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Malplena was created and is mainted and is © by Craig Brown. Original creation, all rights reserved, yadda yadda.

The island called Malplena is roughly eight mets long and five mets wide. It is located three days from Rogterro, nearly due east. Malplena Island is now completely uninhabited. Recently ( 7-18-10035 ) there was a devastating explosion of magic items that destroyed all animal and plant life on the island. The soil is soft and rich. Perhaps it may harbor life again someday…

There was an area that was not destroyed by the blast, even though the blast originated there. There are four large towers, one at each cardinal point of a circle two mets across. The towers are one hundred feet tall, and twenty-five feet across the top. There is an opening in each tower opening toward the outside of the circle. A stone stair winds up the interior wall to a trap door in the center. There is no handrail for the stair.

The trap door opens to the flat top of the tower. There are four holes, about one inch wide by three inches deep, angled toward the center, located about nine inches from the edge.

Gravel paths lead from around the towers toward an inner ring of pillars. There are ten pillars, ten feet across and forty feet tall, set on a circle one met across. The top face of each pillar has the symbol of one of the ten primary deities. The pillars are solid stone. They do not seem to have been marked in any way by the explosion.

The gravel paths continue to the center, where there are stone slabs paving an area thirty feet square. The very center slab is missing, giving way to a small cavern beneath the ground.

The cavern appears to be natural, except for the ceiling ten feet above. A passage leads out of the thirty-foot circular room toward the southeast, about twenty-five feet, where it turns northeast. It runs for fifty feet, and splits. The right passage is narrow for a bit, then widens to eight feet wide for about sixty feet. It opens to an empty room, thirty by forty feet.

The left passage turns northwest. After thirty feet, it gradually slopes downward. Twenty feet beyond, there is a large hole in the wall that opens into a room twenty-five feet by forty, rectangular. This room has been carved out of the rock. The southwest corner of the room has a crack in the wall just big enough to crawl through. It leads to a tunnel that joins with the main cavern of the Iron Mine on Atentu Island.

Beyond the room, the tunnel bends to the right, then back left. The passage levels off again, now thirty feet below the surface. Thirty feet later, the tunnel bends to the east. In the northern wall of the bend, there is a crack in the wall only a few inches wide. Beyond can be seen a room three feet by ten, where the walls glitter.

Around the bend, and twenty feet beyond is a pile of bricks apparently made of the same rock as the surrounding walls. They may have been stacked at one time, however they have fallen down.

Forty feet beyond the bricks is the last room. Nothing is notable here except a small depression in the floor. The rock within the depression is very smooth, with ripples in it. It appears to be like a pond after a pebble was just dropped in it, then the water turned to stone.

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