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Prall is the worker city on the island of Centralia. See Map. Prall is in direct contrast to Centralia Prime. It is dirty and dangerous. The 'See a Crime, Punish It' motto of Centralia is perverted here to 'You Make Your Own Law'. The only constant law here is that if you have to either work for a boss, steal it from your fellows or do menial labor in Centralia Prime (washing up first so as not to offend their delicate sensibilities).

The largest industry in Prall is the gigantic iron mill on its east side. The miss is constantly spewing forth fire and “stuff”. It makes the whole city have a greyish-green haze, and sediment collects on everything that stands still for more than a minute. Since the death of the god Taurus the mill is often visited by shady people from all over the world.

The fires from the mill, and other industries, cause Prall to appear, from a distance and not infrequently from nearby, to be burning. In Prall these fires provide enough light that the roving gangs don't need to supply their own.

Various physical areas and/or industries are presided over by a boss. A boss is like a union head or minor mobster. They are always accompanies by some muscle (thugs) and people are bred to jump at their command. Prall does not have crime families as events are always too volatile to allow for dynastic behavior. Bosses choose their successor but that person has to prove themselves worthy of taking the title or another will take it from them. These scrambles from the top generally come down to a single act of violence: fast, first and final.

The Alleys

The Alleys is the worst neighborhood in Prall and hence in Centralia and likely all of the Rhine. In the Alleys touching your weapon is considered an invitation to duel. A code of honor exists among duelers… oddly enough it is a concept of fair play. If your opponent draws a huge sword he is either a poor swordsman or inviting you to match the capacity of his weapon. If you draw a huge sword and your opponent draws a small, blunt, kitchen knife he obviously considers his skill with that weapon to be a match for your skill with yours. Sometimes people mis-gage one another and a dualist may disengage to change weapons or just run away. Invariably such a person is laughed at.. if they don't get killed in the first few mismatched seconds of the dual.

A duel generally draws a huge crows that makes bets and waits for some sign of unfairness. At the first sign of unfairness the crowd will move in to make the fight fair again. On occasion the result is a feww for all frenzy of bloodletting.

Avenging Angels

Avenging Angels are the Prall equivelant of our modern Guardian Angels. They are not priests of Tor, merely believers in Justice. They are an organized group. Most work alone, but some in pairs or trios. Those working in small groups tend to use the “raptor technique” for controlling violence. One member approaches the trouble and gets its attention, while the others sneak in fromt he back and/or sides to blindside the rabble with quick and decisive action.

The Angels train hard and guard their image almost as zealously as thier city. Anyone caught wearing their mark who isn't a member is encouraged (painfully and permanently) not to repeat their mistake.

Places of Note

The Flaming Zeal - The Flaming Zeal is a bar in Prall that also serves as the local Temple of Orus. Aldo, the proprieter believes himself a priest and loudly, and boisterously, preaches while serving drinks and working people to a fevor.

Jakes - Jakes is a barber shop on the northern end of Prall. Jake is probably the oldest man in all of Centralia and is considered very wise. He is Prall's version of a priest of Taurus. Although not truly a priest , he does have an uncanny ability to size up people and things and to learn a great deal from them. Outside his shop is a red and while pole that revolves. Locals believe that it wards off evil so Jakes is a sanctuary for those people who are plagues by the demons and evil spirits that life in Prall (and cheap access to bad drugs and alcohol) will often give a person. Local belief is that a bald man is a truly troubled soul. The Refuge - Picture if you will… an understaffed, catholic hospital from the 1950's. The Refuge is a clinic in Prall. It is manned entirely by volunteers (mostly women) who believe in healing and helping people. There are a few genuine priests of Isis here and priests from Centralia and Pregada often take a turn offering their services here.

Weary Knickers - Stylish pub near the docks. This pub was newly built and decorated in a manner to attract the business of sailors. Until the breaking of the reefs (in Irkusk of 10026) Prall was not able to handle seagoing traffic. When planning for the Breaking had been approved docks were built and harbor type businesses followed quickly.

The Weary Knickers speciallizes in sandwiches and does not serve hard liquor or mixed drinks. Beer, Ale and Wine are all that is available. Sandwiches are fish (in several varieties and preperations), rat and rabbit.

Tenament House - Its on Barker Road. And has at least 32 rooms.

125 Drako Street - Its a person's residence. See 2004-03-06 Game Writeup.

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