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Cradle is a small city/civilization completely carved out of the natural resources of the forest. To this day, there have only been very few eye witnesses, and the descriptions of the creatures inside have confused many. However, since the return of the island from the time event, they have begun to go exploring, meeting other cities around the Island.

The following is all the information retrieved from past survivors of the visit to Cradle:

The species that calls this place their home has been named Zek'ren by outsiders. They inhabit the jungles, and are a relatively peaceful species when not provoked. While the majority of them do not have human level intelligence, the leaders appear to have high intelligence, which guides the rest in their decisions. Normal Zek'ren have enough INT to understand body language, threats, minor speech, and combat features. Currently, as discovered, there are 4 highly intelligent ones, which have been attributed as King, Queen, Princess, and Commander. The queen and princess are described below. The Zek'ren are connected by a hive mind, but nobody knows how it works yet.

The queen of the species is named Noriko, she is very intelligent, far past that of normal humans. The person who spoke with her said that she for sure spoke Ferric and Paroli. She has a silver, scaled skin that covered her whole body, with deep green eyes. She has 2 normal arms like humans, and her fingers end in medium sized claws. Same thing with her feet and legs. Off her back, she grew 6 long, thin, spider like legs, which are plenty long and strong enough for her to travel around on. The queen herself stays past a grove that is in the very center of Cradle, guarded by the strongest of her species. The daughter of the queen is named Onyx, and she has met adventurers and was fairly nice. Upon discovering what was going on in Unity, with experimentation on a few of the Zek'ren, she got mad, and had the adventurers with her back her up. They were all released, minus one who died, and peace talks are now underway. The princess herself also has silver scales to her body, with moderately long, thick silver hair. She has 2 horns, and clawed hands and feet. She is fairly humaniod in her appearance, and tries to be calming.

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