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On Chysyl, there exists a world filled with many creatures much more intelligent than anyone expected. According to the beliefs of the citizens of the moon, there was a psionic burst hundreds of years ago that granted them all sentient life, and since they’ve built up a civilization with each other. While there are too many races to really keep track of each and every species for non-locals, each of the races will fall into one of the listed archetypes that can be used to describe their basic traits. While each may refer to themselves as something else, some may choose to use the generalized name for dealing with non-avian races.




Verraerians are a humanoid shaped bird creature with functional wings and fabulous eye sight. There are a number of races of them ranging from very small gnome sized to larger than elf sized species, but they all share the fact that they are feathered creatures, sharing a very humanoid build with arms and legs as well as large wings on their backs. Many of the Verraerian species keep within themselves, as very proud creatures blessed with the wonders of both standard limbs and wings.


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