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A multitude of intelligent beings coexist on Jaern and Cahyali, each physically and mentally different. These races are categorized into four general groups1): Humanoids, Lizards, Orcish, and Avians.


The Humanoids include Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, Gnomes, and Elementals. They are a diverse and hardy species, found everywhere across both Jaern and Cahyali. Strictly terrestrial, they make up the majority of both planets' sentient population.


The Lizards include Semi-Aquatics, Desert Sandtails, Kleemudor Purebloods, Draconics, and Shell-Bearers. Mostly cold-blooded and scaly, some lizards can breathe water while others are terrestrial. They often live in more extreme environments, and are the second most populous species on Jaern and Cahyali.


The Orcish include Orcs, Goblinoids, Beasthides, and Giantkin. Each Orcish race differs significantly in appearance, leading some to doubt whether they are truly the same species. Regardless, the Orcish species lives in more temperate, forested regions of the world; usually in tight-knit family groups.


The Avians include Eufalconi, Harpidans (Verraerians), Terravians (Spheniscines), and Akvo'avians. This species hails from the planet Chysyl on the plane of Jaern, and is a relatively new species on Cahyali. Despite being the rarest species on both planets, these feathered friends are unforgettable folk when they do appear.

Hybrid Races

Through various physical and magical processes, hybrids between any of the races are possible. These range from more common mixed lineages such as half-human, half-elf or half-orc, half-goblin - but also include rarer hybrids that cross species, such as dwarvish sandtails, or draconic terravians. (To hybridize across groups, the Unique Parentage perk is required on your character sheet.)

Supernatural Origins

From the varied planes of the world - particularly the Beneath, Dreaming, and Celestial Planes - have arrived a multitude of different, supernatural folk. Many of these people take up the adventuring trade, as it's a great way to find excitement, test the limits of mortals, or find a way home.


Jaern is additionally home to a race of intelligent and psionic beings called Onivero, native semi-aquatic mammals, who have more advanced technology than the other races of Jaern. Historically reclusive, the Onivero have just begun to reach out more to the rest of the world and interact with other folk.

Onivero are very rare among adventurers, with next to none having engaged in the profession before the 10080s. However, they are out there; Onivero adventurers may simply believe in the value of connecting with others, have lost their villages, or are sent on a quest of some form by their community.

For the biology nerds out there, each group is a fairly closely related genus: Homo, Dracus, Orkii, and Avos respectively.
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