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This page may be outdated. This is a copy of the Google Document that is linked in the “Additional Materials” section of the authenticated web site.

All purchases made from this list must be run through Preston Wiley (via Facebook, in person, or via email You must not simply purchase spells and incants and such on this list without notification.

The following items and services are constantly for sale from the Centralia Wizard’s Guild (also known as the Mage’s Guild). Everything (unless stated otherwise) is available to the general public, but non-members are charged a 20% transaction fee on top of the standard prices.

The Centralia Wizard’s Guild has an extension in Rougtero that consists of a few mages and a teleportation circle back to the guild in Centralia’s front door.

Guild Membership

10,000 silver to join and 10,000 per year thereafter or two weeks of service to the guild. The initial fee must be paid and cannot be paid in service unless it is a reward from a guild mission. An absolute requirement is that a member must be able to cast a spell to join. Spells cast can be elemental, divine, psionic, nomadic, or another type all together, but they must originate from the caster and must not be a creature ability or other type of effect.

Elemental and Psionic (and sometimes Divine) Spell Casting

*potentially harmful ones to members only

The Psionic ability “Share Spell” will not be cast to share spells above rank 12.

rank of spell times 15 silver full finesses included (up to rank 12)

The guild generally recommends going to the appropriate temple to get a divine spell cast, but depending on the deity, may be willing to have it cast based on service to the guild and nature of the spell.

Magic Item Identification

1,000 silver (members gets 2 per membership year for no cost)

Full Finesse Gem (PSW288)

5,000 for first purchased by a single person each year and cumulatively double for each subsequent per year


(this metal can be used just like terisium for magic item creation)

500 silver per ounce

Demon Wine

15,000 silver per case of 12 bottles

Luck Amulet

(prices are cost per day)

rank 1 600 silver
rank 2 1,800 silver
rank 3 3,600 silver
rank 4 6,000 silver
rank 5 9,000 silver
rank 6 12,600 silver

Double the cost for each subsequent amulet purchased with the higher ranked ones being increased first. For example, if you purchase a rank 6 and then a rank 2, the rank 6 will cost 12,600 silver and the rank 2 will cost 14,400 silver (12,600 + 1,800) for a total cost of 37,000 silver to account for the doubling in cost of the rank 6. (I’m aware the math can get a bit tricky, but just calculate the total from lowest rank to highest rank.) You are able to rent up to 6 amulets total of any rank.

Another example, say a person wants to buy one amulet of each rank, that would be a total of 6 amulets. That would make the highest rank amulet cost 2*2*2*2*2 more than its base cost. Basically it would cost: (12,600 * 32) + (9,000 * 16) + (6,000 * 8) + (3,600 * 4) + (1,800 * 2) + 600= 613,800 sp to rent one of each rank amulet for one day. The highest rank is ALWAYS going to be the most expensive amulet because its cost will be the first one increased.

Buying 6 rank 1 amulets would cost (600 * 32) + (600 * 16) + (600 * 8) + (600 * 4) + (600 * 2) + 600= 37,800 sp.

There is a calculator is deal with the math here:

Other Nomadic Incants

(prices are cost per day) *potentially harmful ones to members only

Patches, such as a Will Patch, will only be sold up to rank 3.

The total base cost of the incant, up to the rank desired, divided by 4 is the general cost in silver for in incant. If you want skill to be made for the secondary effect, it would cost an additional silver equal the number of dice against the skill cubed times the base cost of the skill divided by 10.

Incant = (rank * (rank + 1) / 2) * base cost / 4 silver Skill = (rank*rank*rank * base cost) / 10 silver

So, to get a rank 4 Strength Patch which a 4 die Herbology skill made, it would cost (500 * 10 / 4) = 1250 + (4*4*4 * 250 / 10) = 1600 = 2850 silver.

Second Lifer incants and incants involving tattoos are not available though the guild and incants that require special ingredients will need the ingredient provided or cost more.

For each additional incant of the same type that is purchased for a single day, the cost cumulatively doubles the same way that luck amulets do, with the highest rank increasing first. The most that can be purchased of any incant is 6 and a maximum number of incants total is 18 or 54 ranks worth. This includes any luck amulets purchased. If you are capable of making nomadic incants, you can get paid the part of the stated amount to rent them out by the guild as well. Generally, they only give money for high demand incants though.

Witchsmeller any small item

*members only Free (they have a box that you can put it in)

Elemental spells over rank 12

*potentially harmful ones to members only

Rank 13 265,000 silver
Rank 14 290,000 silver
Rank 15 325,000 silver
Rank 16 360,000 silver

Changings spells are 1.5 times that cost listed here due to the high demand.

For spells above rank 16, add 30,000 silver for each additional rank and then double the cost of the spell. You can get a single spell above rank 16 cast per year at this cost and then it goes up a cumulative +20% for each one after that. If you want to purchase the same spell in a year, the cost will be 40% higher because both yearly costs are factored in. For example, a rank 19 spell would cost 900,000 silver ( (360,000 + (30,000 x 3) ) x 2). The cost of finesses are not doubled.

* double these costs for double cost groups, finesse costs are not doubled

Finesses up to rank 16 = +7,500 silver per finesse Finesses past rank 16 = +12,500 silver per finesse Finesses past rank 20 = +20,000 silver per finesse

You can purchase a single casting of each spell once per year at the above cost, for each subsequent casting within the year add a cumulative +20% to the total cost.

** If you are capable of casting one of the these spells, you can get paid the part of the stated amount to cast them by the guild as well. Generally, they only give money for high demand spells though.


This spell is cast on a regular basis and a share of the casting can be purchased. The spell can be cast on 100lbs worth of objects. You can purchase a share of the spell for 3,500 silver per pound on the first day of each month. This is limited to a total of 20 pounds worth of stuff and only a total of 80 pounds available for purchase each month.

Psionic Spells with an XP cost

*potentially harmful ones to members only

Psychic Chirurgery to grant psionic abilities is not being sold except to grant a rank 1 ability and allow someone to become a psion.

First 1,000 XP of cost 55 silver per XP (55,000 max)
1,001 - 2,500 XP of cost 65 silver per XP (97,500 max)
2,501 - 4,000 XP of cost 75 silver per XP (112,500 max) = 265,000 max
4,001+ XP of cost 100 silver per XP

So, a spell that costs 3,000 XP to cast would cost: (1,000 * 55) + (1,500 * 65) + (500 * 75) = 190,000 silver to have cast. For each subsequent casting within a year of the same spell, add a cumulative +20% to the total cost.

If you are capable of casting one of the these spells, you can get paid the part of the stated amount to cast them by the guild as well. Generally, they only give money for high demand spells though.

Common Spell Costs

Fully Finessed Mutate595,000 silver or 435,000 plus a full finesse gem
Otherworld Bag695,000 silver or 650,000 plus a full finesse gem
Adamant290,000 silver
Genesis865,000 silver or 890,000 with two finesses

Mem-locked location

*members only An area of the guild that can be mem-locked by any member of the guild for the purpose of teleportation. There is someone watching this location 24 hours per day (both for danger and in case notes come in) and members are warned that defenses exist in this room…so don’t act threatening if you teleport in. Teleporting to any location in the guild other than this area is not recommended.


*members only Mage’s can be rented on a timed basis. The cost is not fixed and is negotiated during the request. If a mage is killed while being rented, compensation is expected for resurrection costs or any other costs incurred. Mage’s should be rented for spell casting purposes only!

On-call mages

*members only If a mage is needed in a hurry, a request can be sent to the guild. For easily accessible locations or if transport is provided, the cost is 1,000 silver plus the costs of any services rendered by the mage. Accessibility and danger will increase the cost. If a mage is killed during any of these requests, compensation is expected for resurrection costs or any other cost incurred.

Off-plane storage

*members only Free - 3 feet x 3 feet x 3 feet location for off-plane storage. Additional storage can be purchased for 100 silver per cubic foot. The guild inventories all storage and guarantees the contents will remain intact.

The Library

*members only Free - An extensive library with nearly every book of magical knowledge known to exist. Exceptions include books that are considered too dangerous or that have been restricted by their authors. The library has been moved completely off-plane as storage space quickly ran out. The guild researched a spell group specifically for organizing and cataloging books for easy retrieval.


*members only The guild is currently building off-world apartments for members to live in as the tower is completely full. Unlike the luxurious tower apartments, most of the off-world apartment are very simplistic and unfurnished. They have been constructed on a world that prevents any type of teleportation magic from functioning except in the area around the portal. Apartments are available for purchase for 200,000 silver. There are also several furnished apartments that can be rented at daily and monthly prices of 100 silver per day or 2,000 silver per month.

Magical Research

*members only The guild is willing to support any mage that wishes to engage in magical research. The guild has top of the line magical research facilities and will provide additional mages to assist in the research process. The guild will provide all silver required for spell research and, with their advanced facilities, the research time is generally reduced. The guild does require all magic researched in their facilities to be cataloged, but allows mage’s to keep the researched magic secret until after their death and/or destruction.

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