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The Gods

The gods are an accepted fact of life in the worlds of Jaern and Cahyali. Residing in their celestial planes, they watch over the mortal world, bound by their requisite domains. While opinions towards the gods may vary from place to place, they are universally known to exist and to be immortal, nigh-omnipotent beings. Gods draw their power from mortal worship, and return a small measure of this power in the form of divine magic to their devotees. In the pacted, unchanging pantheon of Jaern and Cahyali are seated fourteen gods, often represented by the symbol of the God-Wheel.

Servants of gods are called angels or celestials, and are sometimes creations directly from the gods or ascended souls of devoted priests. The highest of these servants are termed Servitors, and are granted access to using some of the god's power. The exact form of a celestial differs based on the god they serve.

Note: While many members of the PFC pantheon share names with real-life mythological deities and may even share domains, it is important to understand that they have no further correlation and are simply references.

Anubis, Lord of the Dead

Domain: Death, Grave, Judgment

Cahyali Name: Anpu

Anubis, the jackal-headed god, is respected and feared in equal measure. He is the guardian of departed souls, guiding them past the threshold of life and into deathly rest. A quiet god, Anubis rarely interferes with mortal life save for when the sanctity of death and its process is interrupted. [WIP]

At'ena, Oracle of the Future

Domain: Fate, Time, Wisdom

Cahyali Name: Seherine or Shuibian Sehe

At'ena is strange amongst the gods, experiencing time in a fashion radically different than any other being. She presides over Fate and Free Will, guiding and protecting the destinies of all. Others see At'ena as a goddess of strategy, insight, and war. Her priests seek signs and perform auguries in the world around them, interpreting them to understand and guide others, while also protecting the world from threats to time and existence.

Isis, Mistress of Life

Domain: Life, Health, Peace

Cahyali Name: Aset

Isis, the gentlest of all gods, protects the sanctity and continuance of life. Her devotees are known to perform great acts of healing, even capable of bringing the recently departed back from an early grave. Isis despises acts of killing, forbidding her followers from doing so - save for the cases where killing serves to preserve even more lives. [WIP]

Neptune, Master of the Seas

Domain: Oceans & Seas, Trade, Aquatic Creatures

Cahyali Name: Vahrun

Neptune is the champion of all seaborne life, from the smallest plankton to the lizardfolk civilizations beneath the waves. Guarding the ferocity and mystery of the oceans, he stands ever steady in the vast blue. Some say that the sky is the final frontier; those who know Neptune and his domain know that in truth, it is the ever-constant sea. [WIP]

Orus, Flame of Zeal

Domain: Emotion, Instinct, Subconscious

Cahyali Name: Arakh

Orus is considered by some to be less of a god than a force, primordial and strong within all sentient life. As the first god, Orus is thought to have willed all mortal creation into existence, out of simple emotion and desire. He imbues life with emotion, allowing them to create art and live as more than automata.

Osiris, Protector of Nature

Domain: Nature, Earth, Terrestrial Creatures

Cahyali Name: Julius

Osiris sees the chaos and destruction wrought by the machinations of divine and mortal alike, and wants no part in this. She turns her gaze to the wild, seeking to protect it and its bountiful life at all cost. Though she respects mortalkind's dominion over the wilds as part of their nature, she will do what it takes to stop exploitation and destruction of her domain.

Ra, Bearer of Light

Domain: Light, Order

Cahyali Name: Peregrinus

Ra is believed to be the god who first brought order and reason to the mortal mind. From the chaotic emotion imparted by Orus, Ra organized this into thought and logic. He and his followers seek to impose peaceful order upon the world, and when their task has been accomplished, they shall move on to the next.

Rudri, Dweller of the Dark

Domain: Darkness, Chaos, Undead

Cahyali Name: Tenebrius

Rudri was once the consort of Ra, a check and foil to his goals. After an attempt by Ra to ascend to a higher state of existence, they betrayed him and fell from grace, turning to the dark and opposing the wonder of life. Weakened from their original godly state, the idea and title of Rudri passes between their followers, resulting in an ever-changing dark deity that is hard to combat and even harder to truly kill. [WIP]

Mishra, Boon of Destruction

Domain: Destruction, War, Change

Cahyali Name: Aremakh

Considered evil and good in equal measure, Mishra is one of the newest gods of the Fourteen. Thriving off conflict, war, and change, she directs her followers to tear down the old and stagnant - or blow it up - replacing it with the new, so the world can ever turn and move forward.

Tarus, Divine Librarian

Domain: History, Preservation, Secrets

Cahyali Name: Thoth

Tarus presides over his great library on his celestial plane, keeper of all mortal and immortal knowledge. Each event in the annals of history is documented and becomes part of his vast archives. Often loath to disseminate it for fear that it could be used for evil, the secrets of Tarus have become some of the most highly sought-after information in the universe.

T'or, Champion of Justice

Domain: Justice, Law, Thunder

Cahyali Name: Marutuk

T'or serves as the ultimate arbiter of the just and righteous for the material and celestial. His following is the only one that is split in two, with the followers of True Justice and Righteousness often coming at odds due to their conflicting ideals of the domain they serve. [WIP]

Almar, Soulspark

Domain: Soul, Energy, Magic

Cahyali Name: Almar

Almar is an enigmatic being, and exercises mastery over the immaterial soul of all mortals. Little is known about Almar, as he rarely manifests on the material plane and leaves it up to his priesthood to exercise his will - which is as enigmatic as Almar himself. [WIP]

Vormaxia, Mistress of the Mind

Domain: Wisdom, Learning, Knowledge

Cahyali Name: Vormaxia

Often worshiped by universities and scholars, Vormaxia is the boon of all discovery and knowledge in the world. As one of the more helpful and friendly gods, she supports cultivation of the mind and the pursuit of learning. [WIP]

Zepherin, Lord of the Body

Domain: Body, Athletics, Health

Cahyali Name: Zepherin

Zepherin is the master of all things corporeal, seeing the physical body as the most significant part of the humanoid form. Though some see Zepherin and his priesthood as a bunch of meatheads, in truth many simply strive for health of the mortal body and may take up positions as athletic trainers or doctors.

The Minor Gods

An adventurer worshipping a minor god has a few options: if the domains are similar enough, they may mechanically use the spell groups of one of the main Fourteen and flavor it as a devotee of a minor god, use the curated groups stated in the minor god's page (see below), or they may use the Nomad background. As long as minor gods don't attempt to usurp the power of one of the Fourteen, they are usually allowed to operate as normal.

Kelvar, Lord of Dragons

Domain: Dragons, Wealth, Greed

Cahyali Name: N/A; Jaernian only

Kelvar is the lord over many of the dragons of Jaern and the creator of the kingdom of Keer'Levex. She embodies that of the domain of dragons, from power and regal beauty, to desire and greed that many dragons have. Her priesthood is very picky about those who join it, often turning away many of those who attempt the trials.

Tlayahucoatl, Serpent of Cycles

Domain: Cyclical aspects of the world; fate

Cahyali Name: N/A; Cahyalian only

Tlayahucoatl is worshiped exclusively in the underground realm of Itlan-Youali, a place located below Splint. They are the most important god in Itlan-Youali culture by far, holding domain over every cyclical aspect of the world. While Tlayahucoatl was originally a “conglomerate deity” and their worship was split between Ra, Rudri, Anubis, Isis, and At'ena, the devotion held for them has slowly begun to birth a new god in their own right. In Itlan-Youali, the terms for Tlayahucoatl's five domains are Light, Darkness, Death, Life, and Fate.

Anyone may join in worship of Tlayahucoatl, but very few outside of the isolationist Itlan-Youali even know this religion exists.

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