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What happens when you take the setting from the Jaern manual and let adventurers go crazy on it for a few real years? Well… lots of death, chaos and destruction and the birth of a little hamlet called Rougtero. Rougtero is the main adventurering town on Lojem Island.

New Lojem Map

Rougtero Map

Rougtero Important Information

Some maps of Rougtero, Lojem and Surrounding Isles

Lojem spew from gmlist - some random information about Lojem gleaned from the GMList

The Random Encounter Tavern - at the Portal Farm

Lojem Wizard Guild

Super Mage's Guild (a.k.a. New Jersey Mage's Guild)

Atentu - An island 3 days from Lojem (southeast) (From Craig Brown)

Fordshire - Town about 60 mets from Rougtero

Gendel - Town on North Lojem

Malplena - An island 3 days from Lojem (due east) (From Craig Brown)

New Alimar - Dwarven mining community, North Lojem

Port Haven Writeup and Maps

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