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Pregada is a small city that is mostly inhabited by artisans, shop-keepers and the household help of Centralia. See Map

Places of Note

Fire and Ice - A trendy nightclub that caters to the youth of Pregada who need to blow of some steam after a hard day. Cutting edge musicians from Centralia City have been known to show up and play but the house and local bands are well screened and very good. Dance music is the preferred. Drinks flow cheaply and the drug bar is well stocked.

Shaylyn Park - Shaylyn Park was a gift to the people of Pregada from Lady Shaylyn of Centralia. While some believe that she only ordered it built to provide a place to walk her poodle while in Pregada, many believe in her generosity and it is a place where children can play happily.

Warehouse District - After the Bastadorian War numerous warehouses were built in Pregada in order to store supplies brought in for the reconstruction. Many of these buildings are still in use as storage areas, however a few have been converted to house a number of business which cater to the middle class of pregada.

Spats - Recently moved from the destroyed remains of Little Karfelon, Spats has reopened under new management. The newest feature of Spats is “The Pit ” in which fights are often held. Occasionly the bouncers will toss troblemakers into the pit instead of out of the bar.

An oddity of their menu is the kill of the day. For fifty silver you can have your meal slain in the pit by one of the house gladiators. The type of animal offered for this vaires from week to week.

Once a month a contest is held with the champion getting free drinks for the month. The current champion is Dalt McKalen.

It is unknown who the new managment actually is, but the bartender, Avis, is known to handle the majority of Spat's business duties.

Will's Memorial Hall - A cafe built with a grant from Lord Wills. It features a inclosed courtyard of tables with a small bar and a back kitchen. The waiters here are known to be inattentive, lazy, and in various states of intoxication. Many young and upcoming adventurers frequent here to mingle and relax. Here shiney aromor and a jeweled hilt will be much adored.

One of the more popular attractions of the Hall is a large billboard which notices are freely place. Many come here looking for work; most for play.

Paroli is the choice language spoken here as it is the tounge of adventurers.

Aunt Martha - Opening during the reconstruction the Aunt Martha Berlesique House is quite popular among the younger crowd. Most people attend in groups although a few perverts go solo. Aunt Martha offers a variety of public shows (after a cover charge of course), although private shows can be arranged. Aunt Martha also rents rooms by the hour.

The Tiger's Den - An adveturesque shop which sells exorbatent gear. Their stock is focused towards the fashionable adventurer. Engraved blades, Polished chainmail, and heraldic surcoats are some of the stores biggest sellers. The quality of the equipment is average, although a personal heraldry service is offered for a 75 silver fee. Books on weapon use and monsters are also available here. Gear here runs about twice that of the average price.

Gill's Adventurer Acadamey - A recent addition to the Warehouse District Gill's provides instruction in the art of adventuring. For a 1000 silver anyone can enroll in this five month course. Gill Halfsword, the head instructor teachs adventuring basics such as why armor should be worn, monster powers, the seven sure signs of a hirudo, and some minor magic. At the end of course each student must pass a series of written and skills test including the ablility to cast the spell lamp, and the ability to make two deft swings with a longsword in four seconds.

Once the test is passed the student receives a document certifying that they have passed the course, and serves as a recomendation by Gill.

Gill is licsenced with the Mage's Guild to teach minor magic.

Flop House - A questonable business located it the heart of the warehouse district. It serves as a crash site for everyone to drunk to make it home from the bars. The price is usually one silver, however many of the pubs bring a wheelbarrow or two of unconcious drunkards here. Their price is whatever happens to be in their pockets.

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