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The Great Rice Patty

Not much is known about this area of the world. Rumors abound that it is a huge area where the water runs from twenty feet to as little as three feet in depth. This supposedly is the reason it takes so long to circumnavigate Jaern.

The following 'facts' are known about the GRP (Great Rice Patty):

  • There is a large production of 'staple' crops such as rice.
  • The undersea land of the GRP has been deamed 'too muddy' to build a wall.
  • The most common type of dwellings are huts on poles, though some of the richer folk have platforms to build their houses on.
  • Eels and fish are herded.
  • They are rumored to have some sort of 'Water Cow' and crocodiles as another food source.
  • The GRP is located half-way between Lojem and Gelaia.

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