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General Location Description


Markduk resides on a peninsula, officialy known as the Ergo peninsula. Though it is colloquially known as Death's Corridor, due to it containing the vast desert of Kroan. The bay next to which the city sits is known to the locals as Timber Bay, likely because of the vast stores of sunken ships resting in its depths.

General City Description

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Markduk is what you might expect of a port town run by scoundrels, ruffians, and other members of societies underbelly. It's streets are poorly cobbled, often dotted with potholes and several sections with dirt paths that show where development is lacking. It's buildings range from the most ramshackle of sheds one could find, located in the outskirts of the city, to a few larger and, by comparison, extravagant houses scattered around the city center. This is changing somewhat, as the new government has been trying to improve the quality of life in the city. The larger buildings, of course, belong to the various privateer captains that call the port home. Throughout the city one could find all manor of seedy practices, from gambling dens, to brothels, to more inns, taverns, and bars than one would expect to find in a city of this size. The layout of buildings around the city center is at best disorderly, which quickly devolves to haphazard as you head towards the edge of town. The town hall is currently the largest building in town. It stands at three stories tall, and is one of the few buildings made of stone.

City Atmosphere and Culture

A rough and tumble place for sure, this city is not for the faint of heart. Though it has been improving ever since the forming of the tribunal, there are still plenty of reasons to watch your back, and keep a tight watch on your coin purse.

With a more stable government and economy, comes a more stable populace. More accurate reporting of population has led to a higher count. Many people still come and go, but any who regularly make port in the city and stay for periods of time are counted as part of the population. Managing the city's residents has become much easier, and as more people immigrate to the new city buildings are filled and taken over more permanently.

The cities populace is comprised of peoples of all races, and several walks of life. Most all are treated fairly, as the citizens see themselves as being on equal footing with the others. Though, “fairly” in this case often means that no one race is subject to a disproportionate amount of robberies.

Due to it being a privateer town, the various crews that make home there possess a certain air of significance, similar to the noble families of more respectable cities. The more wealth, men, and power a certain crew has accumulated the more prestige they have.

The towns privateer crews now meet every month to decide on important issues to the town, though they can call emergency sessions to deal with surprises. They defer to the mayor in case of ties on issues. The newly established form of government has been much more stable, achieving a greater satisfaction among the populace.

The town has a sizable portion of people who follow Neptune, and as sailors many have great respect for Neptunites. They often make offerings and pray to Neptune before voyages.

A sizable portion of this town's supplies come from plunder brought in by privateers. Many merchants are given permission to dock now, and subscribe to a mutual agreement for lower prices in exchange for protection from piracy. More of the towns people have made farms outside the city, so now some food stuffs are grown outside the city. These farms are quite valuable to the city's government, and as a result receive some protection from bandits. The rest of what this town needs are brought up out of the sea, either in the form of fish or salvage.

Notable Features

The docks

Contrasted to the rest of the city, the docks are practically architectural masterpieces. Comparable to something you would find in a city several times larger, they easily contain the various fleets of ships, as well as having dry dock facilities for repairs and maintenance. Each pirate crew maintains a warehouse next to the dock, which are agreed to be inviolable territory.

Temple of Neptune

This building is a single story stone building, located on the shore. Though not staffed by any current true priests, many of the towns residents visit to pay their respects, and a few even take it upon themselves to maintain it. Donations to the temple are kept to support its upkeep.

The Sailors Bargain

Simply called the Barge, or jokingly referred to as “the Bar'a'gain”, by locals, this is the largest bar in town. It is a wooden structure 2 stories tall, and offers rooms upstairs. It has the widest selection of drinks, and is regarded to have the best quality (read, least watered down) alcohol. Many crews come here to celebrate achievements and successful ventures. It is owned by a kindly and unassuming woman named Catia. She has the respect of many of the towns residents, and is a shrewd businesswoman. It is often very unwise to stir up trouble in her establishment.

Town Hall

No longer an empty seat, this place now houses the Tribunal of Captains, and is the seat of power for this city. People bring their issues here to be dealt with by the mayor, who decides if an issue is something to be dealt with immediately or to be brought to the next meeting.

City Guard House

Needing a better way to police the city, the captains agreed to create a force to do that for it. Composed of sailors from all crews as well as regular citizens, this does a fair job of maintaining order. It isn't perfect though, and some level of corruption has been noted.

Notable People


This woman is the owner of the bar in town known as the Sailors Bargain. She is kindly, but quick to deal with any trouble someone may stir up in her bar. Many people throughout the town respect her as a result of her fair dealings and skillful bar tending. As of recently, there are rumors that she has even more influence over the town than one would expect, and her dealings with some rather…strange, individuals only reinforce this idea.

Justice Bard

This adventurer has begun a concert tour in Markduk to much acclaim, and rumors of his fame have been spreading ever since he played his first show in the Sailors Bargain. His fans and coverers of his songs have been taking their stories abroad when they travel. There is a chance that wherever he travels in this new land that some may have heard of him.

The Privateer Crews

The Red veil

Flag: A red strip of cloth

Captain: Penn 'Albatross' Clare

Flagship: Night Fall

Description: This crew values wealth and profit over most else. Their ships are by far the fastest in the city, and their crew are known for their fast reaction times.

Siren's Way

Flag: Mermaid sitting on a rock, white background

Captain: Joe 'The Fox'

Flagship: Night Pearl

Description: This crew's takes pride in their ship's appearances, and as such appeal to the fancier clients that wish to make an impression as they travel. Their crews tend to be well kept, and have above average looks.

Sea's Claw

Flag: Bird's foot on a blue background

Captain Marcia 'Long eyes' Upton

Flagship: Blind Valiant

Description: This crew has a prestigious record, and is known for getting the job done at whatever the cost. They are known to fight to the bitter end, and will never betray their employer.


Flag: Rows of bones on a black background

Captain Halbert 'Foal' Alin

Flagship: Neptune's Pillager

Description: This crew is somewhat of a wildcard, and their preferences and loyalties change frequently. They are extremely adaptable though, and are great in a fight.

Game Calendar

This area is for all games here past, present, and future to be displayed. Before running a game here make sure to check whether someone else is, and be sure to post your own game as well.

March 5-Bradley (Changed Government), Matt(Bar burnt down)

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