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Gerald Kahl-Er


Gerald has always been a brilliant young mage. From a young age, he started experimenting with a new kind of necromancy that he calls “Stitching”, in which he combines the remains of several individuals into one, larger zombies.


Gerald is unkempt, but wears rather nice clothing. He's bookishly handsome, but looks a tad bit lanky.


Being raised in the Kahl-Er family at the peak of its power, Gerald is arrogant and elitist. He judges people based on their wealth and status, and is a classical narcissist. As such, Gerald views himself as a master tactician, artisan, and intellectual. While he is fairly intelligent, he grossly overestimates his own capabilities, and often pays the price for this. His relationship with Rupert, the family butler, is troubled; Gerald never bothers to remember the servant's name, and unabashedly calls Rupert the first random name that he can think of.

Combat and Magic

Gerald's “stitching” creates a handful of large, extremely deadly zombies. He can create any number of physical features in the creature, so long as he has the proper amount of time to do so. He prefers to plan things out and rely on ambushes, rather than relying on brute force. Gerald is, as a rule, rather skittish, and will flee from combat or hide behind his minions if threatened. He has virtually no combat abilities, as he invests all of his energy into creating deadly minions.


Gerald is currently fighting with his sister Lisa over the remnants of the Kahl-Er's family fortune. He has a reputation for being an academic, and has made some connection to the Ghutan family. However, rumor has it that he's subtly pulling strings to put his family back into a position of power.

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