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PFC Player's Guidebook

The PFC fantasy roleplaying system is a method of collective storytelling, utilizing the imagination combined with a set of defined rules and structure to determine consequences of adventurers’ actions.

Note: See the drive folder with the PFC: Player's Guidebook.


Part 1 runs through the process of creating an adventurer, providing rules and character options you need to make your Adventurer. This includes the various races, backgrounds, perks, and equipment in the game. Many of these rules rely on material in parts 2 and 3.

Ch. 1: Creating an Adventurer - Step-by-Step guide for creating a character.

Ch. 2: Races - Racial Options and descriptions.

Ch. 3: Backgrounds - Backgrounds and Sub-backgrounds descriptions.

Ch. 4: Perks and Personality - Perks and appearance options, as well as backstory guide.

Ch. 5: Equipment - List of equipment and weapons, as well as Crafting and Enchantment guide.

Part 2 details the rules on how to play the game. This includes the rolls you make during the game, as well as exploration, interaction, and combat within the game world. It additionally includes important details on magic and spellcasting.

Ch. 6: Playing an Adventurer - Core rules of the system.

Ch. 7: Adventuring on the High Seas - Additional naval rules of the system.

Ch. 8: Combat - Rules for running and playing combat in the system.

Ch. 9: Incants, Psionics, and Spells - Rules for spellcasting and other magic in the system.

Part 3 contains the lists of skills, incants, spells, and psionics in the game. It covers the huge variety of skills, spells, and abilities available to adventurers (as well as actors and monsters) in the game.

Ch. 10.1: Skills (Non-Combat)

Ch. 10.2: Skills (Combat)

Ch. 11: Nomadic Incants - All nomadic incants.

Ch. 12: Psionic Abilities - Broken down into 3 sections, which contain the spell lists for psionics.

Ch. 13: Elemental Magic - Broken down into 5 sections, containing the core spells available to all mages as well as the spells for each element.

Ch. 14: Divine Magic - Broken down into 15 sections, containing the core spells available to all priests as well as the spells for each god.


The Appendices contain additional information and reference material when playing the game.

Critical Hit Charts

App. A: Status Effects

App. B: Variant & Optional Rules

App. C: Spell Clarifications

App. D: Creature Abilities

App. E: Crafting & Enchantment

App. F: Book of Beasts

App. G: Artist Index

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