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The desert of Kroan is a vast stretch of golden sand situated on the eastern arm of Ageron. It is a sweltering, adversarial land, though not without life. Situated within its borders are the six desert tribes that claim its land, each vying for control. At the center of the Kroan lies Tephis, the trade city.

Geography and Weather

The majority of the Kroan is made up of sand. Vast dunes of it rise and fall, the landscape constantly shifting with the burning wind. Oases dot the desert irregularly, providing spots of green and blue in an otherwise barren landscape. Tephis is located at the largest oasis in the Kroan, known as the Sapphire Lake. Ancient ruins are rarely uncovered from the sands, older even than the tribes.

The weather of the Kroan can be lethal to those that are not prepared for it. The sun beats down during the day, turning the desert into a furnace. At night, temperatures can drop below freezing. The wind blows frequently, occasionally kicking up sandstorms that can rend flesh from bone. Precipitation occurs rarely.

The Tribes

There are six tribes that call the Kroan their home. While the amount of land each tribe controls varies as deals are made and battles are fought, each controls roughly one sixth of the desert. The tribes are largely neutral with one another, brokering treaties and staging skirmishes against one another with equal fervor. They are:

The Moonfinders

Currently the most influential of the tribes, thanks to their land being nearest to the center of Ageron. This allows them to make the most profit by acting as guides to those wishing to travel to Tephis. They are master wayfinders, adept at picking out the paths between oases.

The White Snake

The historians of the tribes. They pass down the history of the tribes, as poems and songs, so that their legends will not be forgotten. This has made them adept at writing their own music, and many of the bards and minstrels in Tephis originate from this tribe.

The Black Snakes

The youngest and smallest of the tribes, relatively speaking. They were formed after a schism within the White Snakes. While they also have a strong connection to the histories of the tribes, members of this tribe are more likely to act as brokers for the other tribes, being seen as neutral arbiters. Additionally, their land is the most mineral-rich, letting them craft the largest amount of metal goods.

The Bonepickers

Named for the high amount of ruins situated in their lands, this tribe has made its wealth braving the rubble coughed up by the dunes. As a result, they have many ancient wonders, both magical and mundane.

The Reed Weavers

A tribe famed for their textiles. They produce a wide array of clothing, tapestries, rugs, and other furniture. They are fiercely competitive with the Black Snakes, butting heads in the furniture and jewelry industries.

The Sunwalkers

The tribe with the largest amount of farmland. They farm what produce and livestock will grow in the desert and trade it to the other tribes. Due to this arrangement, they have positive relationships with all of the other tribes.

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