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Atentu was created and is mainted and is © by Craig Brown. Original creation, all rights reserved, yadda yadda.

The island called Atentu is three days from Rogterro to the southeast. It is about seven mets wide and eight mets long. It gradually slopes up from the waves to a rocky peak.

The isle of Atentu has only one really useful feature at the moment: an Iron Mine. Ownership of the mine is divided as follows:

9% to the Sanctuary of Isis in Rogterro 13% to the estate of Jonnie Chen, controlled by the Dojo 26% to Cecrops, current operating manager 26% to Synergy ( silent partner ) 26% to Mindra Vi*

[*Barristers on behalf of Mindra Vi have filed a protest, stating that the aforementioned is not deceased, therefore should have full access and dividend from the Atentu Mining Corporation. Should access and Dividend be denied, legal action will be initated forthwith.]

The pier is on the northeastern shore of the island, and is built with wood planks reinforced by a base of broken rock from the mine. Its length will accommodate two Maraujo class ships.

One hundred fifty feet from shore is the beginning of a cave, two hundred feet wide, eighty feet tall, and one hundred feet deep. Within it there are two buildings.

On the left is the smelting house. Here, raw ore is processed to produce pig-iron* bars for export. One corner of the building is set aside for a small smithy, capable of producing and repairing tools for the mine operation.

  • The smelting operation would produce iron in the form that various smithies would expect to receive it, at average quality levels. I thought that might be iron bars, which I call pig iron. If that term is incorrect, then that is my own ignorance of iron production. My apologies for the mis-information, and thanks to Rob for the correction.

On the right is the main barracks, with room to accommodate fifty miners and the on-site overseer. Also in this building are the overseer's office, the kitchen, and the dining hall.

Ore is currently being extracted on a level one hundred twenty feet below the surface, at the back of a large natural cavern. The cavern is roughly twelve hundred feet long and eight hundred feet wide, and is an ovoid shape. The entrance tunnel joins the cavern on the northwest. Fifty feet south of it, running southwest all the way to the wall, is a crevasse that leads directly to a volcanic vent. There is an airshaft directly over the crevasse that leads to the peak of the island that allows the unhealthy gasses to escape the cavern without collecting in dangerous quantities. About one hundred feet east of the crevasse is a small, one-story building with a porch. It has only two rooms: a small sleeping chamber for fifteen people, and a dining/cooking area.

Directly south of the entrance tunnel is the mouth of the mining tunnel. This is where the current mining operations are taking place. In the middle of the northern wall is 'the farm'. The Farm is a series of holes in the wall, about five feet in diameter and running ten to thirty feet deep. Mushrooms and mosses grow in these tunnels, feeding on the waste deposited in them and from the moist air. From the ceiling are two openings for a waterfall. The water creates a small creek that runs down the middle of the cavern, and then curves slightly to the west, where it empties into another section of the volcanic vent, commonly known as The Pit. Also in the northern wall is a tunnel that serves as the source for fresh air to the cavern. The exit tunnel is in the south wall, and leads to a small islet that is a natural design to create a vacuum. The floor of the cavern to the west of the creek is smooth for safe travel. The floor to the east is natural.

In the center of the cavern is a natural column, approximately twenty-five feet wide at the narrowest point, and is known as The Pillar. It has been modified to create a walkway all the way around, at a level thirty feet above the floor. A stair leads up from the floor on the south side.

At the far eastern end of the cavern is a closed tunnel. The tunnel leads to Malplena Island through a series of natural caverns. The trip takes over nine days on foot.

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