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The worlds of PFC are filled with many wonderful and magical creatures. This page is a landing page and list of different creatures found in these fantasy realms, from the smallest familiars to the greatest dragons.

Writer's Note: When writing a creature, please include its size, diet, where it is found, how it interacts with people (including what can be looted from it), its creature type, and (optionally) a scientific name if desired. You can also include a statblock or a link to one, though this is not required.


Categories of Creatures

Creature categories are meant to categorize all creatures in the AQ: Jaern system into a few easy-to-use categories, with no exceptions. Some creatures may have more than one type - for instance, a dracolich would be both a draconic and an undead creature. All player characters are considered actors and do not fit into the categories given below, with the exception of Supernatural Origin races, who are both actors and another creature type depending on the species group.

See this document for more details on the creature categories, especially when it comes to creating statblocks.


Artificial creatures are built by mortal hands. These include golems, robots, etc. The majority are not intelligent, built to serve a specific purpose and sticking to it. Small artificial creatures often serve as familiars. They may be built out of organic or inorganic materials.


Also known as angels, most celestial creatures are divine creations, meant to be executors of gods’ wills or keepers of their realms. Most celestial creatures serve their gods wholeheartedly, with those who betray their deities facing dire consequences.


This category includes dragons of all sorts, drakos, and other creatures related to dragons in some way. Draconic creatures are usually somewhat reptilian, and wield powerful innate magic.


Beings beyond mortal comprehension, hailing from alien worlds or the Void. The motives and thoughts of eldritch creatures are entirely unknowable, ranging from mildly benevolent to entirely amoral to actively hostile.


Elemental creatures hail from one of the elemental planes or an overlap between them, and are composed entirely of condensed elemental energy. Some are intelligent, and some are not - this is usually dependent on how much energy is concentrated inside them.


Born in the world of the Dreaming and also known as Dreamt, fey creatures are jovial sorts unfettered by mortal troubles. They are often seen as mischievous, and have a variety of legends surrounding them due to the Dreaming’s relative proximity to the Material Planes. Many fey creatures can pass well for humanoid or natural creatures.


Alebrije are elusive, colorful spirits common in the caverns of Itlan-Youali. They are thought to have clambered up from the Kurago, but some have reported also finding them in the Dreaming. They come in incredibly varied forms, resembling anything from a manta ray to a squirrel to a dog. An alebrije usually acts like the mundane animal it resembles.


Also known as demons, infernal creatures come from the Beneath or a similar hellish plane. They often feed on mortal souls, and frequently clash with the divine. Infernal creatures have a variety of origins: many are spawned out of the Beneath’s landscape itself, while others are fallen celestial creatures or corrupted mortal souls.


These creatures live primarily underwater, under the domain of Neptune. They may be anything from simple animals to fierce monsters. Delineation as a Marine creature is what affects a creature’s eligibility to be used in Sea Form (Neptune).


Including land-walking beasts and plants of all sorts, terrestrial creatures are borne of the earth and of nature itself. They are not usually intelligent, though some can be, whether Awakened by casters or otherwise. Delineation as a Terrestrial creature is what affects a creature’s eligibility to be used in Land Form (Osiris).

Laohu Grassfang

A national symbol of Ruefang that has unfortunately become endangered, the Laohu Grassfang is a stealth hunter about the size of a lynx that grows plants on its back in a symbiotic relationship. They boast extremely keen senses of smell, but poor sight and hearing. To tame one in Ruefang culture is a sign of great insight and wisdom.


Anathema to all that is considered holy in the world, undead creatures are beings that have died, and somehow been raised from beyond the grave. Some, like vampires and liches, are intelligent - while others, like most skeletons and zombies, are not.

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