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The Vas-N'yar Bloodline


The Vas-N'yar are an elven family vampires, and are one of the three most powerful families in the city of Toth.

Politics and Economics


The Vas-N'yar are currently rivals with the Ker'Lacht Lineage, as both groups compete to abduct slaves to consume and sacrifice. Additionally, both families frequently import and export their goods via the sea, meaning that they're typically conducting business within very close vicinity of each other.


The Vas-N'yar make most of their money from their various mercantile businesses, making one of the wealthiest families in the city, second only to the Ghutans.



The Vas-N'yar are the most physically beautiful family, exhibiting angular, nearly statue-esque facial features. In particular, whilst most elves have a green tinge to their skin, these elves have no underlying coloration to their skin whatsoever. Their irises are dazzling shades of fiery reds, oranges, and yellows, and almost appear to glow a little. However, like most of their kin, they are tall and slender.


As elves, the Vas-N'yar receive the following traits:

  • Exceptional perception
  • Distance Judgement
  • Enhanced Hearing
  • Enhanced Vision


Where most playable races eat about three times a day to feel comfortable, a vampire will feel satiated when feeding once every day. Essentially, this breed of vampires only needs to feed at about a third the rate that a normal race would, and does not drink in the traditional sense. (They can, with a little bit of effort, swallow liquids, but these are not actually digested by the vampire, and will be passed later without any sort of significant chemical change.)


Because members of this family are all undead, they have to get creative when extending the lineage. Rather than going about reproduction in the traditional manner, two parents, who be any combination of genders, must first find a living female to bear their child. First, the parents must draw samples of their own blood, which they prepare through a series of magical procedures. Then, the parents must perform a dark rite on their chosen female victim, in which they inject the prepared sample of their blood into the victim's womb. Over the course of the next 7 months, the child will grow inside of the mother, recklessly feeding on her to sustain its own growth. Once the baby is ready, it proceeds to consume the entire body of its host over a two week period, leaving only the skeleton behind.


As children, the vampires will grow at about half the rate a normal creature would. Once the child reaches full sexual maturity, around the human equivalent of 16, they stop growing. However, members of the family can use magic to artificially make themselves appear younger or older. Most members of the family prefer to keep themselves in their physical prime, at around the human equivalent of their mid-late 20's, and almost no members make themselves look as if they are older than the human equivalent of 40.


Members of the Vas-N'yar do have their hair grow constantly, as is usually the case with elves, and it must be trimmed. However, hair that is not on their heads, such as facial hair and leg hair, grows much more slowly and with much less thickness. The vampire's nails grow to a length of about one quarter of an inch, and ends it pointed, clawlike tips. Since the vampires do intake blood, this is later passed in the traditional method. Vampire urine is significantly chemically different from that of most other species. Rather than being yellow and slightly acidic, it is dark orange and basic.


To be ammended as the storyboard committee comes up with interesting characters.


To be ammended as the storyboard committee comes up with interesting professions for this family to specialize in.

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