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Factions of Cahyali

The world of Cahyali consists of eleven nations across nine continents and several dozen islands. Most of these geopolitical borders are loosely drawn, and are in a state of flux as political tensions and wars break out. In a cosmopolitan world of a multitude of races, governments, ideologies, and lifestyles, one’s homeland matters little, and many adventurers find new homes and lives across the world. many adventurers in Cahyali belong to one of five factions that have risen to prominence. Each faction has its own motivations, goals, and philosophy, some may be more “heroic” than others, and some may strive for behavior many consider “villainous.”

Oxis Alliance

The Oxis Alliance is a tripartite alliance between the countries of Vervand, Shinneok, and Arenti. It is primarily an association of rulers from cities and towns across these three nations in the north of Chayali, who above all else believe that art and self expression is the epitome of life’s ideals. While carefree and quick to forget past transgressions, members of alliance know that literature and art can assert a massive cultural pressure upon the world.

Alliance agents include sophisticated troubadours, artists, and philosophical thinkers alike, chosen primarily for their expert ability in artistry of any kind, and their ability to compose themselves in scenarios requiring observation, innuendo, and sometimes espionage. The members of the alliance are often supplied by craftsmen from Shinneok, schooled in Vervand, and artistically trained in Arenti.

Agents of the Oxis Alliance help to ensure the safety and prosperity of northern Cahyali, standing against those that may threaten their artistic and cultural standing in Cahyali. Many of the operatives are often glory hounds, looking to gain a leg up on their peers, especially those in the two other countries.


Viktor Meyer, the Guiding Hand of Vervand, respected for his policies that create a net for citizens who lose their way.

Raphael Mystíc, the Guiding Hand of Arenti, headmaster of the Arenti School of Arts, famous for mentoring the best artists and musicians of Cahyali.

Akē Jinhan, the head advisor of Kura Tansei, who was the Guiding Hand of Shinneok before being assassinated at the Mid-Akvofojo festival of 10078 SF (date translated to Jaernian since founding for ease). Unlike his predecessor, Jinhan believes that Shinneok needs to establish itself in the world of Cahyali more, rather than be simply a source of labor and resources.


A black silhouette of a dragon with its wings outstretched in the center, imprinted on a gold field on the upper half and and a royal blue field on the lower half.



The Cerulean Moon

The Cerulean Moon cannot be easily defined, since they have no formal structure or tenets. Instead, they are bonded together by their respect and protection of nature and the magic inherent in the natural world. Local chapters form on their accord and organize however they wish. These chapters are mostly found in the countries of Buyuk Vahsi, Dahabu, and the forests of Nahrūl, where the forces of nature can be felt the strongest.

The members of this faction generally guard the creatures of the land or sea against the unnatural forces of industrialization and exploitative magics. Their methods can vary between peaceful defenders, to militant vigilantes. They generally lack any formal training or fine crafted equipment, instead utilizing the environment to their advantage. Their lack of formal leadership on one hand limits them, but on the other hand makes them very difficult to quash.


The Cerulean Moon does not believe in formal leadership. The faction is split into several local groups and cells, which operate however they see fit.


A white imprint of a rose surrounded by the crescent moon, which rests on top of a carmine red field to the bottom left and a cerulean blue field to the upper right, meeting at a diagonal beneath the rose.


Harena Trade Union of Cahyali, Ystervuis

Harena Trade Union of Cahyali (HTUC)

The Harena Trade Union of Cahyali (HTUC) is a purely mercantile and commercial organization, dedicated above all else to the gaining of material profit. They seek only to expand their influence throughout the monetary sphere to control and monetize any commodity. They do not shy away from shady deals or illicit bargaining to get what they want.

The members of the HTUC venture out to become wealthy, or to be the first to find new items and commodities to be able to sell to the highest bidder. The members are masters in the art of deception and persuasion, silver-tongued to talk their way out of dangerous situations.

Other members become sellswords and mercenaries, selling their services to the highest bidder, as to afford a luxurious and affluent lifestyle. Many members are famous personalities, heads of companies and businesses, or prominent land owners. Members are highly competitive, but are also loyal when one of their own is in danger.


The HTUC is run by the ruling families of Ley’Ork’s economy, including the Tàkeau family which controls history and the educational system, the Vane family which controls the military-industrial complex, Dævian family that controls the technological sector, the Wren family that controls the red light districts and criminal underworld of Ley’Ork, and the Berns family that controls the energy and power management of the country.


A bronze, six-winged dragonfly as seen from above, which is centered in a smoke grey field that covers the upper two-thirds of the heraldry, above a field of silver.


The Cerulean Moon, The Kinland Order

The Kinland Order

The Kinland Order is a relatively new organization dedicated towards upholding the code of honor and integrity inherent to the martial schools of Ruefang and the arcane schools of Ulos. The Order views evil as the embodiment of lacking honor, and its members act on their own authority to venture out and destroy these evils.

Since the honorless are found in the shadows and dark, the Order journeys to the most dangerous dungeons to rid them of evil and darkness. They also believe that the path to evil exists within everyone, and that memorizing and upholding the tenets of honor is the key to striding the righteous path.

The code of honor limits the members to striking only in defense of self, those who cannot defend themselves, or striking those who are committing evil deeds. They also believe that individuals must follow the Order’s code by their own volition, but know that some may need encouragement and support to do so.


The leaders are the five high council members of Ruefang and the archmage of the Ulos Magic Circle. They all hold equal positions, and serve more as examples and actual leaders.


A white imprint of a sword pointed upwards, surrounded by three eyes. The irises of the eyes are dioxazine purple, which rests on a black background.


Harena Trade Union of Cahyali


The Ystervius (pronounced “Eye-ster-vice”), or Iron Fist, is an organization of secretive, close-minded, and xenophobic individuals who believe that strict order and discipline is the only way for the world to reach its zenith, and seek to expand their power and dominion throughout Cahyali. The organization is primarily led out of the country of Pthora, but has members all over Cahyali. Agents of the Ystervius feel that other governments and leaders are incapable of making decisions - or at least the correct decisions. Ultimately, they want to set the rules and bind all people to them.

To the Ystervius, wealth and political influence is true power. Its agents know that the world and its people are sustained by rivers of silver. Wealth can speak louder than a thousand troubadours. Agents of Ystervius brandish the finest weapons and armor, sparing no expense. When hirers seek out adventurers, the Ystervius provides the best that money can buy, as long as they have the coin, or for exchange of political power.

The Iron Fist encourages individual drive and ambition, but only when it conforms to its incredibly close-minded ideals. A fine line must be walked between standing out by individual achievement and innovation and keeping one’s head low to keep it on one’s shoulders.


The leader of the Ystervius is known only as the “Supreme Fist.” Their identity and location are unknown, and they communicate to high ranking members through magical communiqués.


A black imprint of a large perched vulture on a stone tower. The background of the heraldry are alternating vertical stripes of ice blue and steel grey, with three stripes of ice blue and two stripes of steel grey.


Oxis Alliance, The Cerulean Moon

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