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On Chysyl, a moon orbiting a gas giant in Jaern's star system, there exists a world filled with many creatures much more intelligent than anyone expected. According to the beliefs of the citizens of the moon, there was a psionic burst hundreds of years ago that granted them all sentient life, and since they’ve built up a civilization with each other. The sky-cities of Chysyl are a sight to behold, and Avians have made their way to Jaern and Cahyali through magical means.

Avians are bird-like in appearance, all with beaks and feathers in a wide array of colors and shapes. Their hands and feet are rough and scaled. Their hands have four fingers instead of five, and are tipped with sharp claws.


  • Lifespan: Up to 70 years
  • Jaernian Populations: Worldwide
  • Cahyalian Populations: Worldwide

Resembling birds of prey such as falcons, eagles, and owls, the Eufalconi are one of the shorter Avian races, standing about four feet tall on short taloned legs. However, they have the largest wings of all Avians, and are experts in flight far surpassing their brethren. Nestled in these large wings are small hands, which allow them to still grab objects and wield tools. The lifespans of Eufalconi are slightly shorter than other Avians, topping out at about 70 years.

On Chysyl, most Eufalconi take the roles of rangers, peacekeepers, and soldiers for society, due to their superior aerial mobility and history as hunters; before the psychic blast granting Avians intelligence, the Eufalconi were the apex predators of Chysyl. Many have come to Jaern and Cahyali simply seeking excitement and adrenaline; the relatively peaceful sky-cities have begun to have less and less to offer Eufalconi.


  • Lifespan: 80-100 years
  • Jaernian Populations: Worldwide
  • Cahyalian Populations: Worldwide

Also known in more scientific circles as Verraerians, Harpidans are unique amongst the Avians in that they have six limbs: two arms, two legs, and a pair of functional wings on their backs. Harpidans resemble passerine birds in their form - that is, corvids and songbirds. Their stature is similar to humans', ranging from five to six feet tall on average.

In the sky-cities, Harpidans are the most populous race, serving every purpose in society from regular workers to soldiers and rulers. They are famous for their musical abilities, as Harpidans have beautiful singing voices and the ability to mimic most any sound they have heard.


  • Lifespan: 80-100 years
  • Jaernian Populations: Worldwide
  • Cahyalian Populations: Worldwide

Some see it a cruel twist of fate that a race of birdfolk should be unable to fly, but the wingless Terravians certainly don't seem to mind much. Also known as Spheniscines by some scholars, Terravians have no wings and instead simply have a puff of feathers on their rather mundane arms. They resemble a diverse range of flightless birds, from ostriches to kiwis. It follows that their heights are also wildly variable; ostrich-folk can be over seven feet tall, while kiwi-folk can be a mere three.

One of the most defining traits of Terravians is their innate psionic ability. The psychic blast not only gave them intelligence, but also lingered in their brains. Most Terravians are capable of psionics: compared to most races' 10%, Terravians have an 80% chance to have access to psionics. Chysyl Terravians are often scholars or academics, with some also performing dangerous work together with their flying brethren using telekinetic powers.


Resembling penguins and other waterfowl, the Akvo'avians are strong swimmers with flipper-hands instead of wings, and the ability to slide on their bellies over long distances like toboggans. Most other people consider them extremely cute, though Akvo'avians' opinion on this varies from leaning into the cuteness factor to rejecting the notion entirely. They have a wide range of height, from four to six feet.

Most Akvo'avians live on Jaern or Cahyali, with a notable few remaining on Chysyl. Jaern's large stretches of water and Cahyali's vast polar regions are quite preferable for most Akvo'avians as compared to Chysyl's tall landscapes with relatively few large water bodies and its warm climate. In their new homes, Akvo'avians often adventure, hoping to find direction and excitement in life. Those who remain on Chysyl often take up public-facing jobs as performers, merchants, or public speakers.

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