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The Valo'ani

The Valo'ani is a plane that wraps and twists around its bonded plane, and there are those who believe that every plane of existence has its version of the Valo’ani. It mirrors them to perfection apart from one thing: there is seemingly no fauna or animal life of any kind. Plant life is present but flora is not the same as on their home plane. The plants are mostly red instead of green, and most fruit or flowers appear white.

The existence of the Valo’ani of Jaern is accredited to a mage named Respare Boeson, who stumbled upon it by accident in his experiments with dimensional magic.

A Rend will open a hole in the fabric of a plane to its Valo’ani, which is always just behind the barriers between all planes. The Valo’ani can be accessed from any plane so long as the caster making a Rend has memlocked the location in which they will open the Rend; this memlock is required because the caster must be able to know where they come from to safely leave the Valo’ani. Without a memlock, a mage cannot open a Rend back to their home plane, and this memlock acts as an anchor for the caster to traverse the Valo’ani.

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