. The town was set ablaze, and burned to the ground. Over the next week, with the help of adventurers, they rebuilt this town, its population now being 1/10th of what it was before the fight. The town now only has 1 necromancer, who has promised his alliance by the means of his earth magic spells for farming and recreation. The population is now down to approximately 70. While the people in the village itself may seem kind, they do not trust outsides without being introduced and having time to get to know them.

11/2/2016: as if the city itself couldnt get enough of a break, rather recently the Aldamaraian was opened beneath the city, causing a massive flood of magical energy, which has begun to permeate the land around them. It has also begun to draw the attention of other monsters from far away, even other plains.

————————————————-Old Description———————————————-

Weto, a small peaceful village with many secrets. Being isolated and with a small population, on the outside it seems very peaceful and nice, with a small inn for travelers to stay in. But as all adventurers have learned, truth is often stranger than fiction.

In this village, is it not uncommon for people to vanish. Male, Female, Old, Young. It never seems to matter. People go missing in the forests. Just a fact of life here. Most of the bodies end up being found out in the forest, mutilated by claw marks or torn apart.

Recently, adventurers came to the discovery that around 60% of this village is comprised of different smart types of undead, such as hirudo, liches, and vampires. They also called a false high priest out on what he was doing, and after interrupting his ceremony, they killed off the dragon that the high priest had been working with the mayor to eliminate those that were threatening their positions or disrupting their plans. There was a conspiracy going on, in an attempt to control the Merens hive mind and force them off the island.

Due to adventurer intervention, the Meren launched a full out attack on Weto, leveling a good chunk of the city. The church and the town hall. They took a ton of prisoners, and the Mayor fled the town to hide on the island.

Meriff: Aaron the Migherful…. people generally dont think very high of him, plus being a small village with more magic than not, people tend to not care who is in charge. He is both the sheriff and the mayor, not that anyone actually cares, at all. More of a position meant to deal with people from Darnation bugging them about resources. Recently he was chased out of the village by the Meren.

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