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What happens when you take the setting from the Jaern manual and let adventurers go crazy on it for a few real years? Well… lots of death, chaos and destruction and the birth of a little hamlet called Rougtero. Rougtero is the main adventurering town on Lojem Island.

Locations in the Lojem Region

Rougtero which in Paroli means “Red Dirt” or “Red Earth” is a plot of land that was given to the refugees of Karfelon by the elves. It has become a robust city and a center of trade on Lojem.

Lojem Wizard Guild

Super Mage's Guild (a.k.a. New Jersey Mage's Guild)

Atentu - An island 3 days from Lojem (southeast) (From Craig Brown)

Fordshire - Town about 60 mets from Rougtero

Gendel - Town on North Lojem

Malplena - An island 3 days from Lojem (due east) (From Craig Brown)

New Alimar - Dwarven mining community, North Lojem

Port Haven Writeup and Maps

Jarumna - A farming village just south of Mt Fajro's southern slope

Racún - An island north of Lojem inhabited by an alien Racoon race

Other GM Info

Lojem info from gmlist - some random information about Lojem gleaned from the GMList

The Random Encounter Tavern isn't actually located on Lojem island, but the main entry way is a psionic teleportation circle located at the former location of the Portal Farm (known as Port Senfinico).

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