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Toth, City of Necromancers


Toth is the only city on the island of Koth. It's dominated by a handful of elite necromancers, and is home to a population of about 15,000.


The Oligarchy

For millennia, Toth has been ruled by a handful of elite families of mages. In particular, the city is dominated by necromancers and, to a lesser extent, other earth mages. Traditional law doesn’t quite apply in Toth, as the entire island is often in chaos due to inter-family conflict, in which the oligarchs vie for power against each other. This has prevented the city from retaking the wilds of Koth, as the families often sabotage each other when they try to rebuild the ruins

The Black One

Not much is known about The Black One. He’s spoken about in whispers; all in the city fear him, but none remember having seen him. He is an extremely powerful Hirudo who is currently attempting to ascend to godhood. While he doesn’t care about most issues, he will mercilessly oppose anyone who interferes with his plans, which especially includes anybody who attempts to destroy the city. He forces the city’s citizens into line with an iron fist. Any adventurers who face him will almost surely die in an instant.



In this region, priests are much less numerous than they are on the mainland. The mages of the region have zero appreciation for the gods, as they don’t like any additional oversight into their more unscrupulous activities. This often means that priests are left death threats or, in some cases, completely disappear.

Ra and Tor

At the current moment, Ra’ites and Tor’ites have enough forces to avoid being overrun, but the sheer number of local mages is too much for them to claim the city for their own. While none of the families may currently challenge the priests, it’s only a matter of time before the ghoul-callers come knocking on the temple doors with hordes of undead.


If there were any location of Jaern in which the worship of Rudri was tolerated, Koth would be it. Rudri, being a god of chaos and darkness, thrives off of the behaviors of the island’s inhabitants, and loves how everybody is backstabbing and preying off of each other.


Isis keeps a relatively lackluster presence on the island, as she is cautious to send her priests to an island that has been so horribly corrupted by death magics.


There are little to no Osirisites on the island, as most of the land and local wildlife has been corrupted by dark magic. As such, Osiris does not feel like it is appropriate to send her emissaries to a place in which the undead are as nearly as common as the living.


Zepherinites on the island are primarily fighting against the defilement of corpses.


Taurus is a relatively well-received god on the island, especially among the oligarchy. The families tend to be pretty secretive, with a high preference towards subterfuge, and are always hoarding knowledge of their dark magics. As such, Taurus reaps pretty high informational profits from the island, as everybody is hoarding secrets from each other.


Influential Families and Syndicates


The Kahl-Er family used to be, by far, the most powerful family in the entire city. The late Lord Caldevitch, a master necromancer, was so incredibly powerful that he single handedly forced the other families to their knees. However, Caldevitch has recently disappeared, leaving the family to rot as his children, the twins Lisa and Gerald, bicker and squabble over the remnants of what their father earned. All members of this family have varying degrees of psychosis, making them somewhat unpredictable.


The Vas-N'yar family consists of sophisticated elves, who are almost never seen in daylight.They have peculiar features, such as pale skin and beautiful, angular facial structures. Some peasants whisper that the family members have cannibalistic tendencies to feed off of the peasantry. The Vas-N'yar have an abnormal disdain for Ra, Tor, and Isis, and become visibly uncomfortable in the presence of their temples, holy symbols, and priests.


The Ghutan family is interesting in that their undead are highly skilled, often retaining their entire life's memory, making them infinitely more dangerous than most normal zombies. The most infamous of their forces are their death knights, which are highly trained warrior liches, who could easily go toe to toe with even the strongest adventurers.


The Ker'Lacht lineage actually aren’t necromancers, however, they dabble in stranger, darker rituals. The Ker'Lacht family is one of the rare groups of lizards within the city walls. They’ve been rumored to consort with demons, and possibly even selling off their children to demons to bargain for power. Out of all of the families, the Ker'Lacht clan relies the least on magic, and is more dependent on wit, skill, and ruthlessness.

Interesting Locations

Bars, Inns, and Restaurants

Dead Man's Inn

This bar is the more “rough and tumble” locale, and is the preferred drinking spot of mercenaries and adventurers. The bar is staffed by clumsy, horribly incompetent ghouls, which most of the regulars find humorous and oddly charming, rather than off-putting. This establishment is currently owned by Lisa Kahl-Er, as she cares more for the flashiness of a public establishment that her brother does.

The Black Death

The Dead Man's Inn is one of the more upscale bars of the region, where most of the powerful necromancers in the city go to drink. It's a fairly nice establishment, and is actually staffed by some of few dwarves on the island. This bar is owned by the Vas-N'yar. Strangely, the building has several references to a mysterious, cloaked or armored figure.


First Financier's Bank

This is the largest bank in the city, and is owned by the Ghutan family. The building is well-constructed, and is made of marble. The family uses ghoul labor, which means that wait times at the bank can often exceed an hour for something as simple as a withdrawal. That being said, the sheer quality of the facility's security, in addition to the Ghutan's practical monopoly on the financial industry, makes it extremely popular among the local populace. In particular, the facility is guarded by the Ghutan family's infamous Death Knights, which have publicly dismembered many potential thieves.


Pronunciation Guide

  • Kahl-Er: Call-air
  • Vas-N'yar: Voss-knee-are
  • Ghutan: Goo-t-ah-n
  • Ker'Lacht: K-air-lock-t
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