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Running Null Labyrinth

If you are not a GM, please do not view this page

There are 54 “rooms” of the Null Labyrinth that endlessly shift and change, and six “regions”, interconnected in strange and arcane ways (non-Euclidean geometry). These are best represented by the individual squares of a Rubik’s Cube, so that the multidimensional tensor and rotations can be easily visualized and kept track of.

When exploring the Null Labyrinth without a guide, it is possible to use this method of randomizing the “rooms” of the labyrinth. Visualize the 54 rooms of the labyrinth as squares on the six faces of Rubik’s Cube. These are represented and notated below, with unlisted rooms not established yet:

R1 R2 R3 G1 G2 G3 B1 B2 B3
R4 R5 R6 G4 G5 G6 B4 B5 B6
R7 R8 R9 G7 G8 G9 B7 B8 B9
W1 W2 W3 Y1 Y2 Y3 O1 O2 O3
W4 W5 W6 Y4 Y5 Y6 O4 O5 O6
W7 W8 W9 Y7 Y8 Y9 O7 O8 O9

Red (R1…R9) squares are considered Ancient Tarra Ruins, and is Neutral Territory

  • R1: The Bone Zone. A series of catacombs with stone coffins lining the walls, from which draugr can awaken and attack the party. This area has exits to the “South” and the “East”, which both have portaculli that can descend and trap the dragr (and the party) inside. These are activated with a mechanical lever and chain systems on the wall next to it (a set both inside and outside of the Bone Zone, the draugr do not understand and cannot utilize these).
  • R5: The Ancient City of Tarra and the Crypt beneath it. A completely empty city, now filled with spirits, ghosts, undead, and other dark creatures. At the very bottom of the crypt is the ancient control room to the labyrinth. There, the rooms can be manually shifted and set in place.
  • R7: Bone Hydra Room. A large circular stage in the center (60’ radius) is in the center of the room. The walls are made of hard earth. And many medium round tunnels exist at various points around the wall. There are two entrances in the room, one to the “North” and one to the “East”. They have 30’ long rope bridges that connect to the central stage. The east rope bridge has collapsed. The circular chasm around the center stage falls about 600’ and always leads to the lake in B7. (Use half fall damage for hitting the water: 30d6). If the party wakes up the Bone Hydra, three heads will come out of the tunnels in the wall and attack the party. After these three heads are defeated, 6 more heads enter in. If these 6 heads are defeated, the Bone Hydra retreats. If the party stumbles back into the room somehow, 9 heads will attack at once, and if they are defeated, the Bone Hydra is killed. The party can always run away.
  • R9: Sarcophagus Puzzle Room. There is a large 25’ x 25’ tiled square in the center of the room. Around it is a 5’ wide strip of stone flooring, with two entrances to the “West” and “North”. Next to the “East” wall is a large golden sarcophagus on a stone altar. Scattered around the room are various remains of deceased adventurers. The tiled square has 25 squares with hieroglyphs on each tile (each tile is 5’ x 5’). These hieroglyphs can be deciphered by those who know Trejon, and represent 25 words. The words can be whatever you would like, and any type of puzzle is possible. Stepping on any of the tiles or interacting with the sarcophagus causes two stone slabs to descend at each entrance, and a Ghostly Spirit to rise from the sarcophagus. The Ghostly Spirit can raise ghosts of the remains of the adventurers around the room.

Green (G1…G9) is Null Sect territory

  • G5: Manilla. The home city of the Null Sect who have lost faith.
  • G8: Campsite. There are the remains of a campsite here. It is up to the GM how long ago it was used, or if there are people using it currently. There are exits to the “North”, “East”, and “West” to this room.

Blue (B1…B9) is Null Cultist Territory

  • B5: Void’s Crossing. The home city of Null Cultists in the Null Labyrinth.

White (W1…W9) is considered Neutral Territory

  • W4: Astrological Clock. An ancient astronomical clock that seems to calculate or keep track of some kind of time or calendar. It has revolving mechanisms in the floor that continuously turn and revolve. If any of the clock is damaged, ancient arcane automatons will awaken and drop down from the ceiling to defend the clock.
  • W5: Arcane Forge / Null Temple. Various stepping stones and crumbling walkways lead to a large central platform at the bottom of a massive caldera. Multiple waterfalls fall into the basin at the bottom of the caldera. About a half a mile above, a thin walkway is carved into the cliffside of the caldera, with wooden planks and rope bridges over treacherous drops (this upper level is Y5). The water in the basin is heated from something similar to geothermal activity, and is near boiling. Steam continuously rises from the water. The temple in the center is in ruins, and the very center has the remnants of an ancient forge. On the floor is a large circular symbol worshipped by the Null Cultists, and it hides a secret spiral staircase that leads to the Arcane Font. Any loud sounds in this room will cause stalactites to fall from the ceiling. There is a circular opening about a mile above the temple, which is the opening of the “volcano”. There are entrances to all four “cardinal directions” of this room.
  • W7: Aixlynn Lake. A large underground lake, filled with strange fishes adapted to the dark. It is used as a fishing spot for the various peoples who inhabit the labyrinth. The ceiling is so high, it cannot be seen; somehow falling off of the circular platform in R7 will lead to falling into the lake here. A beach exists on the “West” side of the lake with an entrance to the “North”, and a river flows into the lake from the “East”. There is also an exit on the “South” side of the lake that leads out of the Labyrinth. This exit can open up to anywhere on Cahyali.

Yellow (Y1…Y9) is also Neutral Territory

  • Y5: Null Caldera, Upper Level. About half a mile above W5. A treacherous walkway circles around the caldera, with dangerous rope bridges, planks, and OSHA code violating dangers. There are entrances to all four “cardinal directions” of this room.
  • Y8: Nature Cult Encampment. A field command camp for the invading Nature Cultists. Exits are to the “West”, “North”, and “East”.
  • Y7: Cultist Skirmish. A room that is the battlegrounds for a skirmish between nature cultists and null cultists.
  • Y9: Acheron Gate. This ruined gate is currently being repaired by the Colossus, it is a gate to another world.

Orange (O1…O9) is Drow and Duergar territory

  • O4: Chaos Cube. This cube is rumored to forecast chaos and hold hidden secrets in regards to the void and chaos. Knowledge can be gained and so can some power, however it means making deals with a demon.
  • O5: Abberath. The drow and duergar city, which is carved and built into the wall of a massive terraced hillside. The official language of this city is Underparoli (those that speak both Trejon and Paroli can speak this language at a rank 4 level). At the very top is a large keep and overlook tower. The keep is the “town hall” where the Council of Elect works, and the overlook tower holds a large brazier that shines as if it were a lighthouse. Guards stand at the city gates, baslisti are kept on the tower and the upper terrace to defend the town. A large bell is in the overlook tower as an alarm. There are entrances to all four “cardinal directions” of this room.
  • O7: Blood Orb. In the center of this room is a large orb of some kind of stone, the color of blood, levitating over a small pedestal. The orb grants visions and prophecies, at the cost of life. (HEA)
  • O8: Drow Encampment. A ranger camp for the drow living in Abberath, they hunt and fish in the labyrinth to provide food for Abberath. They speak Underparoli. There are exits to the “West”, “North”, and “East”. There is a small river for fishing to the “South” side of the camp, with boats tied to various posts.
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