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New Haven


Due to the poor condition in the lower part of Northface, the upperclass don’t trust their shipments to come in or leave from that port so instead they fund New Haven. Due to this New Haven is a very extravagant village that doubles as the vacation homes for the richest of the rich


A fact only known by a few is that the land that New Haven is on is alive and capable of conversing with those she wishes too. Most adventurers will be given a warm welcome by her as she loves visitors. That being said it's best not to overstay one's welcome as she dislikes people living there.


Town Hall/ Inn

The largest building in town, a tall wooden structure, with fairly ornate decor, nothing outright fancy or upperclass, but something you wouldn’t expect a village of this size to have. The inside is built like a maze, in order to get to the meeting room you have to go past offices, bedrooms, kitchen, a dining hall, etc. The only public bathroom in the building required people to the basement through the dungeon and then up a flight of stairs. The rooms that anyone can pay for are mostly interior and are line so that to get to the “back” and cheapest people have to walk in spirals inward, upto the second floor then back to the first where they spiral outward.

While it is called a “town hall” it moreso acts as an inn for the rich people from Northface to stay in as they check on their assets. Though it does have a few offices and a meeting hall for the visitors to meet and discuss the future of the town, without including the town like wonderful landowners. Additionally, it is the only inn in town, as all others have been forcefully closed, so any visitors have to pay exorbitant prices.

The building sits on the cliffside at the top of Haven and it overlooks the docks as well as having a great seaside view. The rooms here are more expensive then they should be (~1000 gc for adventurers), and any room rented out to a non-owner, is essentially a square closet that is 75% bed with no closet, storage, or any other furniture for that matter. If someone wanted any of these there would be an upcharge. There’s also an upcharge for a window, which will not face the seaside.

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