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What happens when you take the setting from the Jaern manual and let adventurers go crazy on it for a few real years? Well… lots of death, chaos and destruction and the birth of a little hamlet called Rougtero. Rougtero is the main adventurering town on Lojem Island.


The Rhine Archipelago is located 2 months to the northeast of Lojem. Ageron is located 3 months to the south-southwest. Kratal is located 5 months either east or west, as it is nearly exaclty on the opposite side of Jaern.

Locations in the Lojem Region

Rougtero which in Paroli means “Red Dirt” or “Red Earth” is a plot of land that was given to the refugees of Karfelon by the elves. It has become a robust city and a center of trade on Lojem.

Lojem Wizard Guild

Super Mage's Guild (a.k.a. New Jersey Mage's Guild)

Atentu - An island 3 days from Lojem (southeast) (From Craig Brown)

Fordshire - Town about 60 mets from Rougtero

Gendel - Town on North Lojem

Malplena - An island 3 days from Lojem (due east) (From Craig Brown)

New Alimar - Dwarven mining community, North Lojem

Port Haven Writeup and Maps

Jarumna - A farming village just south of Mt Fajro's southern slope

Racún - An island north of Lojem inhabited by an alien Racoon race

Midnight's Rest - A new settlement founded on a small island just off the coast of Lojem.

Other GM Info

Lojem info from gmlist - some random information about Lojem gleaned from the GMList

The Random Encounter Tavern isn't actually located on Lojem island, but the main entry way is a psionic teleportation circle located at the former location of the Portal Farm (known as Port Senfinico).

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