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Osiris, goddess of nature and land. Born of a red fox, Osiris is one of the ‘younger’ gods, having been reborn and raised a few more times than some of the other Jaernian gods. The current form of Osiris was born from a red fox outside the city of Rougtero during the year 10038, following the godship Jaernian event. This current form of Osiris experienced a bit of a reset mentally, and lost focus of the events and memories of her predecessors.

She spent the first few years of her godhood relearning the structure and fine details of nature on Jaern. This did lead to a mental image of the plant life of Jaern, that was more beautiful than it actually was. During this time, Osiris became obsessed with plants, and grew attached to one of her priests who was becoming notable in Jaern. Between the two of them, plant life flourished on Jaern, at the detriment of the animal life.

This came to a head during the events of Frøsland when the demigod Winter confronted Osiris about her actions. (See the Frøsland document for more information). Osiris had been hiding animals of the planet within the freeze of the north, under Frøsland. Whenever some animals would be causing a problem requiring the priesthood's attention, no matter how big or small, she would teleport and freeze it in the ice of Frøsland. This idea was taken from her two predecessors, who kept animals there in case of extinction events. After Winter confronted her, a group of adventurers helped solve the problems she had created.

Little is known about past versions of Osiris before the godship event. Details are unrecorded, and most of her priests of the time have passed on. What is known is that Osiris has been reincarnated 4 times, each time as a female of similar body structure. The current Osiris is named Clover, though she demands to be called Osiris.

Holidays of Osiris

Each year, near the 20th day of Led, Jaernian priests of Osiris observe a Jaern Week. They speak in public about the wonders of nature. They explain why it is important, and why people need to depend on nature, and what they can do to preserve it. They teach those who are willing what they can do to preserve the wild, giving respect to Osiris in the process. It is considered a good omen to host a priest during this time, and families vie for the honor.

Structure of the Priesthood

There are currently a few varieties of Osirisites, who worship the different aspects of nature, or the balance between. Typically these groups all get along. They are as follows:

Champions of the Beast

Champions of the Beast are those priests who have devoted their lives to the hunt. They are well versed in the art of the hunt. These priests are often the one who will be the first to take on the dangers that threaten the wilds. They will manage the wildlife and make sure that issues of over-predation or overpopulation of herbivores is well managed.

Champions of the Leaves

The Champions of the Leaves are those who dedicate their experience and priesthood within Osiris to plants. They are focused on the nurturing and growing of plants in the natural world. The categorization of rare species, or the harvesting of plants during the autumn would be part of the Champions of the Leaves.

Champions of Balance

The Champions of Balance are a hybrid subgroup of the Champions of the Beast, and Champions of the Leaves. They believe that both of those subgroups have leaned too far to one side of nature, at the cost of neglecting the other. They seek to promote balance between the sides of nature with nuance and understanding of the greater needs of the ecosystem.

Druids of the Circle

Druids of the Circle are a dual priest subgroup of Osiris and Anubis. They are focused on the natural cycle of life and death, and the reverence of death being part of the natural world. They are the ones who enforce the rules on the dead staying dead, and preventing undead animals from becoming a problem. They follow Osiris' tenant of 'waste not' the most, and will seek to correct those they see wasting the bodies of the dead around them, be it plant or animal.

Druids of the Blaze

The Druids of the Blaze are a result of a collaboration between Mishra and Osiris. The Druids of the Blaze are responsible for clearing lots of land via natural destruction, such as wildfires, volcanos, or earthquakes. Osiris imposes limitations on the types of destruction that Druids of the Blaze are allowed to conjure or cause, and often pays closer attention to the priests of this subclass.

Typically, Osiris mandates or guides these priests to clear out locations that have stagnated in the natural world, where change no longer occurs due to the environment. Or she also guides Druids of the Blaze to clear out locations that have been wiped or corrupted due to curse, plague, rot, or other afflictions that make the natural cycle broken and need to be reformed from the ground up.

It should also be noted that Osiris does not ban Druids of the Blaze from destroying humanoid cities or settlements if they have destroyed the natural world in ways that break her core tenants, such as 'waste not' and 'give back more than what you took'. This is specifically done as acts of vengeance, where the punishment delivered should be equal to the damage done to the environment.

Green Wardens & Vigil Wardens

The Green Wardens and Oath of the Vigil are two specialized subgroups of Osiris and T'or, each with a different focus. The Green Wardens are mostly focused on enforcing local laws of the land against events such as overhunting, or strip-mining regions. The Vigil Wardens are a group that is highly trained and learned in dealing with extraplanar threats. More details can be read below.

The Green Wardens

The Green Wardens seek to protect Jaern's (or their home planes) ecosystems from those who seek to destroy it. They face threats from those who break the law by stripping forests or overhunting regions. Many Green Wardens will pick out parcels of land and dedicate their lives to protecting it with the understanding of Orisis, and the Zeal of T'or. Other Green Wardens will travel the world, seeking for evil-doers who have violated the laws of nature, and the laws of T'or and seek vengeance against the wrong.

The Vigil Wardens

The Vigil Wardens are a highly specialized group of fighters under Osiris and T'or who combat extraplanar threats. When a beast, monster, or being from another plane shows up to wreak havoc, they will be the first ones to the scene to try and resolve the threat. The Vigil Wardens also often work with the Vigil Wardens from Neptune-T'or.

Relationships and Demigods

Osiris has three demigods that are listed down below. She is currently married to the demigod named Summer (see wedding below). In order, they go Winter/Sekafojo, Summer/Fajrofojo, and Autumn/Akvofojo. Each demigod rules during their respective season, and typically functions in regards to farming and hunting.

Winter is one of the oldest demigods of all the Jaernian gods. He has survived the destruction and raising of all the Osiris gods, and functions as a rigid place for the new Osiris’ to relearn what may have been forgotten. His methods of teaching can dip a bit into the ruthless side, and he does not tolerate failure. Regardless, he serves an important purpose. During the events of Frøsland in 10078, he almost took over the position of Osiris for himself, having grown annoyed and distrusting of the current Osiris’ actions. This plan was not necessarily thwarted by adventurers, but peacefully managed to a mutually positive outcome. Winter controls the end months of Jaern, during the dry season of the Sekafojo.

Summer is the newest demigod of Osiris, and is filling a position that had been left open since the death of the previous Osiris on the godship incident. Summer was originally a Jaernian Osirisite named N, who showed themselves to be exceptionally capable and dedicated to the cause of the planet. What truly caught Osiris’ attention, was N’s creation of the world tree army. The world tree army is a set of 12 sentient trees placed around Jaern, that had triggered plant enmasses on them and are sentient. Osiris took note of this, and while requiring control to be given to her, rewarded N with a favor of their choice. N, took Osiris off guard and asked for a date the following night, which Osiris accepted. After this, it truly was not terribly long before their marriage solidified their relationship, and N was given the new name of Summer and raised to demigod of Osiris. The wedding itself took place during the year 10073 (9/29/10073), located north of Rougtero. During the wedding, Anti-Osiris sent in a copy of anti-Rudri who was dead set on killing the couple and draining the powers of Osiris. However, due to the powers of Osiris, Summer, and some of the adventuers whom had been invited, the threat was thwarted and the wedding commenced. Ending in the marriage of Osiris and Summer, with Summer being raised to demigod of.. summer. Summer controls the months of the Fajrofojo, but shares this season a bit with Autumn/Thomas in regards to harvesting. She uses the opportunity to change nature, with the energy of the season of summer, and the liveliness it brings.

Thomas is the third demigod of Osiris. Hes a man from a small farming community on the Rhine Archipelago. He was raised by Osiris due to his wholesomeness, and capabilities with knowledge of nature and farming. He is a very down to earth man, metaphorically and literally, and is the most personable of the 3 to common folk. Thomas controls the Akvofojo season, during which planting is the most common in the rain. He also overlaps a bit into the Fajrofojo season, during which the harvesting takes place. Him and Summer have a strong relationship with this, massively promoting the farmers of Jaern during this season.


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