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Is'Damor, better knows as the Isle of the Dead, is a small isle slightly south of Centralia City. The most notable feature of Is'Damor is, by far, the mausoleum. The mausoleum, Is'Damor's only permanent structure, was created by Master Telain and was completed in 9856SF. It was to be his life's work and crowning masterpiece, standing seventeen stories tall and crowned by a lighthouse that is, today, maintained by the priesthood of Ra.

Despite its truly sturdy foundations, this work of arp appears to be almost delicate. The outer facade is a maze work of colored windows, mosaics, friezasand and a number of guilded ornementations. The amount of gold, platinum, silver, jewels and other precious materials is amazing. Far from detracting from the beauty of the rest of the structure, the lighthouse on top adds a finishing touch of true radiance. The dome of the lighthouse is leaded crystal etched so as to refract the light of its lamp into a million colors painted on the night sky amid the stars. The side windows are of master quality and the leaded glass allows the lamplight to shine clearly on the waters below in warning of the treacherous reefs that lay beneath the waves. During the daytime the lamp is unlit and the crystalline dome is cranked open (it splits into four pieces which meet at the crown) and looks remarkably like the petals of a huge flower.

Though few have seen it, it is said that the inside of the mausoleum is even more beautiful that its exterior. The floor just beneath the lighthouse is known to be living quarters for the priests of Ra (generally there are 3) who maintain the lighthouse and change personnel once a month. It is considered a true honor among these priests to be asked to serve a term as guardian of the lights.

The rest of the island is a well kept park that covers graves of a more traditional nature. The markstones, while usually ornamental and representative of the deceased, are made to lie flat, much as a plaque, so as not to muddle the scenery surrounding the mausoleum.

The entire island is ringed by a 20 foot, lattice-work iron fence gilded in gold and silver. There is but one gate. It faces Centralia and has a small dock. The entire area is guarded by a corp of Anubites.

This Anubian sect is somewhat austere and its members are dedicated to this task. In honor of their lord, Anubis, they see that no harm comes to the island or to its “inhabitants”.

It is customary that when a great person of Centralia dies his friends throw a festival in his honor. Donations are made by all who wish to honor him and the funds collected are donated to the upkeep of Is'Damor. The amount collected determines the deceased's place of burial. The higher the amount, the higher a space in the mausoleum's earns. It is said that of the 14 floors dedicated to the honor of the dead, only Master Telain thus far has been given the honor of a resting place on the 14th floor. The celebration in his honor is said to have surpassed even the most honorable nobleman, so great was the city's gratitude for his dedication and vision.

The building of the mausoleum took 52 years, during which Master Telain was never absent a day from overseeing the construction except for two. Sadly, he never saw his dream truly completed. The two days he was absent were due to his death only that many days before its final completion. In continued honor of the dead, and especially Master Telain most legendary and noted son of Centralia, there is a 3 day Karneval of Rememberance every year on Napen 18-20. The 18th being the day of Telain's death and the 20th being the day the mausoleum was offically completed. During the Karneval, lights are lit inside on every floor of the mausoleum (usually by light spells) and are kept burning throughout the duration of the Karneval. The sight of this at night is truly breathtaking with light spilling out from all sides and in every color of the rainbow from the crystalline dome to the colored glasswork of the foundation level. Traditionally people stay up to watch for the official beginning of Karneval when the lights are lit at midnight on the 17th… it is said that some also watch as they are extinguished on the 20th.

Recent History

During the Constructionist War the entire Island of Is'Damor and the tower disappeared. Just prior to its disappearance the prists from the Sepulchar all made their way to the island carrying a casket.

Several years later the Island made a sudden and dramatic reappearance. Access to the tower is more restricted than ever. Priests of Ra and Anubis are, for the most part, completely forbidden entry. It is said that inside the tower the long dead are alive. It is also said that a woman lives inside who has power over the dead. It is still further said that that woman is the long dead Lady Chelsea, daugter of Lord Wills of Centralia.

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