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The worlds of PFC are filled with many wonderful and magical creatures. This page is a landing page and list of different creatures found in these fantasy realms, from the smallest familiars to the greatest dragons.


Categories of Creatures

Creature categories are meant to categorize all creatures in the AQ: Jaern system into a few easy-to-use categories, with no exceptions. Some creatures may have more than one type - for instance, a dracolich would be both a draconic and an undead creature. All player characters are considered actors and do not fit into the categories given below, with the exception of Supernatural Origin races, who are both actors and another creature type depending on the species group.

Material Creatures

Detailed in this section are specific creatures with a presence on Jaern or Cahyali. They have their own histories and long relationships with the world.


  • Origin: Jaern, worldwide
  • Category: Aquatic ♆

Abysslings are a strange group of creatures which live deep below the oceans of Jaern. They have a wide diversity in appearances, and have existed since well before Jaern ever entered the Onra system. They are a major presence in the legends, myths, and culture of the Onivero, as an ancient enemy. Abysslings appear to live in a sort of collective consciousness referred to only as “Us”, with a singular goal: the survival of their species.

Great Beasts

  • Origin: Jaern & Cahyali, worldwide
  • Category: Variable, sometimes Draconic 🜘

The term of Great Beast is an umbrella for several groups of creatures which may or may not actually be related. Most notable of the Great Beasts are the dragons, though many others exist. The distinguisher of a Great Beast is that they are native to the material plane, and they have some presence in the history and mythology of some mortal culture.

Planar Creatures

Detailed and linked in this section are creatures and peoples which originate from other planes.


Borne of the fears and hates of mortalkind, many see Demons as pure evil - although that is not always the case. They mostly reside in the Beneath, although they can be summoned to the material plane through specific ritual and bound, as Jaern's ancient Veiled Empire once did. Demons are also referred to by the terms “infernal” or “fiend” on occasion. No matter their nature, benevolent to malevolent or somewhere in between, they are powerful and unpredictable.


This is a broad umbrella term. The Dreamt can be many things, from the tiniest sprites and magical creatures in fairytales to powerful and esoteric archfey. They are born from the dreams and thoughts of mortals, and most are no more powerful than a mundane creature or person. Their natures vary just as much. Many dreamt have a reputation for being tricksy and mischievous.

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