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The first major city built on Ageron, Vesuna first began as a central hub for merchants and traders, which later grew to support a tremendous agricultural community after the discovery of the Orb of Clear Skies by the third king of Ageron. Since then, in addition to running the affairs of the kingdom, it has also been the king’s duty to oversee the acquisition and neutralization of artifacts of potentially dangerous nature, which has generally been kept secret from the general public. After the great mental plague and the exile of the psions, the city’s great walls were mysteriously erected, as a means of defense against outside threats, and a safeguard for preventing similar internal catastrophes from spreading to the rest of the world. It was also then that Fingoli Arnin, the eighth king of Ageron, came into the posession of the Gondone Shackle. Since then, it has been worn by the current king at all times. After the formation of Uzumi, Vesuna began regularly allocating large shipments of food to the new city, as they had little fertile farmland of their own.

Present Day

In addition to the shipments of food to Uzumi, Vesuna regularly trades crops with Firehammer Hold in exchange for metals (primarily iron), gemstones, machinery, alcohol, and other Dwarven goods. Due to its central location on the continent, it has become a sort of cultural melting pot of all the nearby cities, though the city's leaders are unusualy wary of Northface.

As of the events of 10080, much of Vesuna has been destroyed: teleported to the lowest layers of the Beneath with seemingly no way back. Many of the city's leaders were lost in the incident, but the power vacuum was quickly filled by adventurer Fyen Juneflower, who takes the mantle of King of Vesuna in affiliation with Centralia. Under her eye, the city and its surrounding locales have begun to rebuild from the destruction.

City Layout

The Great Rings

The majority of Vesuna’s defenses lie in its Great Rings, the walls that surround the city and separate its two districts. The outer wall, which surrounds the entire city, is approximately 200 feet tall and 50 feet thick, with large gatehouses dividing it into “quarters” (see map). The inner ring is much smaller, being 50 feet tall and 20 feet thick. The outer and inner rings are connected via roads that run straight through the agrarian district. The outer gatehouses remain open during the day, and are sealed shut at night, but will open to let those with legitimate business in the city in. During times of war, the outer wall remains sealed at all times, as the city can run self sufficiently for extended periods. These walls are by no means meant to discourage travellers, or to segregate the city, but more so serve as symbol of power and protection in times of war. These walls also serve as a means of defence for the artifacts held within the palace, both warding off thieves and protecting the rest of the world from their effects.


Hafeld is the agrarian district of the city, and is the source of all farming for which the city is known for. Hafeld is the outermost district of the city, completely surrounding the smaller urban district of Dadun. Only those who actively contribute to Vesuna’s agrarian district by either farming or ranching are permitted to live within Hafeld. Despite its size, only about 25 percent of Vesuna’s citizens live in Hafeld, with the majority of the land being used for farming. Hafeld is divided into four quadrants, in which different crops are sewn each year. Currently, the northern quadrant is comprised of vegetables, the southern quadrant fruits, the eastern quadrant grains, and the western quadrant herbs and teas. Each year, the placement of the crops rotate clockwise, in order to keep the soil fertile. Additionally, dividing each quadrant of the district are various orchards of apples, pears, peaches, lemons, oranges, etc. While there is no designated livestock zone, all residents of Hafeld are required to keep various livestock on their property for either consumption or raw materials (wool, leather, feathers, etc.) Those who run the orchards often choose to run apiaries instead of keeping livestock, to increase fruit production as well as to produce honey. The agricultural business here is partially government run, with the farmers being granted sizable stipends each year in exchange for certain percentages of their crops being sent to Uzumi and Firehammer Hold or placed into the storehouses.


Dadun is the center of urban life in Vesuna, located in the center of the city. In addition to being the place of residence for all non-agrarian citizens (approximately 75 percent of the population), it is the location of all retail operations, trade, religion, and politics in Vesuna. There is no strict organization to this district, with stores, businesses, homes, and temples spread seemingly randomly throughout the inner ring. At the center of Dadun lays Fairnight Keep, the king’s palace. Below is a list of various businesses and buildings that can be found within the inner ring. Specific businesses can be found in the “Noteworthy Locations” section.



At the center of Vesuna is Fairnight Keep, where the royalty of Ageron have lived since the creation of the city. The only true royalty is the King/Queen, but they are often advised by their court. However, that has been primarily not needed for quite a while, as most royalty allow the other cities of Ageron to do as they please, taking a more passive stance on greater politics unless absolutely necessary, in order to devote more attention to their own city.


Throughout Vesuna one can find craftsmen from almost any field, from baking to cobbling to hat making. Unfortunately, most craftsmen are not held in very high regard, as the trading business with Firehammer Hold often results in the importing of superior dwarven goods, especially metals and gemstones.


Without a doubt, the most important citizens of Vesuna are its farmers. Not only does farmland occupy almost seventy five percent of Vesuna’s area, but it is responsible not only for providing for the city’s citizens, but also those of Uzumi and Firehammer Hold. While technically overseen by the city’s Master of Agriculture, the majority of farmers are self sufficient, and are extremely skilled in growing a variety of crops, due to the rotation that takes place each year.

Festivals and Holidays

The most important holiday in Vesuna is Harvest Week, which takes place annually during the first week of spring. Just before Harvest Week begins, all crops in the outer ring are harvested, in preparation of “The Rotation of the Fields”, with the surplus food being sent to the storehouses. During Harvest Week, the citizens of Vesuna spend their days in the fields, sowing new crops in each quadrant in order to keep the soil fertile. Each evening, they all gather together for a communal feast, in which all food that could not be stored or traded is consumed, being sure that none goes to waste. It is a time for making merry with one’s friends and family, as well as celebrating the legacy of this great city.

A much rarer holiday for Vesuna is the Festival of Lights, which only occurs once every ten years. At this event, the city’s great Celestial Lens, which has been perpetually orbiting the palace for as long as history can remember, aligns with the astrological bodies for which it is based off of, and the cosmic light channeled through lights up the skies for three days and nights. During this time, most citizens use this time to celebrate. There are fireworks, merchants from all over Ageron selling their wares, and the consumption of spirits that have been specially aging since the last Festival of Lights. However, the majority of the learned community, primarily mages and scholars, use this rare opportunity to study both the vast cosmos and the lens itself, and revel in the mysteries presented before them.

Noteworthy Locations

Little Inferno

This is a large fireworks warehouse, which if well known for providing the “main entertainment” for most of the celebratory events in Vesuna. They sell assorted fireworks up to 6 dice, and can make custom displays of higher quality if given sufficient notice. These fireworks only utilize the pyrotechnics skill, and cannot be used to do damage.

Ragar’s (formerly) Travelling Tavern

The city’s most popular brewhouse/inn, run by the kindly, yet eccentric, dwarf Ragar, is built into the remains of a large sailing ship, which appears to have crashed in the middle of the city. Ragar sells an assortment of both exotic alcohols and “miracle cures”, both at an average of 6 dice. His most notable brews include: Ragar’s Ever Aging Ale, Bloodwine, Fireball Brew, and Alchemist’s Kindness. The ship is highly adaptable, and often hosts events such as drinking contests, wine tastings, casino night, etc, and can even be rented out for events. Ragar frequently hires adventurers to find him new exotic flavors for his brews.


This is actually a series of stores in which merchants and traders from Firehammer Hold may come to sell their wares. This primarily composes of jewelry, gemstones, locks, and clocks, with some weaponry, armor, and glassware. See the Firehammer Hold page for specifics on products and their quality.

Bards and Noble

A very large, multi leveled store that sells a wide assortment of seemingly all types of both books and musical instruments. There is a Stardeus located on the second floor.


A temple for each of the main Jaernian Gods can be found throughout Dadun.

Mages' Guild

A branch of the Centralia Mages' Guild. Offers all standard guild services.


Popular coffeehouse chain (comparable to Starbucks) staffed solely by water mages, who create coffee by use of the distill spell. The staff can create almost any kind of coffee or tea at a maximum of 6 dice, but averages 4-5 dice.

Farmer’s Market

The most popular business in Vesuna is by far the Farmer’s Market, near the center of the city. Here, the farmers of Hafeld come to sell what wares they have that have not been traded to Firehammer Hold or placed into the storehouses. The majority of Vesuna’s citizens procure all of their fresh food from this market.

The Black Market

Sells exclusively black items. It is rumored that you attempt to buy the three “key” items in conjunction, you are taken to the actual black market in the back, where one can buy drugs, contraband items, explosives, etc, though all claims about this secret business have been denied.

Assorted Taverns/Inns

Dadun houses many generic taverns, frequented by locals and adventurers alike. Some of these taverns include: The Warrior’s Mare, The Gilded Flask, The Knave’s Chalice, Capture the Flagon, The Triumphant King, The Archer and the Axe.


Located near the innermost border of Hafeld, these silos can store enough food (primarily grain) to sustain the city for approximately 1 year in the event of famine or drought. These storehouses are kept fully stocked at all times.

The Colosseum

A large stone arena adjacent to the palace in which various entertainment events are held, such as plays, circuses, gladiatorial fights, non-combative competitions, etc.

Fairnight Keep

The palace of the King of Ageron, located at the center of Dadun. In addition to the standard amenities of a castle, having been refurbished after Bowarn’s rise to the throne, it contains extensive arcane and alchemical laboratories, a vast library, and assorted guest houses. It also houses several powerful artifacts that have been accumulated by the kingdom over the years. Most of these artifacts are sealed away in the lower vault at all times, to keep them away from the prying eyes and sticky hands of those who may misuse them. Hovering above the palace is the city’s fabled Orb of Clear Skies, which makes the local weather conditions perfect for growing crops at all times. Orbiting the palace is the great Celestial Lens, which serves as an automated defense mechanism for the city. The entire building has been warded to prevent teleportation and scrying spells cast from outside the palace from functioning within its walls.

GM Knowledge: Buried deep beneath the palace is the Great Vault of Vesuna, an seemingly impenetrable vault which holds not only the city's wealth, but in the center of which lies its secret archives, used to house the city's dangerous artifacts. (speak to Grant for more information on the vault, its security, or its contents)

Noteworthy Citizens

Ragar Popsicophalis

Ragar is a kindly old dwarf (the oldest known resident of Vesuna) that lives in the remains of a once grand sailing ship, residing in Dadun. He runs both an apothekary and brewhouse/inn out of the ship, boasting exotic flavors and “miracle cures” galore. He often hires adventurers to find him new, exotic flavors for his brews. He tends to get a bit eccentric at times, occasionally rambling about flying ships and floating islands.

Nicol Bowarn (Deceased)

Nicol is a powerful mage and alchemist, and the former king of Ageron. He adventured for many years in search of powerful artifacts, until his ascension to the throne at age 35. He often prefers to keep to his studies rather than deal with political affairs, and is rumored to be on the verge of discovering the elixir for immortality. However, if the situation presents itself, he will not hesitate to help his people. He will consult with adventurers for aid with “delicate” state affairs or the acquisition of dangerous artifacts.

Camille Weissem (Deceased)

Camille was the master of agriculture in Hafeld, and was responsible for overseeing all agricultural affairs in the city. This included the distribution of planted crops, the conducting of agricultural trade with Uzumi and Firehammer Hold, and organization of the Harvest Week festival.

Geoffrey Hale (Deceased)

Geoffrey was the master of the guard in Vesuna. He and his legion of guards were tasked with the protection of the city from outside threats. Though not officially affiliated, he and his guard also often worked with the local Tor’ Ites to deal with the internal affairs of the city, though the crime rate is extremely low.

Bari Grank

Bari is the owner of The Black Market, and is rumored to run an actual black market somewhere within the city, serving as an outlet for Markduk thieves and fencers. The city guard has been attempting to crack down on these illegal dealings, but those involved have been able to avoid capture for a considerable time.


Tim is a powerful mage, and CEO and founder of the Theoretical and Innovative Magic research team. He owns a home near the outer edges of Dadun.

Stored Artifacts (Not Public Knowledge)

Ever since the city's creation, the king of Ageron has seeked out magical artifacts of potentially dangerous nature and locked them away in the lower vaults of Fairnight Keep. This has been done both to keep them away from those that would misuse them and to protect the rest of the world from their power.

GM Knowledge: The following artifacts are held within the boundaries of Vesuna. Those in bold are known about by the citizens of Vesuna, and are used on a regular basis.Those in plain text have been sealed away in the keep’s inner vault, are only known about by the King of Ageron and his court, and are used extremely sparingly. Those with an asterisk are only known about by the king himself, and have been sealed away in the secret archives, deemed too dangerous for use. It is rumored that in the central chamber of the Great Vault there is another artifact being held, one so dangerous that its release could bring about the end of Ageron. However, these are just rumors, as there is not a person alive who has entered the central vault. (speak to Grant if you need further details on the artifacts, especially if you plan on one being used in a game)

  • Orb of Clear Skies
  • Celestial Lens
  • Circlet of Good
  • The Gondone Shackle
  • Flame of Guidance
  • Magnus Head
  • Staff of Infinite Knowledge
  • Cosmos Cruiser
  • Aquamariner
  • Orb of Plenty
  • Skullsoul*
  • Scepter of Ages*
  • Wayback*
  • Codex of Infinite Planes*
  • Ring of Many Facets*
  • Philosopher’s Stone*

Vesuna Games

The current GM in charge of maintaining Vesuna is Ryan S. (@RedDeathRenegade on discord). This does not preclude any other GM from running in Vesuna, though they should request a sign up below through the Story Coordinator.

If you’ve run a game in Vesuna, please add it to the list or inform a person who can. Here’s the format of the list:

[Name of GM] (Out of game date of run) - [Game Date] Short blurb about run. (Optional link to the game writeup.)

List of games:

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