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Centralia is the centrali island of the Rhine Archipelago. There are three main cities on the island: Centralia City, Pregada and Prall. On the western coast was the resort town of Ocean Shore. The adventurer town of Little Karfelon is on the southern shore between Centralia and Pregada.


  • The Festival of the Freeze - This festival takes place during the first day that Centralia becomes ice locked and its Citizens able to walk to Is'Damor. Usually occurs during Murh or Napen.
  • Karneval of Remembrance - Held on Napen 18-20 and commemorates the death of Master Telain and the completion of his most famour work: Is'Damor.
  • Winter Festival of Games - On Obern 16th the people come together in a celebration of winter. There is always lots of sledding and skating. The annual Skimmer races are held during this festival.
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