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Fadenwood is a central-Ageronian country town nestled in a mountain valley. Farms along the valley river and the iron mine in town provide most of the business, but the EBL provides for the more niche needs of Ageron not usually accommodated in larger cities. The locals tend to ward off any influx of outsiders due to their unusual behavior and appearance, affording a more private setting. The town does not have any government; it instead has a more communal worldview than most.

City Factions

The Followers of Emizzar

The first and oldest faction of Fadenwood, the followers of Emizzar (Em), are the backbone to this town's operation. Those who follow this faith are hiveminded, have no structure or hierarchy, and act as a single entity at times, generally orchestrating the towns actions. Individuality is still preserved for each follower, but they orchestrate their work telepathically throughout the town. Instead of buying and selling goods and services within the town, inhabitants freely exchange them to contribute to the town's general welfare.

The followers of Em engage in strange practices to say the least. Considered drug addicts by most people, they ritualistically harvest a strange metal that lands throughout the region during the nearly weekly meteor showers throughout the valley; the metal is both used for worship and consumed in a powder to get “closer to Em”. This metal, when consumed, causes the user to have visions and night terrors when sleeping, followed by eventual development of the hive mind and occasional mutations of the body. The visions are considered gifts from their god and are heavily studied and followed, leading to occasional unusual group actions in town.

The religion allows its followers to worship other gods as well, but that rarely happens due to the general unease other faiths have for the followers of Em. The tor’ites were invited to Fadencrest by the followers of Em but the Tor’ites are still wary of the em.

Miners & Farmers

Fadencrest for most of its history has been a waypoint for delivering goods to other larger cities. Being in a fertile valley gave it access to good farmland and mining sites. While the followers of Em did not let the farmers or miners stay for long initially, eventually the relationship became tolerable enough that the Em let the locals live close to them, and when they opened their doors, into town. Though some of the farmers have joined the Em, they primarily stick with each other when things get tough.


Tor’ites entered the town begrudgingly. They see the followers of Em as nothing but drug addicts, but a town needs law and order regardless of its inhabitants. They have built a rather nice temple, and have been given a training ground within the walls of the town. They are wary of the Em, but the followers' mild-mannered behavior has blunted most of their concerns.

Exotic Business League

The Exotic Business league (EBL) was founded solely by Mr. Mazerworth. He has slowly been attracting new and unusual businesses to the region. Mr. Mazerworth has contributed many resources to the town, many residents consider him to be overly generous and some suspect that he isn’t all that he seems to be. The first two businesses of the EBL are Mr. Mazerworth's Animarium and La Shoppe du Potion.

Local Laws

Other than the normal laws common through Jaern, this town also has the following laws:

Anti-Laziness Law

Due to the workings of this town's society, all those who withdraw resources from town are required to either contribute back to the stockpile or pay a standard tax to support the town. Failure to do so will result in either fines, jail time for up to three months, or a combination of both.

Religious Non-Interference Pact

This town embraces all beliefs, any found to be actively and intentionally interrupting worship in designated areas (churches, cemeteries, holy sites, etc) and private residences will be fined and or jailed for up to 3 months. Repeated offences will lead to exile from town.

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