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Lisa Kahl-Er



From the moment she exited the womb, Lisa had always had a knack for chaos. She's infamous on the island for causing all sorts of chaos and destruction, often experimenting with a combination of necromancy and arson. Current records suggest that she's responsible for the death of 74 civilians, the destruction of 11 buildings, the death of two nobles, 237 counts of assault on her brother, and the mutilation of a cute puppy.


Lisa perished in Vesuna in 10072. Her father's funeral was ambushed by two dreadnauts, a voidbeast, Sithrus Ker'Lacht, and over two dozen fire gremlins. The fire gremlins incinerated everything and everybody there while performing show-tunes and synchronized dancing… not even Lisa's remains remained.

Physical Description

Lisa is a higher level undead, who is actually indistinguishable from most living creatures except for when her body parts are detached and reattached. She's physically beautiful, but is more attractive to chaotic and/or evil characters, and is less attractive to lawful and/or good characters.


While her brother Gerald considers himself to be the intellectual, Lisa considers herself to be the tougher one. She does not show “weakness” when it comes to moral dilemmas, and does not care about an individual's status. She only cares about how powerful the individual is, and whether they are “strong enough” to forgo merciful or empathetic actions. Surprisingly, she has an extremely good relationship with the family's butler, Rupert, which is most likely the case because he helped raise her. Strangely, Lisa is actually much more manipulative than most could possibly give her credit for. At times, her “drama queen” act drops, revealing a Machiavellian philosophy, backed by a dangerous aptitude for social skills, such as acting.

Combat Style

Lisa recklessly sacrifices her minions to kill off her foes; casting multiple instances of “Corpse Explode” per round is as natural as breathing to her. She controls her minions using a combination of singing and whistling, which, while pleasant to the ear, grant her a surprisingly precise amount of control over her undead minions; she has the skill “Verbal Casting”. Her recklessness is both her greatest strength and weakness, as she's not afraid to take on virtually any challenge… and often does so with little to no preparation. Lisa is also a capable combatant in her own right, wielding earth magics in a fluid, efficient manner; she can typically rely on her spell use to get herself out of a pinch.


Lisa is one of the two remaining heirs of the Kahl-Er fortune, and constantly fights with her brother over their limited resources. On the island, she's one of the most publicly feared elites, as she's never exactly subtle when she decides to get herself into trouble. That being said, she has extensive connections in Toth's criminal underworld, and has plans to eventually expand back into dominating Toth, just as her father did.


Surprisingly, the heiress has extensive contacts off-plane, to the point where she's actually been able to star in her own television show, Tasty Bits from the Necronomnomnomicon. The entire show plays up her insane, bombastic character, and features “state of the art CGI and practical effects”, which leads all of the viewers to believe that the show is a fake. Surprisingly, Lisa's view of the entire show is actually pretty cynical, as she thinks that everyone who watches her is a brainless moron, which suggests a level of self-awareness and social guile which most would not see in the young woman.

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