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Main Regions Eons ago, the continent was ruled by the Agarati Empire, a theocratic empire that piously worshipped their god Agarati. However, at some point the very fabric of reality was split, causing many portions to separate onto their own plane of existence where life was able to continue and the original empire was long forgotten. However, the planes were recombined due to the work of the remanents of the empire. As such, each region has its own rules and planar logic. The regions are as follows.

To get to this world, journey through portal DCLXXXIII. This will take you to outside the embassy of the dead in Mitis, which is a city-state in the Materia Region. Or enter portal DCLXXIV for a portal to the Adventurer Embassy in Futara.

Alternatively, enter through portal DCLXXV to enter Outlands 1. From there, there are portals to various places on the main world

Materia City-states

Guilds of Jaernia


The Agarati Empire

The Outlands

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