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The Ghutan Syndicate


The Ghutan family are one of the three most powerful families in the city of Toth. They're the most “traditional” family, relying on extensive planning and a horde of highly trained undead to carry out their goals. Currently, the Ghutans are marginally more powerful than the Ker'Lachts and Vas-N'yar, though this is often subject to change, as whenever one family pulls ahead, the other two will work together to take it down a peg.



Porlani is the current head of the family household. As a leader, her job is actually pretty simple, as her bloodline's lawful tendencies mean that they don't tend to do anything “stupid”. In particular, she has expanded the reach of the family to compensate for a large portion of the influence recently lost by the Kahl-Ers, catapulting themselves to be the most powerful family in the city.


Andro is the rising star of the Ghutans. Though only in his early twenties, he has proved himself to be invaluable, making him the favorite candidate to take over after his aunt Porlani steps down. He's intelligent, charming, and businesslike, all of which have served him well in Toth. Recently, he's been put in charge of managing the family's finances and the city bank, making him one of the most qualified businessmen in the entire city.


Tozhul is the youngest adult Ghutan.


The Ghutans are the most methodical family in Toth, and specialize in skills and businesses which will benefit them in the long run.


The family owns the city bank, and several of the more valuable pieces of real estate throughout the city. This, combined with the family's savviness, makes them extremely wealthy.


From a young age, each member of the Ghutan family is schooled in barristry. The family uses its extensive skills in the legal department to make treaties and contracts, protect its financial interests, and to silence their political opponents.


Whilst undead servants of the Ghutan are far less numerous than those of the Kahl-Ers and Vas-N'yar, they're servants are also the most skilled, rivaled only by the monstrous creations of Gerald. Each of their undead is highly trained with a handful of combat skills and magic, most servants are warriors, with a small portion being competent battle mages. The most fearsome servants, however, are the Death Knights, which are heavily armored, high rate warriors infused with frost magics. A Death Knight is even powerful enough to challenge veteran adventurers, and have been used in the past to drive off powerful monsters that have assaulted the city.

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